Summer Camp Blues in Canet de Mar

We’ve reported in the past on Blanca Arbell, the mayoress of Canet de Mar in Catalonia. Ms. Arbell is also the owner of the Can Brugarola summer camp, which just happens to have received the local government’s concession for housing underage migrants.

Now it seems those rambunctious “youths” have been up to their mischievous antics again. Many thanks to Pampasnasturtium for translating the PressReader version of an article from La Vanguardia:

Stabbings, fights and attacks in a summer-camp villa with migrant minors

La Vanguardia in Catalan, 22 February 2019

Last Friday night the neighbors of Can Brugarola summer-camp villa in Canet de Mar (Maresme) again lived through the umpteenth violent incident starring the migrant minors living there, under the public guardianship of the DGAIA [Department for Infancy and Youth Affairs of the regional government].

Can Brugarola is a villa in a summer camp belonging to Canet de Mar’s mayoress, Blanca Arbell [party: ERC, Republican Left], which causes criticism to be not well-received. The area’s inhabitants, who reject being called racists because they believe their safety is at risk, explain that last Friday’s incident was a serious one, where one of the young men stabbed another one ‘for trivial reasons’.

After the relevant report was filed, several patrols of the regional police, town police, and two agents in civilian clothes went to the site of the incident to arrest the perpetrator. As the police approached the house calling for the minor, the other 49 migrant minors came outside in a mutiny with a very violent attitude and confronted the agents, demanding that they leave. More than one of them charged the policemen and attacked them, which caused the latter to have to retreat and get away from the environs of the house.

The neighbors in the area complain about the insecurity these minors cause: ‘They come and go as they please without following a precise timetable,’ and they believe all security limits have been surpassed. They’ve gotten used to the police sirens approaching until the cars park in front of their houses. They maintain there have been more than fifteen occasions now when police assistance has been needed. Sometimes, according to the same witnesses, ‘the ambulance came and even fire trucks’ because one of the minors had locked himself up and was threatening to cut his veins.

The neighbors who complain about the presence of the unaccompanied foreign minors (‘mena’), faced with the attacks they receive, say they’re not willing to be insulted and be called racists when the truth is those who treat them that way are persons supporting a political position that wants to silence their complaints.

‘We’ve tried it,’ they claim. ‘From the first day that the house was filled with migrant minors, we’ve tried to behave like good neighbors,’ despite having to face antisocial behavior.

‘They block our front doors,’ the area inhabitants explain. That’s why they don’t want to hear about solidarity when the word comes from the public administration, ‘when they have not taken into account the security problems these minors cause.’

The neighbors of Canet de Mar demand a solution, and they do so in front of the mayoress, Blanca Arbell, who is also the owner of the villa. ‘We want a set-up here like the one they have in Arenys,’ where young men initiate a process of integration that keeps them away from these ‘two or three criminals they have located.’ In Arenys de Mar, the tripartite municipal government of ERC, PSC and ICV [Catalan Republican Left, Catalan Socialists and Catalan Green Party] puts all the resources available at the teenagers’ disposal. ‘We don’t want to be put in a bad light because of three or four bad ones,’ said one of them, Karim, during a local event in which the local Maghrebi community taught them to make bread and cook pastries.

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  1. We want a set-up here like the one they have in Arenys,’ where young men initiate a process of integration that keeps them away from these ‘two or three criminals they have located.’

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  2. It doesn’t matter what immigrants I choose
    there ain’t no cure for the summer camp blues.

    • I’m a gonna raise a fuss,
      I’m a gonna raise a holler.

      About workin’ all summer,
      To give illegals all my dollars.

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