Culture-Enrichers Riot in Grenoble

In the French city of Grenoble, two “youths” on a scooter tried to pass a bus on the right while they were fleeing from the police. The bus was on a bridge at the time. When the driver moved right to make way for the police, the poor mischievous youngsters were squashed between the bus and the wall of the bridge.

Needless to say, the local culture-enricher community in Grenoble took severe umbrage over the actions of the infidel bus driver and the infidel police.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translating this police press conference, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:29   Could you just explain to us what brought the police officers around?
00:33   Last night around 10:30 pm,
00:37   on the Catane bridge, an accident
00:41   occurred between a bus and a scooter
00:45   occupied by two people. The scooter
00:49   was stuck between the bus and the barrier of the bridge
00:53   and the two youths, who were on this scooter, one youth 17 years old and one 19 years old,
00:57   were killed in this accident.
01:01   It so happens that this scooter and its passengers were noticed
01:05   about ten minutes earlier by several
01:09   police vehicles, whose attention was attracted by
01:13   the fact that this scooter was circulating at night, without lights, with no license plate
01:18   so it was, as the police officers call it, “de-licensed”. That the passengers
01:22   were — additionally — without helmets. So they [the police]
01:26   asked the scooter to stop, which it didn’t do, so they followed it,
01:30   because they were simply doing their job. They were following it, keeping distance,
01:34   so they weren’t tailgating it, and — specifically — there was no shock between
01:38   the police vehicle and the scooter, since
01:43   the cause of the accident, it’s that, in fact, at some point —
01:47   it was explained to us perfectly by the bus driver — at some point the driver saw a scooter
01:51   in his rearview mirror and a police vehicle behind and he decided to move to the right
01:55   in order lot let the scooter and the police pass on the left.
01:59   However, the scooter decided not to pass on the left of the bus,
02:03   but to pass on the right of the bus [illegal in Europe], and there he got trapped between
02:07   the right side of the bus and the bridge barrier. Voilà. This is the cause of death.
02:11   The police were behind, but not closely behind,
02:15   and their speed was relatively reasonable, as a matter of fact. Voilà, what we do know
02:19   for now? What is important to specify as well is that we want to
02:23   shed all the light on this accident where two people got killed,
02:27   that tomorrow morning I’ll open an investigation, I’ll refer the matter
02:31   to the investigating judge, in order to find
02:35   a perfect picture of the situation, of this accident.
02:39   I’m also calling for witnesses, because perhaps there are people who saw
02:44   the events, perhaps there are people who recorded the events. Nowadays is totally possible,
02:48   so [we ask that] they contact us, that they call the police, that they go to the police station,
02:52   and that they help us to understand better what happened, even though we know already
02:56   very clearly and precisely the circumstances, well, the causes
03:00   of the accident: the bus that turned to the right and which therefore trapped
03:04   the scooter between him and the barrier,
03:08   with both youths. —So today you do make a link between the tensions, the riots
03:12   happening a couple of hours later in the Mistral neighborhood [in Grenoble]?
03:16   —Well, this accident happened in the area of the Mistral neighborhood, where the youths
03:20   came from, who lived in that neighborhood. The scooter that was followed by the police
03:25   was leaving the neighborhood, so when the police officers intervened just after
03:29   the accident, tensions developed rapidly, which the youths who
03:33   arrived at the [accident] site, who took the police officers to task who were doing their job,
03:37   who called the rescue services, and who were doing their job on the report of the facts.
03:41   So it was rather difficult for the police officers on the site
03:45   and later at night, true, there were a number of incidents in the Mistral neighborhood.
03:49   A nursing school in this neighborhood
03:53   was partially set on fire; the lobby was
03:57   was apparently destroyed, and a next door building was set on fire as well.
04:01   Do you fear a new chapter, a new event tonight in the Mistral neighborhood?
04:06   We are extremely vigilant, in any case. We all know that those are things that
04:10   could happen. I insisted therefore on meeting the family
04:14   for more than one hour with Madame Director of Public Security,
04:18   before seeing you, so they would learn from me, from us, what had happened,
04:22   what we knew about the accident today, and that they wouldn’t
04:26   learn it from the media and that they would find out about it from the best source possible.
04:30   Thank you very much.

11 thoughts on “Culture-Enrichers Riot in Grenoble

  1. The bus driver inadvertently took out the trash. As someone who is ethnically 93.75% European, I thank him for his contribution toward making Europe great again.

    • Such “sandwiches” are most welcome. As a European I too applaud the sandwich making abilities of the driver. One or two less threats to Christianity.

    • 93.75%? The birth records for your ancestors must be incredibly accurate. But I’m being ironic, as I daresay you are.

      The Nazis discovered that the waltzing Strausses (Johann I & II, Josef, Eduard) were partly Jewish, but suppressed this information. In the large cemetery on the outskirts of Vienna, laid out in the 1860s, the composers are grouped together; the Mozart memorial front and centre (his grave is unknown); Beethoven behind on the left, Schubert to his right, next to his hero as he wished. Further right, Brahms next to his friend Johann Strauss II; behind, the other Strausses. To the left, the Streicher family, who made pianos for Beethoven (who always demanded more volume, even before he became deaf), and were good friends to the awkward young musician. When there in 2013, I was particularly touched to see this. Sorry if this is self-indulgent, but I believe it’s good to be reminded of the best in people.

      • Just think, several hundred years from now people will stroll through European cemetaries and marvel at all the graves of the distinguished moslems who made Europe great with their musical compositions, beautiful poetry and scientific advancements.

  2. I hope measures are being put in place to ensure the safety of the driver and his family.

    • I’m sure the French government has already published his address in all the newspapers.

      This will make it easier for security guards to find his house to provide the family with security.

  3. Let get this straight two idiots at night riding a motor scooter with no lights on, no helmets pass a bus on the right on a narrowing bridge being followed by a police car with emergency light on that makes the bus yield to the right? I think we have the winners of the Darwin awards for 2019.

  4. This is what America will be if we continue to import Muslims. Note: Democacy and Ideology is like mixing water with oil.

  5. If you look up „Grenoble, Pont de Catane“ in Google Maps, there is a Street view of the place. After looking at the pictures, I find it hard to believe the story told by the prosecutor. The bridge has sidewalks in both directions.

    • Thank you for the excellent tip.

      You’re quite right: There’s a high curb, then a bicycle lane, then a pedestrian path, then a guardrail, on each side.

      However: travel across the bridge to the eastern end. There are feeder ramps on each side, and where they curve into the main bridge, you’ll see there’s a masonry wall on the right side that abuts directly on the travel lane. Maybe that’s where the youths got squished, as the bus was turning onto the bridge.

      • I think your explanation is correct. To get more details on the incident I looked up a news story at “Le Dauphiné Libéré”, the local newspaper. Here is the machine-translated part of the story, which explains, how the accident happened:

        “After discreetly following the two-wheeler, the police officers of the Anti-Crime Brigade were reportedly identified and a pursuit race began. The scooter reportedly entered the A480 (motorway) at Bachelard Park to the north. Further on, the scooter would have left the A480 and entered it again in the opposite direction. And it was then that the scooter was leaving the motorway at Seyssinet-Pariset that the accident occurred.

        According to the video surveillance images of the motorway network and the testimony of the bus driver, he saw a scooter and a blue flashing light in his rearview mirror. He would then have clamped on the right to let the two vehicles pass him. But at the same time, the rider of the scooter reportedly undertook to pass it from the right and the two-wheeler and its two passengers then got stuck between the bus and a wall.”


        So the accident happened on one of the ramps.

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