Jordanian MP Salutes Palestinian Who Murdered Israelis

A Jordanian MP named Khalil Attieh recently stood up in parliament to paean the Palestinian who murdered two Israelis.

To clarify what happens in the video below, the translator sends this context:

1.   In the first part he salutes the killer of the Jewish civilians. This is straightforward.
2.   The second part is less obvious. The speaker is referring to an Arab Interior Ministers’ conference in Rabat, where he apparently learned of a conspiracy led by Saudi Arabia with Israel and US, whereby the protectorate of the Temple Mount (Bait al-Maqdes in Islam) would be removed from Jordan and the Hashemite Kingdom, and given to Saudi Arabia. So, because of this alleged conspiracy against Jordan, the speaker is calling on the Jordanian government to expel the Israeli ambassador and recall the Jordanian ambassador from Israel. He uses offensive language when referring to this.

Many thanks to Ibn Al-Malek for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   First, I greet the Palestinian people, those of Bait al-Maqdes,
00:03   and the Morabitat [female “defenders of Islam” at Aqsa Mosque]
00:06   in Beloved Palestine, and I stand to salute the Palestinian hero
00:13   Omar Abu Laila, commander of the battle of Selfit,
00:19   who killed the Jews yesterday. I salute you and God bless you.
00:25   Next, about the conspiracy against the Hashemite oversight [over Bait al-Maqdes, the Temple Mount]
00:32   yesterday in Rabat [conference of Arab Interior Ministers in Morocco],
00:37   where they conspired against Jordan and the Hashemite oversight,
00:42   a conspiracy that was recorded the final drafts of the minutes [of the conference]. And where
00:46   it became apparent that elements of our Arab brothers [reference to Saudi Arabia],
00:51   whom we still call our Arab and Muslim brothers, who have conspired [with Israel]
00:55   against al-Quds [Jerusalem], which is protected by the Hashemites,
00:59   and so we call upon this government to expel
01:04   this [Israeli] ambassador, the progeny of apes and pigs,
01:09   and ask that it also recall our ambassador from Beloved Palestine [reference to Israel].
01:15   And this is what our people demand on this critical day. Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

3 thoughts on “Jordanian MP Salutes Palestinian Who Murdered Israelis

  1. As always, after moslems are killed at the hand of a Christian, they must prove to the world and to themselves that they are still the true masters of murder.


  2. Yet, nothing is said about it. Or about Ahlan Tamimi, which is even worse.
    These people are fêted, rather.

    Much as the left would have people believe that “we” do with mosque shooters in New Zealand. But these guys do it, without doubt.

    Islamofascism, the 21st century’s counterpart to Nazism.

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