Don’t Let the Door Hit You on the Way Out

The following video by a disgruntled female culture-enricher is a lament about how awful Germany is, and how she plans to return home — once she has sucked all the jizya out of the infidels, of course, and sent it on to her relatives back in Africa.

Ah, if only this represented a growing trend in Europe! Unfortunately, most of the “refugees” in Germany are young men who have no intention of abandoning the smorgasbord of nubile white females that has been placed before them for their delectation. In addition to being given lodging and free money, they can indulge their penchant for gropin’ and rapin’ to their hearts’ content — why would they ever want to leave?

Nash Montana, who translated the clip for subtitles. sends her take on the lovely young Muslimette:

She doesn’t feel comfortable here, because the history of Germany is repeating itself, and she calls on “refugees” to send the money home that’s given to them by the German taxpayer. We wish you a great trip home!

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

Video transcript:

0:00   One notices, or rather, I personally kind of notice that concerning
0:03   Germany’s history, it is repeating itself…
0:06   Uhmmm… I don’t feel home here,
0:09   and I can say in any case that I definitely play with the thought,
0:12   not just the thought, in any case
0:15   I do not intend on spending the rest
0:18   of my life here, and that’s why, people,
0:21   invest in your home countries,
0:24   do not leave any money here;
0:27   respectively take the money that you have earned here
0:30   and that you have a right to, and yeah…
0:33   I don’t see my future here.

12 thoughts on “Don’t Let the Door Hit You on the Way Out

    • But such a loss…
      It’s easy to see why these people can’t create a self-sustaining society – they are unable to reflect on themselves objectively.

  1. This reminds me of one documentary movie that I recently saw on BBC nature series with David Attenborough. It shows hordes of locusts popping up in the desert after the rain, eating out every single green plant that came up and then disappearing as quickly as it came. Huge dark clouds of locusts.

    Germany is lush and green, and Germans are more than willing to pay for the locusts to eat them out of existence. She’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Maybe only on a taxpayer-funded vacation to her […] homeland that western societies like to support so much to the poor refugees escaping their dangerous countries. Europe dies for a reason- its own stupidity.

  2. Germany is repeating its history? May be . . . but who is forcing Germans to repeat its history? i.e. She and her ilk are so bold and rude and ungrateful and aggressive that tolerance came to an end. And the rest of Europe, too.

    But by Jupiter, it’s not her fault. It’s the fault of those cowardly abject creatures who don’t know better or are bribed.

    So is Germany going to lose such a talented critter in arts, literature, and nation-building?

    They are so pampered, babied and feather bedded that they don’t know how to behave and what to say. No one sacrificed their money, housing, land, girls, daughters, that now they sincerely think that if she leaves Germany some Germans will start weeping in both eyes and hold on to her hem to stay or they will commit suicide.

    But I don’t believe she will ever leave that generous amount of jizya behind given by the dhimmis while dangling their heads in humiliation.

    So when Samuel Huntington wrote the Clash of Civilizations no traitors heeded him. He was thought as eccentric and wants to bring back the old traditional vices, from which Europe has suffered so much. And the new new godless allah embracer charlatans tried to convince us that they have special talents to create new realities and avoid the facts of history.

    No she is not leaving. She and others are milking Europe dry.

  3. Dress like a trash bag, get treated like a trash bag… Surprising how that works.

    • Dress like a trash bag, get treated like a trash bag… Surprising how that works.

      Man from Glad! Man from Glad!

  4. Well, she’s right about one thing: the future of Germany doesn’t look bright if the current paradigm continues.

  5. When you enter someone,s house as a” guest ” you are expected to respect the house owners rules .If you cannot you are ask to leave the house and you are not given furniture or others things in the house as “parting gifts” .These Moslems are always very bad house guest I cannot figure out why the western governments keep inviting large numbers of them into our countries.

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