A Radio Caller Tells Mutti To…

…Well, you can listen to the clip and find out.

There’s so much about this video I don’t understand. First of all, I don’t understand how it escaped from the control of the German government. Did a disaffected media employee leak it?

And surely there was a standard 7-second delay, so that the radio audience never heard it…?

The word “Frosch” means “frog” in German, so the caller was undoubtedly using a fake name. But I expect the German intelligence service will have no trouble identifying him. Does he have a death wish, or what?

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

0:00   …with us at the studio. I would say, Frau Merkel,
0:03   we’ll take the first participant,
0:06   We have here Herr Giesbert Frosch,
0:09   from Irksleben. —Good evening. —A wonderful evening to you, can you hear us?
0:12   Hello? —Yes, good evening.
0:15   [unintelligible] …you go get f***ed in the a**, you.
0:18   And you should get it, a n****r will see to that.
0:21   He’ll f*** you in the a** so hard you’ll have diarrhea
0:24   for three days straight, you pig.
0:27   he will f*** you in the a** so hard you’ll [unintelligible] for three days.

18 thoughts on “A Radio Caller Tells Mutti To…

  1. could not have put it better my self, well said sir, well said, mind you id suggest a shot gun to [redacted] , but that’s me.

    • Oh, yes. He is angry and frustrated and shouting. What is puzzling does she know why? Does she know what she did to Germany and still destroying it? Hitler caused the death of 4.3 million. Civilians 340,000 killed. When I was in Germany ( Mainz) in 1974 whenever and where ever I saw a woman she had lost a broth, a father, a husband or all.

      Now Merkel policies’ consequences will be even worse than Hitler’s.

      What are the abilities of those whom we think must be our leader? Vision of the future? Predictions from present trends? Diagnosing the malaise that will multiply in the future that are budding now?

      How ordinary people can discern these dangers but not those in power?

      What happens to the people who assume power? Does arrogance and conceit kill their sense of right and wrong, and turn them into monsters?

      She think she is one of the intelligentsia serving humanity and no muslim ruler can do the things she is doing.

      Oppressed European Media. Helpless natives Doomsday is approaching.

      Hey, western rulers, do you have conscience?

      in a Chorus: what’s that? Where can I find it?

  2. Part of [unintelligible] is very well intelligible: “Ein’ schön’ Neger will ich Dir besorgen” (A nice n* will I find for you). But w/o knowing more about the video I guess it’s fake.

    • My understanding is that the German word “Neger” (which means “Negro”) is simply a descriptive word, not a pejorative. The English word “nigger” (which in German is “Nigger”) is a pejorative word for a Negro. Or is this information outdated?

      • “Or is this information outdated?”

        Difficult question. Certainly PC-people will frown upon it. I also remember a case where a houselord told a couple “Wir vermieten nicht an Neger” (We dont’ hire to negros) and the court ruled he had to pay for an offense or discrimination — probably only the latter; the news report was not so detailed IIRC.

        I use it in a neutral tone just as a descriptive term, being amused by some shocked faces.

        OTOH “Nigger” is rarely used in Germany; I can’t remember a single situation. May be I missused the ‘n*’ code; seems it only stands for the second n-word?

        • I just used what the translator gave me. Maybe she considers “nigger” to be the best translation of “Neger”.

          • I would say in this case the word is nigger, not negro. You gotta judge according to the situation. I doubt Herr Frosch meant ‘a black man’ should [make Merkel’s gluteus maximus sore].

            I made a judgment call since in the German language the word negro is used for both derogatory and non-derogatory situations.

            Therefore the translation from negro to nigger.

            Mea culpa if that offends any nitpickers out there.

  3. Is this real? Merkel’s face betrays no reaction, and the show host was unbelievably slow to flick the off switch.

  4. Oh dear? Don’t they have a delay switch at the radio station or did they forget where it was deliberately? I know they have one on our radio station as I have rung up and they got the callers out of order and my answer was not aired as I wasn’t next. I thought the callers comments were apt but that might just be me. LOL

  5. I think this video is a fake. No way would that ever get past the censors. The host is just sitting there, calmly drinking a glass of water, like nothing is going on. Sorry, but I call BS on this one. I think this should have been researched a little bit more before posting and getting our hopes up.

  6. Very good, that’s what she deserved from Germans , get Her finally done out !!, she betrayed and destroyed whole Germany and Western Europe..

  7. I’m quite sure this is a fake – neither Merkel nor the host show any reaction fitting to that kind of insult. But the person Gisbert Frosch from Irxleben – which is in Sachsen-Anhalt while the caller speaks with a strong accent from the area around Berlin – is real (or rather was real, according to Google he died 2016 at 78) and may really have called during the show. Only I suppose what the “caller” says was put into his mouth by whoever posted this video. Not a very nice thing to do to a dead man…

  8. And no I do not think this is fake since I personally have been part of LIVE radio shows in Germany and Switzerland, and I know they aren’t usually prepared for these kinds of callers.

    And just because Merkel doesn’t show emotion, that is not proof this isn’t real. In fact, Merkel is a professional robot and based on everything we know and have seen of her in the past with her robot-like attitude, I concluded this is real.

    Remember Driving Miss Merkel”?

    And every time I watch this I laugh out loud. It never gets old.

  9. Iit would seem that the effects of EU diktat are now being felt in Germany , let us hope they follow the French Yellow Vests on the same scale the people of Europe can kill of this bureaucratic dictatorship

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