Eric Zemmour, Part 2: Colonization

Below is the second of three installments of a talk given by Eric Zemmour on the migrant invasion of France (previously: Part 1). Part 3, “Conflagration”, will be along soon.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

04:43   This is what I call the second part, the Colonization.
04:47   Starting from a certain point you have in the neighborhoods,
04:51   in districts, in the cities
04:55   a civilizational tilt which is happening totally naturally by the numbers.
04:59   Starting from a certain point you assimilate
05:03   to the more numerous, stronger group, or else you leave.
05:07   Or you leave, you go further, it’s the famous “peripheral France”, so
05:11   cherished by the geographer Christophe Guilluy. And we discovered, absolutely astonished, that
05:15   in England there was also “peripheral England” and that in the United States there was
05:19   “peripheral America”, which voted for Trump, which voted for Brexit.
05:23   That’s what you find today in the entire Western world.
05:27   Those people, those original peoples, who are in the “peripheral France”
05:32   in “peripheral England”, they are no longer needed to make the economic engine
05:36   of the world run. This is the great event, the great incredible innovation.
05:40   There always will be immigrants or robots to do their jobs.
05:44   So they aren’t needed any more and they are being tossed away.
05:48   Incidentally, the last way of getting rid of them,
05:52   you will see it, or you saw it coming, is the “universal income”.
05:56   They will be given one thousand euros [per month], so they won’t annoy anyone. Voilà. That’s
06:00   what is being prepared today. So, of course, there are the winners of globalism:
06:04   the peoples arriving from the south to serve them
06:08   in large metropolises, and [then there are] the original peoples
06:12   who aren’t needed anymore; since the factories are in China,
06:16   and to serve the winners of the globalism we have others,
06:20   much more exploitable at will. Only…
06:24   these original peoples are still voting —that’s the tragedy
06:28   for our elites, incidentally. You have certainly noticed that since Brexit there has been
06:32   a fierce campaign against the universal suffrage, you surely haven’t missed that.
06:36   All those people have rediscovered the advantages of Guizot [19th C. politician, pushed for
06:40   restricted suffrage] and the Suffrage Censitaire [only rich taxpayers]. Long live Louis Philippe!
06:43   It’s so modern! Oh, yes, that’s modern times, it’s Louis Philippe, you wouldn’t have noticed.
06:48   But that’s the way it is. Chateaubriand [he opposed Louis Philippe, whom Guizot served]
06:52   would have laughed well at least. That would have made me laugh.
06:57   So, voilà, voilà, voilà, where we are. Invasion,
07:01   Colonization, because in those neighborhoods today
07:05   we aren’t in France any longer. It’s rather easy to understand: people dress like
07:09   in 7th-century Arabia, there is a curfew,
07:13   the girls are asked to dress decently,
07:17   meaning: not in skirt, and even less in a miniskirt,
07:21   they are forced to come back home at 10 pm, or they will be insulted, spat at, and so on.
07:25   Police officers don’t enter those neighborhoods. You saw recently
07:29   that in the Grande Borne, [ghetto south of Paris] when the two cops
07:33   were shot at, their colleagues didn’t enter.
07:37   You certainly haven’t missed that. They didn’t enter, either to take revenge or to arrest
07:41   the perpetrators. And why didn’t they enter, in your opinion? First, because they were ordered
07:44   not to enter, because otherwise there would be riots, and so they never entered.
07:49   That in all those places there’s no more Republican Order. The police no longer enter.
07:53   And the neighborhoods like the Grande Borne— there are dozens of them!
07:58   You see, we are being told that those are “Lawless Zones”. Nice modesty!
08:02   There is no “lawless”. There is a law. There is a law. It’s really even applied in a strict way
08:10   by the caids [Arab gang leaders] and their gangs. And I can tell you, it’s no laughing matter.
08:14   And there’s a law: there’s the Islamic Law that little by little
08:18   assumes its throne, its nest, in an alliance,
08:22   sometimes conflicting, between the imams and the caids.
08:26   And everyone is trying to create,
08:30   you know it’s the ancient alliance of the sword and the aspergillum [the army and the Church].
08:34   Sounds familiar! Only here, it’s the alliance of the Kalashnikov and the Quran.
08:38   This is France today.
08:42   It’s in France; it’s in England. In England, in neighborhoods in London you have
08:46   young people who walk around in T-shirts, Islamic Police
08:50   who monitor the supermarkets so they won’t sell alcohol,
08:55   and who monitor people during Ramadan, so they won’t eat or drink.
08:59   Because otherwise they will get a beating. It’s in England!
09:03   And in France! in towns like…
09:07   all the towns with ghettos, not only ghettos, incidentally,
09:11   Avignon, other towns, I’m not [even] talking about
09:15   Saint-Denis and all the ghettos in Paris, of course. This is present-day France!

10 thoughts on “Eric Zemmour, Part 2: Colonization

  1. I have a question that perhaps someone can answer, concerning the workers coming from the migrant invader class:
    If these currently and projected are muslim, and the koran has stated that they do not work but that kafir work for them, who actually will be the elites’ servants? If those would be robots, then no people are needed, unless to consume products for elites’ earnings?
    Obviously I’m just not knowledgeable….

  2. If you put on your tin foil hat, you will see that the migrant invader class has not really been imported to provide cheap labor for the elites. They are simply there to destroy Western Civilization and to be foot soldiers in the elite army contra the no-longer-needed indiginous plebs.

    • You win the prize. The Global Jihad presses on. The “elites” encourage it with more invasion, and the unwashed masses are raped, slaughtered and are being groomed to be dhimmis.

  3. I’d be interested to see evidence of the allegation re “Islamic police” around English supermarkets monitoring alcohol sales in supermarkets; indeed if they’re in the London area I’d welcome the opportunity to challenge this.

    • Tower Hamlets perhaps?

      Do not look for men in robes or the white caps.
      Such sharia overseers are dressed smartly and act inconspicuously.

    • Islamic patrols that wear vests or uniforms to identify themselves as such are the exception to the rule. The younger punks may accost non-moslems, but not usually the more savvy and professional patrols, unless perhaps if there is a very strong majority moslem presence.

      As I have learned in the world of surveillance and security, “it is not so much those you see that are dangerous, it is those you don’t see.” They are the clever ones.

  4. I lived in Paris 1993/95, 18th arrondissement, Pigalle-Clingancourt north Paris.
    It was dangerous back then, I was attacked walking my dog by arab man, who threatened us with a stone he picked up; on the metro at night were arabs exposing themselves to women, I was harassed by arabs with my girlfriend, and I saw black african gangs roaming in Chatelet robbing people.

    I was busking close to Louvre, playing classical guitar, I was harassed and attacked with metal scaffolding pole by arab man working for the Louvre. I had him arrested but he got off. No witnesses.

    Paris in 93-95 was full already with arabs muslims, wreaking havoc on us all.

    Who […] let this scum from islam and africa ruin our cities and countries???

    Its time to go after left-wing peddlers of communist crap, and the traitors in gov who did this to us.

    • This reminds me of a story from a small town over here that happened roughly 10 years back.
      The town was infested with gypsies and it was on the brink of a gang war. Eventually the gypsies kidnapped the girlfriend of the boss of the local neonazis and raped her in their bar.
      The retaliation that followed involved the complete destruction of that gypsy bar and many deaths.
      But ultimately it resulted in the city becomming much more peaceful, because the dangerous gypsies were gone and the rest pulled back, scattered in block houses in one corner of the town.
      It will need this kind of behaviour to clean up Paris too, I imagine.

      • That reminds me of a story involving a woman who works for UK immigration. She left her house for a few days and came back to find some gypsies had moved in. One was wearing a dress that belonged to her and offered her a glass of her own wine. To my amazement, the cops got them out in about a day as I recall. I think there was also a farmer’s field nearby that had been taken over by the gypsies in the usual fashion of turning it into a trash heap but I may be combining a separate incident with the home takeover one.

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