Eric Zemmour: “It’s Called INVASION, It’s Not Called MIGRATION”

Eric Zemmour is a popular French commentator. The following video contains excerpts from a recent talk by Mr. Zemmour in which he discusses the migration crisis and population replacement.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   There also the same way, you know very well that
00:04   in all the traditional civilizations the demographics, the births,
00:08   are God’s gift, and power is supported by the power of numbers.
00:12   Well, there we are. And we have today,
00:16   simply, a civilization which is at war with us,
00:20   a civilizational war, by three means, which I call
00:24   the triptych: Invasion, Colonization, Conflagration.
00:28   The Invasion, simply, you have still before your
00:32   astounded eyes, those who are being euphemistically called “migrants”.
00:36   “Migrants”, or “refugees” or… voilà.
00:41   From the moment that there are millions of people who want to come in our country
00:45   without asking us our opinion, it’s called INVASION, it’s not called
00:49   MIGRATION. In French it has a name: invasion.
00:53   Meaning that today we are countries,
00:57   European countries, which have — in a very excessive way —
01:01   opened their doors, opened their borders
01:05   We no longer have any borders, we have “sieve-borders”, we have an ideology which forbids borders,
01:13   which forbids… which — in the name of economic progress, in the name of the
01:17   freedom of exchange — forbids and considerably
01:21   limits the borders. Well, we have a huge population
01:25   That is storming our borders. In order to give you
01:29   an idea of what’s at stake demographically: In Africa there were
01:32   500 million inhabitants, in the ’60s. Now there are a billion.
01:38   And in 2050, meaning tomorrow, there will be two billion. So, it suffices
01:42   that ten percent of those two billion arrive in our country
01:46   and it’s an unheard-of demographic tilt.
01:50   You see, it’s nothing. That is what you call the balance of power.
01:54   So you need to understand that from the moment when you have,
01:58   within our countries, elites
02:02   that organize the unremitting arrival
02:06   of so-called “migrants”,
02:10   we have elites that are ORGANIZING the invasion.
02:14   And you need to understand why. It’s very simple:
02:18   For the reasons — at the same time — philosophical, ideological, and economic.
02:23   For ideological reasons in the name of a sort of adulterated
02:27   universalism, you know the famous quote from Chesterton:
02:31   “The [modern] world is full of [the old] Christian virtues gone mad.” There you have it.
02:35   Christian universalism has gone completely rogue, by a universalism gone mad,
02:39   which thinks that every human is an individual with no roots,
02:43   and that man is reduced to the condition
02:47   of consumer. So he can be from any culture
02:51   of any race, any origin; it doesn’t matter, as long as
02:55   he is consuming Nike. Voilà. This is the universalism
02:59   of consumers. And then you have the economic interest,
03:03   Meaning that today the economic organization
03:07   of the world relies on large cities, large metropolises where
03:11   the winners of globalism live. And those winners of globalism, who are connected to the world,
03:16   need servants. Voilà: they need servants to deliver
03:20   the sushi, to bring them pizza, to babysit their children,
03:24   to work in the restaurants, to work everywhere in the large cities.
03:28   And the servants, you know, the old European peoples:
03:32   French, English, they don’t want to. They don’t want to; they decide that they
03:37   don’t feel like working in this profession, they consider that they aren’t paid enough and so on.
03:40   Therefore there has been an entire organized action, for the last twenty years,
03:44   for the purpose of getting rid of those original peoples, who don’t want to perform
03:48   the job they are asked to do, and to replace them
03:52   With a population arriving from the south, and which is dreaming to do just that.
03:56   And the number making the link, you understand that starting for a certain
04:00   moment in the French ghettos, English ghettos,
04:04   in the even Italian ghettos the numbers make
04:08   the balance of power tilt. And the ethnic French and English are forced
04:12   to leave the place where they were, because they have been flooded by the numbers.
04:17   They are flooded by the numbers, because the numbers cause their way of life to change.
04:21   You know, I like very much quoting a sentence of Engels, a great friend of Marx,
04:25   who said that after a certain number the quantity becomes quality.
04:29   This sentence is absolutely splendid, and I say it without sarcasm,
04:33   because it’s exactly what is happening to us. In the French banlieues, from a certain number,
04:37   quantity became quality. Meaning that the assimilation happened INVERSELY.
04:41   So this is what I call the second part.
04:45   Meaning the colonization. From a certain point,
04:49   you have in the neighborhoods, districts, in the cities
04:53   a civilizational tilt,
04:57   which is happening totally naturally by the numbers.
05:01   Starting at a certain point you assimilate to the more numerous, stronger group, or else you leave.
05:05   Or you leave, you go further, it’s the famous “peripheral France”.

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  1. I think we need to get our narrative unified. Are the invaders 1 ‘taking Europeans’ jobs’, 2 ‘doing the jobs Europeans won’t do’ or 3 ‘going to Europe to get into the country that gives them the most welfare’? I don’t think it’s 1. I think the elites might wish it’s 2, but it turns out more often than not to be 3.

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