Generation Retreat

The following article was published at Alexander Wendt’s website. It points out that the only kind of “integration” that occurs in Germany is when immigrants overwhelm, drive out, or absorb the native German population. In Berlin, “integration” means turning Germans into Turks.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation:

Generation Retreat

by Air Tuerkis*

What happens in schools in which Turkish and Arab youths are already in the majority? Assimilation is in reverse: it is the “Almans” who are adjusting themselves.

I am 16 years old and I live in Berlin-Kreuzberg. I grew up between Görlitzer Park, Warshaw Street und Kottbuss Gate. At my elementary school the percentage of foreigners was past the 70% mark.

I experienced what the words “integration difficulties” really meant: A third grader sitting on the floor, crying and hitting at the teacher who tries to soothe him; a fellow student storming angrily out of the classroom after a warning and can only be brought back with much difficulty. Another who’s taking a nap during German class. And ultimately, a fourth-grader who visits the local mosque regularly and babbles on to me about good and evil angels sitting on my shoulders. It was a crazy time; the educational level was beyond ridiculous. I have learned absolutely nothing in elementary school. Nada y niente.

And still — and, yes, this may sound crazy — I was better friends with the Turks, the Kurds and the Arabs than I was with German students. Because most German students in Kreuzberg are just insanely dumb: They have been brought up anti-authoritarian; achievements and performance were foreign concepts to them, but their mommies were sure that something was going to come from them — something about painting pretty pictures or maybe music. The child could jam away on the drums so well…

When I got older, I went to grammar school, out and away from Kreuzberg. The older I got, the more things changed around us. Those Germans with the last bit of common sense left. Those who remained at the Kreuzberg schools soon only had two options left: Either they were excluded, and ridiculed as “Almans” — or they assimilated. They adjusted themselves. They assimilated so that they could belong to a deeply Islamic-shaped youth culture. There everything was about honor and family, and whoever said anything against it or just generally was of different opinion than the leader of the group got punched in the face. Sure, as far as alcohol and girls went, things weren’t so Islamo-puritan, unless it was about your own sister, so help us allah, because then it was a matter of honor. Shisha was all the latest rage, music came from rappers who were rapping things in broken German about punching people in the face and boxing. This culture reacted allergically to everything German, Western, and against everyone who didn’t immediately shed themselves of it.

I’ve watched how the assimilating Germans started to talk in slang. They took up the mannerisms of their migrant friends, and in order to try and completely evade the slightest accusation of Almandome, they would try to exceed and surpass their migrant friends in things such as aggression and the propensity to use violence.

The fact that culture functions in this way here is known by everyone, whether a student at Waldorf, SPIEGEL online reader, a Green Party member/fan, or just generally a tolerance-loving diversity fan: to accuse a migrant gang of cheating at soccer by Bolzplatz? Better not. To flirt with a girl with darker skin? Rather keep your distance.

The former New Cologne mayor and SPD politician Heinz Buschkowsky just recently aptly summarized it this way: “Today we have entire neighborhoods that offer a complete infrastructure like in the homeland. There is no pressure to assimilate and to learn the German language. On the contrary, there is a strong territorial behavior present. Young people say: we are proud Turks and Arabs. What do you Germans want here?”

There are four possible answers to this question: Remain here as a German and have problems. Remain here and stop being German. Remain German and move away. Or go to Waldorf school and make your name in interpretative dance.

There’s only one thing that doesn’t happen: That someone from my generation stands up to this evolution. The generation of left-over Germans who grow up in areas such as what I have described here, they have no confidence left. Instead of self-assertion, they self-decapitate. This is not something that just happens here in the extreme; it is happening everywhere. There is no fire of defiance and truculence left burning: not against the Islamic annexation of culture nor against the political patronization in schools and in the media who explain to us how we are all profiting from diversity.

These broken youths in times of total tolerance have understood that integration is not happening, at least not of the migrant kids into German society. There is no imperative need for them to integrate. The few among them who maybe wish a more secular and liberal milieu are prevented from living it or expressing their desires by their environment — for instance when a gang of youths through the pressure of the group make sure that girls wear their hijabs. In these city blocks — whether it be Berlin, Dortmund or Bremen and many more cities — there is nothing that represents our Western culture in any way. And even if someone wanted that: into what should migrant kids integrate?

There, where the majority situation has already been tipped over, assimilation has been going the opposite way for the longest time already.

*   Air Tuerkis is the pseudonym of a Berlin student and author who publishes the liberal student magazine Apollo News.

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  1. “They have been brought up anti-authoritarian…”

    This is surely not common with German youth?

    Or is this an attitude of rebellion among Germans of poorer areas where the youth are into gangs and the like.

    • Nope – having visited schools in Germany, been on an exchange there, and attended various German courses while studying there, I can confirm a lot of Germans ARE brought up “anti-authoritarian”… Even things like school uniforms are, for many Germans, reminiscent of the Nazis and to be avoided at all costs…

    • Germany is chock full of anti-authoritarianism, it’s a German tradition. They’re the ones supporting the RAF and Baader Meinhof, the Hijackers and assassins and all other terrorist scum in the 60’s and 70’s, they’re the ones squatting in houses for years, hating any and everything German… and they’re the ones that are the parents of the wuss Waldorf ‘learn how to spell your name in interpretative dance’ kids of the past 20 or so years. So no, it’s not uncommon.

      As to your question if this is part of a rebellion, I think the article explains deeply what’s going on in these city neighborhoods. There is no integration except the other way around, Germans assimilating and copying migrant mannerisms and behavior.

      I don’t think most Americans have any idea just how long and how deeply this has been going on in Germany, this destruction of their culture in mental no-go zones that are found in every city in Germany.

      …because, Oktoberfest or something.

      • Thanks Green, Nash.

        I am surprised to hear this.

        The embracing of the gov’t attitude toward immigration and the willingness among so many to continually vote Merkel and obey the new consorship rules: is this not a desire to comply with authority ?

        I know there are a great many esp. in eastern areas that are not so easily swayed but in general Germany has a great problem with islam and moslems now because of a general lack of opposition bravado. Is this not so?

  2. So Germany is kaput. Germany is thoroughly demoralized and has knelt offering it’s neck in a show of complete submission, to it’s new Muslim overlords. All the Kaizer’s horses and all the Kaizer’s men cannot put Germany together again.

    I sense that something similar is occurring in Canada ,Britain and all over Europe .
    Only Trump can prevent it happening in the U.S.
    And he is only one man against legions.

    • And Trump’s and American’s enemies are preventing Trump from subjugating the ” the home of the brave”

  3. Sorry about the punctuation.this is a repeat post with the punctuation cleaned up.

    So Germany is kaput. Germany is thoroughly demoralized and has knelt offering its neck in a show of complete submission, to its new Muslim overlords. All the Kaizer’s horses and all the Kaizer’s men cannot put Germany together again.

    I sense that something similar is occurring in Canada ,Britain and all over Europe .
    Only Trump can prevent it happening in the U.S.
    And he is only one man against legions.

  4. So sad , lost generation to Islamic horders , unbelievable how this people allowed to happened..

    • Stop blaming everything on women. It’s just another way to divide us. And the more divided we are, the more the enemy gains.

      • Vera… there’s a difference between blaming women and blaming feminism, which is driven by “women” (quotation marks because a lot of them don’t look like anything remotely female).

        Feminism has ruined every single country. It has brought on the scourge of multiculturalism in every country you look to, and it is the women who are ALWAYS in control of what kind of and how many babies and with whom to have them and where, and whether to further the islamic cause or stand against it.

        Men are not in charge of that. All they’re allowed to do is to build stuff and go to war.

        Feminism and feminization always leads to Islamization and Third-Worldization. In all feminist countries, you have negative birth rates that could lead to the disappearance of the native population if birth rates are not raised. Whites in the US are projected to disappear in 300 years.

        In all feminist societies you have massive third-worldization, lowering of IQ, race mixing with blacks, conversions to Islam, etc. The most feminist country in the world – Sweden, is dying right now due to third world/muslim immigration. Muslims are outbreeding europeans in almost all European countries.

        Feminism is decadent behavior that can only occur in rich and powerful countries, where there are no real threats to livelihood or submission to males, and feminism can therefore engage in various types of decadent behaviors that are actually weakening women.

        Here’s what’s happening in Germany right now:

        One of the reasons why german women do not want to vote for their anti-immigration party is because they don’t want to be mothers or to have more than one kid. Also, less educated women have more kids, while smart and career women are often childless. For example 40 percent of German college educated women are childless.

        This leads to an IQ drop. It’s proven that right now the IQ of western populations is dropping, and east Asian students are now outperforming western students according to PISA surveys.

        Sweden, the most feminized country on the planet, willingly took more refugees per capita, of whom most are single black and islamic males, than anyone else. 75 percent of western converts to Islam are women, as well as the vast majority of whites who mix with blacks. Therefore, in Sweden as well as in Germany too, the more feminist the political party, the more it wants to open the borders.

        Feminized groups will open their borders […] to everyone and everybody, including to more masculine groups who have more kids, leading to the feminized group becoming a minority in its own country.

        This can all be also observed in the real world. All currently feminized groups, such as Western Europeans and white North Americans, have open borders policies and are becoming minorities in their own countries. In contrast, less feminized ethnic groups, Eastern Europeans, Muslims, Israeli Jews, East Asians, have closed their borders and are more openly nationalist and xenophobic.

        Sorry… I could go on and on and on… Black Pigeon made a really good video a few years ago about how women are destroying Western Civilization.

        This is a link to a video copy of the original video that got gulag’d:

        • Feminism is also female aggression and the female form of war making.

          If feminists truly want to more peaceful world they must also target their own perverted and damaging aggressiveness.

          It is interesting that Shiite moslem end times prophecies speak of nations, including moslem socities, which will be burdened by feminism. Possibly, the moslem men who wrote such things were writing from a very sexist islamic point of view, but it is fascinating that so long ago when they wrote such things they had such foresight into the future, which is now.

          • “If feminists truly want to more peaceful world …”

            Speaking generally, females react more on an emotional basis than males. So, they respond more to pictures and stories, rather than an abstract analysis of consequences.

            Stefan Molyneux has many videos examining the differences in cognitive approaches between males and females…again, broadly speaking. They derive from different evolutionary roles: the female had the job of nurturing and encouraging her children, the male had the role of protecting the tribe, providing living space, and food and resources. The role of the male put him much closer to cause and effect.

            This is why females are susceptible to pictures of dirty refugees waiting for entry, drowned children, and the faces of children separated from their parents…or, at least from the people who have custody of them for purposes of crossing the border easily.

        • Nash, you said:
          “…German women do not want to vote for their anti-immigration party is because they don’t want to be mothers or to have more than one kid.”

          Does the AfD project itself as a very marriage and family oriented party?

          Is this how Germans see the AfD ?

          • Yes, it is not in the headlines of their propaganda, but generally they are conservative and would spend the money on familiy and education rather than on spongers from faraway countries. And they refuse homosexual marriage.
            And to Ronald: there is a gross proverb in german that says: when the 💓🚀🐓is hard, the brain goes soft.

        • Feminists would have us believe that they are in complete control of themselves sexually. But I suspect that they are far more sexually tempted by Mid Easterners and Africans than they will admit. I don’t wish to appear sexist, but there must truly be a sexual aspect to this immigration issue with feminists. Of course, only men have a problem with their sex drive causing them to make bad decisions….

          • Here are some interesting factoids.

            Women respond much stronger to emotionally-charged pictures or accounts. I don’t know if they’re sexually tempted, but they (in general) respond much more favorably to appeals for refuge.

            And males: neurological studies have shown that once a male is sexually aroused (or interested?), his cognitive circuits bypass the logical part of his brain and go directly to the primitive action-generating parts. So, once a male is aroused and involved with a female, his logic filters are not used. This goes far to explain some of the self-destructive actions of men who were (more-or-less) happily married who dumped their spouses and cast their lot in with a trophy wife.

            Some of the most successful spies in history have been attractive females.

  5. I am not surprised.
    This is how islam came to take over such civilizations in Egypt, North Africa, Persia, Afghanstan, India, Spain, and is still secure in parts of the Balkans.

    In essence life goes on, and one tries to be comfortable.
    Particularly when there seems to be no one stalwart, that does not compromise and stand for itself.
    That is the success of islam, forcing compromise, but remaining resolute to islam and its goals.

    Would you sacrifice your self, to an ongoing pain, fear, terror and cost when there is no reason for your sacrifice. When many others simply say get on by, take it easy.
    You see leaders and sections of the influential powerful not only selling out and doing well out of it. They have no wisdom, no understanding.

    Adapt they say to this modernity, even if you do not believe; the pain goes, life becomes bearable, and there will be some success, particularly if one can adapt to the dissonance of islam. Initially you may be angry, and islam knows how to harness that, and at the same time you can prove that you are a “true” muslim.

    Are the people in your church, school, work place, community, city, country worth sacrificing your life?
    At some stage that becomes the point, the bottom line.

    Sadly we need our own martyrs, and leaders, so that a real value is placed on our civilization so that we understand the sacrifices required to stay true, to ourselves, to God, to our Western Civilization.

    Winston Churchill, Gert Wilders, Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan, Donald Trump, to speak, work, guide, understand, both ourselves and to recognize and know the enemy.
    They and we will all make mistakes, but the principles remain, free speech, freedom to be happy, etc..
    Thanks to Baron & Dymphna, for their dedication, sacrifice, and wisdom.
    May you find abundance in your lives.

    • Before my time, but in the 50s they did this thing nicknamed salt and peppering where they brought Maori living in rural tribeland into certain suburbs in the cities to help integrate them. At the time it was thought the best thing would be to integrate the younger ones into modern society.

      What happened was that formally nice suburbs became ghettos and are still problem areas of the city several decades on. Rather than the white population absorbing these newcomers and showing them how things should be, the opposite happened. Many white families moved out, those who remained declined in habit to that of the poorer examples of newcomers.
      Even for the Maori who wanted to achieve it was a toxic environment and many left for Australia to get away from their own communities.

      Forced diversity doesn’t work, expecting one community to absorb another, often while being insulted by your own politicians is equally problematic.

      • The Obama Justice Department was requiring municipalities to provide subsidized housing in primarily-white working-class suburbs whose people had moved to, to flee the black crime of the cities.

        In Obama’s Post America, white ethnic groups are not allowed to claim their own neighborhoods, or even gather in places where they predominate. And, I’m not being racist; that is literally the import. Left to their own devices, working class black families wanting education for their kids would have no problem moving there, but the problem is moving criminal-class people to spread out the problem of the inner cities.

      • The same occurred in a few cities in Canada, notably Winnipeg. The integration between natives and white Canadians did not happen as planned. Many natives who did integrate, especially if they became famous or wealthy, are now attacked verbally and sometimes physically by their own as ‘sell-outs’.

  6. Unless the surrender is complete, or, in other words, the native German population submits to Islam…those who adapt to the migrant slang and disorder will fail yet again as their attempts at assimilating to the migrant chaos will ultimately be accused of cultural assimilation. The foot of the invading hoard has firmly entrenched upon infidel necks.

  7. The bloody borders of dar al harb.

    It seems a war of beliefs. Theirs’ is virile and masculine. Ours is feeble and unsure. We can’t just exclude them, kick them out, or stop immigration and expect to win, because we see here that they have grown an virtual embryo in our minds and seeded our souls. We need the birth of a winning paradigm and belief narrative. And excellence in our leaders. We may lose.

    • Of course, we have the winning paradigm in the West, the one model that has evolved and led us and served us well for 2,000 years: Christianity, and all we built on that, with genius and effort. No other belief system will generously tolerate, or exist, on such a huge scale and with such latitude, acceptance, and enlightenment.
      Our sorry leaders have forgotten the precious and rare phenomenon they were born into, and have forsaken, and stupidly would eradicate.

      These power hungry narcissists, deluded egocentrics and two-bit traitors do sell themselves and their tribe for fools’ gold, earthly baubles, counterfeit rewards and a place on the hill. From which they risk the drop. Trouble is, they will force the drop on all of us if they only could.

      We have the best belief system long since. We just need new leaders who see that too and are with us.
      Please remember that to lose is not an option. Too much to lose. Do not let the buggers get you down!

      • No other belief system will generously tolerate or exist, on such a huge scale and with such latitude…

        Once Christianity owned everything, it proved most intolerant. The irony is that the anti-Christians now have the microphone and can return the arrows.

        I live among Christians and don’t find them any more tolerant than those outside the group. Where two or three are gathered in His Name, at least two are vying for power. Being a Christian does not make one more tolerant – you still have to deal with the inherent propensity for human failure. The concept of Original Sin, the Bible stories in Genesis make the point very well.

        Yes, Christian cultures have every right and obligation to keep their faith lively, but from there is does not follow that our creed is a one-size-fits-all, as any devout Hindu can tell you.

        • Christianity recognizes that humans are fallen creatures and will make mistakes and do evil, and a re prone to corruption. Secularism and “new age” ideas start from the idea of not only the individual as supreme (what feels right for me must be right) but that humans are intrinsically good (look at the naive young women hiking in the Atlas Mountains).

          The beauty of the US Constitution, and system of government in general, was that its creators recognized that humans were flawed and would inevitably go wrong and try to do wrong. Hence the system of checks and balances to try to minimize the harm that any individual or arm of government could do. And this idea of humans being predisposed to evil is Christian (Judaeo-Christian, I guess).

          I don’t know enough about other ideologies such as Hinduism so maybe they too work from a premise of human frailty and evil. But this is certainly a point in favor of a Christian-Judaeo based society (there are other advantages as well, of course, such as the recognition that there is a Supreme Being to whom all – even the most powerful people – would be accountable.)

        • …not a one-size, true. I’m not aware of any one-size fits all in our fallibly human world. And of two, three or 10 gathered together, you can certainly expect disagreement, where we are long accustomed to freedom of choice, conscience and personal will in our now officially secular country – yet which scripture has long afforded us in our personal relationship with Him upstairs. In that gathering you can also expect a neighbourly acceptance – and in these times where traditional bedrock faith is under darkening skies – we are encouraged to reach out to other denominations in solidarity and support.
          My immediate neighbours are various Christian practising, church attenders/none, cultural, other faiths and none. Mostly they have their humours and we share tacit common ground. The followers of one faith in particular would not be mistaken for tolerant, and separate themselves and behave as they do -unfriendly, and hostile on occasions.
          Outside the West, certainly not every faith or society enjoys our religious freedoms, as we know. And we know that 21st century Christianity certainly doesn’t/can’t insist upon a predominant position.
          And that the separation of faith and State has hitherto afforded the freedom to believe or choose otherwise – until such time as the eradicators can institute the replacement intolerant, Islam that insists it is most definitely a one-size fits all.
          Hinduism would not qualify for size, and which, among other practises, still has a caste system (that however anathema to the West and Christian teaching, must still be maintaining its traditional societal order). And nor is Hinduism tolerant of Christianity – when we hear recent accounts of persecution and physical attacks in areas of India, carried out in the name of an indigenous faith that is yet still bound up in the fabric of the State. Such attacks don’t come from the minority Christians, or we would certainly hear about them.

          Ask any one of the millions pushing to get into the West for a better life – why do they think they’ll be better off in communities traditionally different to their own? They often say it’s because of diverse societies; and that it’s easier in Europe because people are more tolerant in culture, and generous – and of course a better life comes with opportunity, education and public services. That such societal advancement has grown and flourished hugely over centuries has been rooted & branched in the inherent decency that is Christianity – that which tells us to love thy neighbour, and which, like it or not, has been the underpinning, the checks and balances, for the powerful and the weak and the errant over centuries.

          If there’s a bigger faith out there, with the tenets upon which a vast technological civilisation has been built, which has the propensity for so much good, and which can and does criticise itself under the glare of media headlights (unlike others who are shunned the spotlight) – it would be interesting to know.
          In these uncertain times people are seeking spiritual protection in increasing numbers and it’s no surprise that church attendance is growing

  8. I’ve hears similar about multi-kulti schools in England… But I’ll bet my last Euro that the virtue-signalling leaders and politicians are not sending their offspring there.

  9. Spoke with a 30 year old frenchman a civil servant on sabbatical 14 January 2019 on Sao Tome island – I asked about the yellow vests – his response the French are stupid they get everything for free , second response , The other European countries are stupid , they have to look at France not to make the same mistakes , Refering to Germany , Sweden and England regarding refugees it turns your country into a cesspool.

    A lesson for Europe

    1992 – South Africa – 22 years old – I was the first generation of integration into the new rainbow nation, all colours , religious types and culture groups into one melting pot, the corporates changed their hiring strategy to facilitate this new euforia to include all. We all made friends and had to work together to cross the cultural barriers, not without some conflict involved as well , it was a time off mental adjustment for everybody.
    South Africa a developed first world country with everything in place.Peace and love all is well.
    A new future middle class needs to be created to pay taxes , the white middle class that was paying all the taxes has totally collapsed…in the name off economic empowerment and cultural majority we must own the majority of the economy , land and minerals , if you don’t hand it over , we will expropriat in the name of that what was done to us…think European wars in the middle East..we now bring instability and force our culture on you , because you have become weak , with no reference to your own culture…we would rather hug teddy bears and let our woman be gang raped and violence in our societies become the norm…but wait until you let them into the corridors of power..think government…they will create mass poverty of the indigenous people..and take over the economy…bye bye country.

    Fast forward.

    2018 – South Africa- 51 years old
    The state is in collapse, as a white person , I cannot find a job , luckily I saw what was coming , I now travel and work around Africa in the hotel and lodge industry.

    Muslims now are in control of the grass roots economy , Farm murders , corruption , land confiscation , gated security communities , fences , barbed wire , in 1992 you could walk anywhere anytime it was safe , mass poverty created a political tool called crime , nowhere you go you are safe ( sounds familiar , in what’s happening in Europe ). +- year 2000 a Muslim kader asmal then minister of education , changed the highschool graduation requirement to pass from 50% to 30%, ensuring at least 3 generations of a mass of illiterate unemployable people.

    Welcome to your future.

    • It leaves a very bleak picture of the future world. I’ve always been particularly interested in South Africa.

      My sister lived and worked there for years, her words echoed yours… even though she was a bona fide liberal with her head so far up Obama’s butt it wasn’t even funny anymore. She quit talking to me when she found out I was going to vote for Trump. Then she died, with antagonism and pettiness in her heart.

      Her words echoed yours I said, but she didn’t realize it of course. I just knew how to listen between the lines.

      Your words make me strive even harder to make it safe for my daughter. Don’t know how but I’ll probably die trying.

      I’m in Montana in the largest population city. We have very little “diversity” here. A less than 2% black population, and even less hispanic. Not a single mosque. There are about half a dozen muslims in the entire city.

      But look south, across the state line, and you’ll hit Wyoming, a state full of apathetic cowboys and disillusioned ugly women, and a muslim population with mosques and everything.

      The enemy is at our gates too.

      • Was just up in Montana for the first time to do some skiing over the New Year.

        What a beautiful state filled with friendly people, great food, and excellent whiskey! I felt incredibly at home.

        I would love to join you there, but I’m not enough of an investor to leave work just yet.

        Sorry for your loss.

    • How come the Religion of Peace is so big in South Africa? That’s something I never quite understood.

      • Green infidel , the Muslims arrived roughly 1700 to work the sugar plantations for the Brits .

        South Africa I think few people realise how many different cultures were in South Africa from the 1700 , There were Indians, Muslims , Malay , the indigenous tribes , French , Dutch , Swedish , Belgians , Greeks , Jews, Portuguese and a few more.

        The thing is all communities were basically self segregated and stayed within their respective culture groups.

        Muslims has been setting up shop for 150 years , and have cornered the poor people’s economy ( grass roots or informal economy.) Mosks are expanding at an alarming rate.

        They have in the past 10 years managed to substantially increase the control of the middle-class economy ( supply chain ) , building supplies , medical supplies , fuel station owner ship , barbershops , transportation supply chain …

        Historically speaking , they work together as a business community and slowly undercut pricing and force local business owners out of business by collectively cutting prices , by offering a cheaper price, the current world economic situation is forcing the majority of consumers to buy from them at a cheaper price, it fits the Islamic ideology perfectly.

  10. All this Hijra stuff is useless if the planet itself collapses within a decade as academic pals of mine have predicted. These are not Leftwing nutjobs either but sane men and women who know their stuff and also ex-Military. The Allah loving mobs can gesticulate and “Where’s my snackbar?” all they want but it will be meaningless. Nature Herself will see to this,

    All this madness is part of the coming Great Collapse, and it isn’t conspiracy theory nor “scareporn”. The Moslems like the rest of Humanity will be toast. Allah cannot save them.

    A global crisis is here and that is why it is now pointless writing. Read Astronomer Fred Hoyle’s “Ten faces of the Universe” published around 1971. All his predictions are coming true. I laugh at Moslems now! Sad chaps really with no idea nor defence about what is to hit all of us. Hoyle maybe a few years out but nevertheless his writings seem correct.

    • Well, then, it better happen quickly, before they get their hands on Germany’s and France’s nukes. (And American nukes in Turkey.)

      • Vera, The Germans have no nukes in country, the US moved them out, as for Turkey? The Trump Administration moved them out in the first month Trump took office, right under the Turk’s noses. The Turks were making noises about taking over the air base that they were at, so Mattis sneaked them out under the noses of the Turks.

    • Are you referring to global warming? Hard to know what the catastrophes are to which you look. It kind of reminds me of the White House report on climate change, that predicted dire events in the next ten years. Funny: all such reports have as their solution the construction of giant, unaccountable bureaucracies supervising vast flows of money, pursuing untested methods to solve unproven problems. It’s a win-win for the bureaucrats.

  11. The main question is at the end: “And even if someone wanted that: into what should migrant kids integrate?”

    What does it mean to be a German today? Please, correct me if I am wrong, but it seems to me that being a modern German means to be a purely biological creature who cares only about creature comforts. Oh, yes, of course, you are expected to be an altruistic creature – to care not only above your own comforts, but also about comforts of others. You are expected to want not just yourselves, but all the other creatures of your species to be well-fed, healthy and having an exciting sex life (preferably not resulting in any offspring) with some primitive subhuman entertainment thrown in. (Though, in many cases, this altruism is rather superficial when not purely hypocritical).

    But this is an animal existence, devoid of any spiritual meaning, of any higher purpose. It is soul-destroying and degrading. Many people feel it and suffer from it. They desperately rush here and there trying to escape the trap of subhumanity. Some are looking for escape in occult and pseudo-Oriental spirituality (often with disastrous result), others try to numb themselves with drugs or sexual excesses, still others – with crazy activism. Some even try to find the solution in Islam.

    Why is this so? I see only one answer. Germany, like the rest of Europe, was founded on Christian faith. At some point of her development, Europe rejected Christianity thus destroying her spiritual foundation. It was a long process, which started during Renaissance, if not early, went through the tumultuous stage of Reformation and religious wars and culminated in the Enlightenment with its simplistic rationalist philosophy and ideology that built an impenetrable wall between European man and God. All that followed – the bloody French revolution, communism, Nazism, political correctness – are just various symptoms of this deadly spiritual disease.

    It is this spiritual disease of materialism that makes Germans so weak and helpless in the face of alien spiritual aggression. Christian martyrs – though meek and humble – were ready to live and to die for their faith. Modern Westerners have nothing to die for. Nothing is more important for them than their biological existence. Therefore, they will adapt to anything to secure it because they are only physically alive. Spiritually they are already dead.

  12. Reading the description of the complete domination of the schools being described, by Turkish Muslims, I ask myself, “what is a possible pathway to recovery?” Notice, I don’t try to judge the likelihood, at least not yet, but just look whether there is some viable pathway out of the mess.

    I would guess the most important direction is freedom-of-association. Religious or identity groups have the right to live together, educate their children separately, and work together in a climate of homogeneous culture.

    The paradox is, the Muslims already have this benefit. Their “no-go” zones, political organizations, and highly-cohesive identity group influence already allows them to control their own environment, and to educate their young (and their dhimmi victims) in any way they wish. They send their dummies to the public schools to dominate through violence, but they also have their Islamic schools where the future leaders are trained and indoctrinated. Does any German official supervise the teaching and contents in a Muslim school? Good luck.

    So, a pathway out is to allow the Christians, or the nationalists to at least maintain their own institutions, groups, and neighborhoods, expand their influence, and deepen their group identity. It is not necessary that more Europeans become Christian; just that the Christians (and others) be able to act as Christians.

    Once the religious groupings and nationalists see themselves and act as a cohesive group, they will have to determine if their optimal path is to expand their presence and tolerate the other groups, like the Muslims and Africans, or if events push them to a more cataclysmic solution like the post Tito Yugoslavia was headed towards before NATO intervention.

    • Ronald, Make no mistake about it, there will be bloodshed that will make the Balkans pale in both scope and scale. You will see military coups in western Europe and massive Purges of anything 3rd world and their leftist enablers. The merchant and banker class who think they now rule are in for a very rude awaking as well. Mark my words, it is coming and sooner than anyone could have possibly imagined.

  13. Instilling a strong sense of identity in one’s own children is a difficult task.

    You cannot fight something with nothing. Moslems have a strong sense of religion, identity, mission and culture which we generally lack.

    As Nash Montana said: “… strive even harder to make it safe for my daughter. Don’t know how but I’ll probably die trying. ”

    This is the genuine sort of bravery I try to instill in my children.

    This Christmas I gave my son a Knights Templar ring with the Latin inscription:
    “Soldiers of Christ”

    As I handed it to him I told him that he must be a Christian man of love and forgiveness but also a man who is willing to fight and die for what is right and good; to never be afraid to oppose the islamisation of our country, no matter what the cost.

    • We had a strong identity – one that was deemed too strong and so would have to be dismantled by those who care not for us, and by those who would do harm. And so of course, our collective identity has been chipped away, undermined and reduced for decades by an onslaught of strategies: Islam being one of the latest tools. More people are awakening to this however, and wish to remain awake.

      Children, as the next generation, are on the front line of this sea-change, especially in schools. The morality and fair play you instill and show by example to your children will serve them well. And will help them stay true to themselves. Courage and care for others, standing strong in faith, is heroic in these times. And such honesty is reassuring and a comfort to have.
      I hope the ring serves him well.

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