Suspected Islamic State Terrorists Arraigned in Sweden

Six “Swedes” of Uzbek and Kyrgyz background are being charged with terrorism-related crimes by the prosecutor in Solna, a suburb of Stockholm.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this report from Fria Tider:

Islamic State Uzbeks accused of planned terrorist attack: Had hundreds of kilos of chemicals, bayonets, gas masks, combat harnesses

December 27, 2018

Six Uzbeks with links to the Islamic State (IS) are being accused today of various terror-related crimes. At least one of the accused men is believed to have had had contact with Rakhmat Akilov. Three of them, according to the prosecution, planned a major terrorist attack on Swedish soil.

“If the terrorist crime had been carried out, it could have seriously harmed Sweden,” writes the Prosecutor’s Office.

Six people are charged today at Solna District Court for preparation for terrorist offenses and violations of the Financing Act.

It concerns the people who were arrested in Strömsund and the Stockholm area earlier this year on suspicion of terrorist offenses.

The indictment for three of the accused refers to preparation for terrorist offenses consisting of suspicions that the three persons acquired and stored large quantities of chemicals and other equipment in order to, among other things, “kill and harm other people.”

During house searches around 800 kilos of very dangerous chemicals had been seized. The police also found two combat harnesses, four communication radios with headsets and other accessories, a backpack, a gas mask, a gas mask bag, a gas mask filter, a holster, a pair of knee pads, two bayonets and two pairs of combat gloves.

“The objects in the previous paragraph would have been particularly suitable for use as an aid to the crime. The purpose of the handling has been to deprive the another of life through murder, gross abuse, gross damage and general hazardous destruction, adding other serious bodily injuries and causing danger to the lives or health of others and extensive destruction of the property of others,” it says in the lawsuit.

The chemicals found are believed to be 560 kilos of calcium hypochlorite, five liters of hydrogen peroxide, 100 kilos of potassium hydroxide and about 100 liters of 96 per cent sulfuric acid.

“If the terrorist crime had been completed, it could have seriously harmed Sweden,” writes the Prosecutor’s Office.

“The danger posed by the crime’s completion was not slight,” it also says in the lawsuit.

All six are also being prosecuted for violations of the Penal Code for financing particularly serious crime in some cases, the Financing Act.

“The charges in that part refer to suspicions that money sent from Sweden by the six accused persons to foreign recipients has been made available to the Islamic State’s activities abroad,” writes the Prosecutor’s Office.

In addition, the indictment includes some relatively less serious crimes.

The suspected crimes were committed in Strömsund, Jämtland, and various places in the Stockholm area. Five of the six people have been detained.

All men are Uzbeks between 30 and 46 years old. Five are citizens of Uzbekistan and one of Kyrgyzstan, both Muslim countries.

The prosecutor, Chief Prosecutor Per Lindqvist, does not want to comment to the media before the trial.

All defendants deny any terrorist-related crimes.

13 thoughts on “Suspected Islamic State Terrorists Arraigned in Sweden

  1. But Westerners have a great chance to learn the names of new nations. There are still not enough Tajiks.

    When the German kings, ruling in Russia, joined these territories in the 19th century, the population was 10-12 less than now. It was tempting.
    And now they are accusing Russia of genocide. I wonder what has Sweden done to them?

     Permanent providers of criminal news. During the day, I collect news about their “tricks” as much as the Baron collects from all over the World.

  2. “If the terrorist crime had been carried out, it could have seriously harmed Sweden,” writes the Prosecutor’s Office.

    No. It would have benefited the whole of Sweden by burying a few innocents. Ironies of life. People don’t learn through instructions, study or advice:

    THEY LEARN THE HARD WAY: BY rivers of blood and corpses.

    It would have been one of a series of wake up call that Sweden and other EU countries need badly to change their submissive attitudes and open their eyes to the besetting danger.

    • The hopeful hypothesis is that the Swedes will wake up and expel the invaders.

      The pessimistic hypothesis is that having long practice at being doormats, the Swedes will continue to be doormats, in the face of ever-greater provocation.

      Which brings me to my intense curiosity as to how the police intercepted this group. As they bring in more Muslims, the number of jihadis, potential jihadis, and plain criminals will go up proportionally. How do the police know who to track closely?

      I’m wondering if they received a tip from the organized Muslims, not to protect Sweden, but because the hijra (organized migration for the purpose of spreading Islam) is going so well and so successfully, it is actually counterproductive to allow a wild card to rally Swedish opposition, however unlikely that would be.

  3. I wonder what they were planning to do. The chemicals don’t sound, to me, to be the precursors to an explosive so I’m guessing they were going to release a lot of chlorine. The hypochlorite and acid would do that but I’m not sure what the purpose of the other stuff might be. Any chemists in the p-nut gallery please chime in!

    Alas that the poor Swedes have such ungrateful guests.

    • Maybe they just really like to clean. And it is cheaper to buy in bulk. At least that is the answer they will give to the gullible judge and jury if it ever comes to trial.

  4. If you were to be told that within twenty years Europe could find itself engaged in a civil war so bloody it will make WWII look like a bun fight. Based on the demographic evidencesuch a scenario looks not merely possible, but inevitable. In 2005 European males aged 20-40 outnumbered Muslim males of a similar age by 18:1. By 2025 this ratio could drop to a mere 2:1.There is a common misconception that a significant erosion of our present 95% non-Muslim European majority could not possibly occur for many decades to come. A prediction made in 2004 by a noted professor of Islam maintains that Europe would be Islamic by the end of the century, he did so, on the basis of an overall Muslim majority. The wholesale and unprecedented racial and cultural transformation of a continent with a history of violent warfare will simply not happen without confrontation
    To imagine one subspecies of man living together on equal terms for long with another subspecies is but wishful thinking and leads only to disaster and oblivion for one or the other.” Islamic terrorist activity is being constantly thwarted by European intelligence services, but over the next ten years some of these Jihadists will slip through the net and carry out their next very large atrocity. Although most Europeans are still in a deep liberal sleep regarding Islam, this will not last. Retaliation will begin and they, in turn will respond. The police are now unable to cope; they will be even less prepared at that time. The army will be drafted in, and members of the military who are even willing to carry out orders against their neighbours will find themselves massively outnumbered and outflanked. Civilians will be undoubtedly be massacred. And so begins the civil war.

    • I forget who said it: never make predictions, especially about the future.

      In 1938, British PM Neville Chamberlain disgracefully betrayed the Czechs to Hitler at Munich, but recent historical research suggests he may have been buying time as British rearmament was lagging behind the Germans’; maybe he was playing a longer game?

      So perhaps our current leaders are doing the same; or perhaps this is an optimistic fantasy on my part.

      • The historical research on the background for what Chamberlain did in Munich is not actually all that new. The teacher who taught me A-Level European history in the late ’60s at the grammar school in Harrogate outlined the reasons behind what the British government did in 1938, and buying time for rearmament was one of them. The British and the French knew they would be no match for the Wehrmacht and the Luftwaffe; they reckoned they needed several more years to catch up, but in the end they only got one year.

  5. Just skipped through an article at DN (newspaper Stockhlom) website:

    According to this one of the men bought a bunch of chemicals from the bankruptcy of some company, which included a blue 50 liter canister of “Vätteperoxid 50%” (picture) which would be hydrogen peroxide 50% — used a lot by Islamists to make “Mother of Satan”.

    The man claims the can was already empty (as it was when police seized it), but his son says it weighed at least 30kg. Also police found on his phone he had searched the web for hydrogen peroxid.

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