Somali Mujahid Arrested in Bari

A Somali “youth” was arrested in the Italian city of Bari before his boyish antics could destroy any of his intended targets — Italian churches.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   “We will put bombs in all the churches of Italy. Where is the biggest church? In Rome?”
00:06   Thus, the Somali citizen, Mohsin Ibrahim Omar,
00:09   known as Anas Khalil, conversed on the telephone with his interlocutors
00:14   without knowing he was intercepted by the DDA [District Anti-Mafia Directorate] of Bari, and
00:19   it was these sentences that cost him his liberty. The police in fact affirmed this last Thursday
00:23   when he tried to escape, and the judge of primary investigation confirmed the precaution
00:27   because he is considered dangerous.
00:30   According to the investigators, in fact, the young man was planning attacks in the churches
00:34   over the period of Christmas festivals,
00:38   attacks to be carried out in the name of the Islamic State in Somalia.
00:41   Thus, a soldier of the Caliphate in Italian territory, a man
00:44   who the investigations confirm adhered totally to the homicidal ideology of the terrorists,
00:50   an ideology that had as its objective the death of Christians,
00:53   to strike on the days of one of their principle festivals
00:57   but [unintelligible] 20 years, Ibrahim, on his social (media) disseminated photos and posts
01:03   exalting martyrdom in a constant stream of intense indoctrination in connection
01:07   with another foreigner in process of being identified, say the investigators,
01:11   to whom he imparted real instructions in operational theory
01:15   on the concept of armed jihad.
01:19   Because of this, last week, the urgent arrest that was launched
01:23   was made necessary the day after the Strasbourg attack by some photos
01:27   concerning the Vatican that Ibrahim had put on the internet.
01:31   Saturday morning the Bari DDA prosecutor, who is coordinating the case charging terrorism,
01:34   responded for about two hours to questions from the judge.

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  1. How many of these savages did we inadvertently allow to grow to adulthood by feeding them back in the 90s? No good deed goes unpunished it seems.

  2. It is the sheer stupidity of these people and their utter inability to plan things that we should be thankful for. However, stupidity does not imply lack of creativity in cruelty. In fact, it is how the stupid appear to feel important. It is no wonder that Islam is popular among such people.

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