Merry Christmas to All You Danish WAYCISTS!

The video below shows Danish members of parliament behaving in a VERY politically incorrect manner in the Danish Parliament (Folketinget) itself.

Tania Groth, who translated the introduction to this clip (the song lyrics had been previously translated) sends this explanation for what happens in the video:

Today I saw a positive post on Facebook.

Recently there has been a big brouhaha about a traditional Danish song, because a female teacher of different ethnicity at the Danish Business School was offended by a line in the song (the first line) being sung at a school gathering. The title of the old song is “The Danish Song is a Young Blond Girl” — a classic, beautiful and very Danish song that sings about the beauty and soul of Denmark and the Danes.

Anyway, the University promptly apologized and said they wouldn’t be singing the song again — plus they thanked her for her vigilance on behalf of PC culture. The good thing about all this is that it REALLY caused a stir among people on both sides of the political spectrum. The majority of Danes were outraged that she, who has been welcomed here, should presume to change one of our most beautiful and iconic songs.

In other words the Danes proclaimed: THAT was enough PC nonsense, and were united. So, as a result of this, they sang this song in Parliament as a protest against the lunacy! A nice touch.

Here is the video on Facebook.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   There is a verse in the song that can seem both insulting and offensive and that is
00:05   of course verse 2, which reads:
00:08   “All the Beauty of Zealand and the Might of Jutland” [tongue in cheek],
00:11   which might cause some of you from Funen, Langeland, Lolland, Bornholm,
00:15   and other places, to not feel… “included” in the song.
00:18   I have to tell you that this also includes you…
00:22   [laughter as people understand the reference to being “offended”] Number 162 [of the traditional
00:26   High School song book] “The Danish Song is a Young Blonde Girl”… Are you ready?
00:29   The Danes’ true song is a young blond maiden
00:35   who hums contented in Denmark’s land,
00:39   a child is she of the sea-blue kingdom
00:44   where beech trees listen as waves meet strand.
00:49   The Danes’ true song, when its deepest ringing,
00:54   with sounds of bells, sword and shield will soar;
00:59   the strains of sagas towards us winging
01:03   that tell of Denmark in days of yore.
01:09   All Zealand’s charm, Jutland’s strong dominion,
01:15   the mild and hard in the same refrain,
01:19   must both be sung should our real opinion
01:25   of us and ours be made clear and plain.
01:29   And customs mellow with time’s rephrasing,
01:34   but art and battle for steel still call:
01:39   the altar fire where our soul’s set blazing
01:41   burns at its brightest in Bjarkemål. (old heroic tale)
01:50   So Denmark, sing, let the heart speak freely!
01:55   for heart’s true language is verse and song,
02:00   from nightingales we can learn this clearly
02:05   from larks o’er meadows with call so strong.
02:09   And wind’s wild ballad breaks loose its tether,
02:15   the mighty lay of the waves is sung;
02:20   from city pavement and moorland heather
02:24   the song shall rise up, both glad and young.
02:31   Merry Christmas, everyone!

17 thoughts on “Merry Christmas to All You Danish WAYCISTS!

  1. I’d be interested in knowing if the Danish business School was a government-funded public school or private institution. Government agencies are known for their mediocre products and their fuzzy resistance to off-the-wall criticism. It’s easy for a politicized bureaucracy to be captured by a coherent special interest group.

    There’s really no lasting defense against this co-option by identity groups. If you allow a significant number of people inside who do not identify with the culture, the culture will come under intense pressure.

  2. They act to kill the culture. Thendanes must act to save the culture. PC will get you killed – and the Muslims will be happy to oblige.

  3. Note…the members of the Danish parliament participating are not just minor members but include senior ministers of the current government as well as the head of the parliament.

    Remember: Once we were Vikings…

  4. Merry Christmas to the singers and especially to all of you, dear readers. “Dokaj dni naj živi, vsak kar nas dobrih je ljudi.” from Zdraljica by France Prešeren, which is also the Slovenian anthem. (app.translation: Long live all of us good people.)

  5. The school is “the Danish Business School”. Which one? Is there only one business school in Denmark? What is the name of “the University”? Why is there no information about the name and degree of Danicity of the complainant? There has been a “big brouhaha”, but there is no link to a write-up in the Danish press? This account is frustratingly information-sparse.

    • Mark Spahn:

      Copenhagen Business School.

      It’s not really a university.

      The identity of the Dane-hater is being hidden by the media. But she worked at the time as a researcher at the Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy.

      There are three further clues to follow:

      1 – she is referred to as “brown”,
      2 – a colleague, Ole Thyssen, who witnessed the conflict describes her to the media as being from “a very alien country”
      ( )
      3 – she is a woman.

      It might be Amira Benali (also Ben Ali on the internet), a Tunisian:

      Her research keywords include: Cultural Studies, Sociology, Social and Cultural Anthropology, Social Exclusion, Participant Observation, Multiculturalism, Social Anthropology, Qualitative-ethnography, Narrative Analysis, Ethnology, Indigenous Studies, Anthropology of Development, Ethnomethodology, and Postcolonial Studies; which fits in very snugly with the ideology of the offended.

      The full list of interests is here:

      But I stress that I am guessing. I do not wish to falsely accuse anyone of something so ugly.

      Furthermore, Benali is listed as being a postdoc at the CBS only from August 2018, and the incident in question happened the year before. Until March 2018, she was a Ph.D. student at the University of Geneva.

      It also might be this lady, Ester Barinaga. Her interests, too, include the relevant area:

      She says: “the debate on the role of the state is also a debate on the form to be taken by civil society. This has led to the introduction of a new language of social action, civic engagement and social entrepreneurship as well as an increased focus on the centrality of the civil society sector for the renewal and sustainability of our societies. Having that as a background, my research focuses on the strategies, methods and tools used by civil society initiatives in their efforts to ignite social change, with a particular emphasis on those initiatives addressing ethnic marginalization and stigmatization in our societies.”

      Among her publications are:

      Do Critical Management Scholars Take Responsibility for the Performative Consequences of Their Concepts and Methods?
      In: Ephemera: Theory & politics in organization, Vol. 18, No. 2, 2018, p. 397-402

      Barinaga, E. 2010. 2010. Powerful Dichotomies: Inclusion and exclusion in the Information Society. Stockholm: EFI.

      Barinaga, E. 2007. “’Cultural diversity’ at work: ‘National culture’ as a discourse organizing an international project group.” Human Relations, 60 (2): 315–340.

      There are two or three other possible alternatives in the list of the present staff of the department.

      The current list is here:

      But it could also be a woman who is no longer on the list.

      Who knows? Maybe at one point it will be made publicly known.

      • Yeah, Heigh. Thanks for putting some flesh on the bones.

        I looked at the videos of Ester Barinaga, as well as her publication titles. The thought came to me very strongly, “who would find any of this useful, other than a tenured, academic who is able to push vague and destructive cultural-Marxist dogma on defenseless students who incur a huge debt obtaining their degrees, only to find out they are only useful in a government-sponsored or government-mandated bureaucracy which produces exactly nothing”.

        And this glop is promoted by an institution which has the chutzpah to term itself a “business school”.

  6. The Danes are fascinating. They were the first Europeans to abolish the slave trade (we Brits were second), but seem to be avoiding the worst excesses of political correctness regarding their immigrant population, unlike their Swedish neighbours, who speak (I believe) almost the same language. The Danes got most of their Jews to safety in Sweden under the noses of the Nazis, but the descendants of those people are now under threat from muslims, and leaving in droves. Is there a Dane or Swede here who can explain this dichotomy?

  7. Das it gud. Believe it may be time to do Viking [effluent] again.

    Merry Christmas to you all.

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