Sharia Swimming Rules Enforced Against Native German Family in Bremen

The video below concerns a father who was denied the right to participate in a parent-child swimming group because Muslim women who brought their children there would be disturbed by his presence.

There are two things worth observing about this incident. The first is the fact that the Muslim mothers had previously accepted the presence of a man amongst them, and then later changed their minds. Presumably they had been enjoying a social situation that functioned according to traditional German norms, where men and women can relax and interact with each other. It seems likely that their husbands then forbade them to engage in such shameful behavior any longer. If the Muslim community in Bremen behaves like Muslim communities elsewhere, there would have been a threat of violence, explicit or implied, against wives who failed to comply. The husbands may even have been the ones who complained to the local authorities, but the report doesn’t mention that.

The second thing to notice is the fact that this incident actually made the news in ultra-politically-correct Germany. Not only was it reported, but the husband was treated favorably, rather than being presented as a WAYCIST and possible AfD voter.

This is because Germans are sticklers for following the rules; it is part of the German character. Forcing the man out of the swim group violated existing codified rules, and was therefore clearly wrong. Until sharia rules are codified in German law — which will probably happen within the little girl’s lifetime — Germans will not easily accept being forced to abide by them.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   In Bremen, a father and his daughter are not allowed to participate in a baby swimming course.
00:08   It is being that three Muslim mothers, also enrolled in the course, have complained that they feel disturbed
00:13   with a male participant being present. Up until recently he was always well-received by the mothers, but now
00:18   he and his daughter Emilia-Sophie have been excluded. Papa Tim spoke with us.
00:23   Tim Felten is furious. He wants to go swimming with his little daughter Emilia-Sophie and had happily anticipated
00:30   having a splash. A parent-child swimming club in Bremen had sent them the invitation to join, then suddenly
00:35   they were cordially uninvited. Why? —Well, I was told because of the three Muslim women it wouldn’t work out.
00:45   They would see me in my swimming trunks. —The swim diapers were already purchased and now this.
00:51   The group’s instructor left him a voice message over What’s app. —“On Wednesdays there are only women, some of them are
00:57   Muslim. For that reason, it would be better if your wife could come to swimming instead. Exactly, so then you can’t come.”
01:07   As an alternative it was proposed that Tim’s partner should take over for him, but she can’t. She is busy with their newborn,
01:13   Sophie’s new baby sister. —At first I was shocked, because this Wednesday I was already with all three of these women
01:18   in the swimming group. Everyone was happy and talkative. We spoke about where to buy the swim diapers, that we’d have fun
01:26   and if we should come earlier next time. Everyone was sociable and that’s because I am there pretty often. I was just staggered
01:36   to be told suddenly that I, as a father, may no longer participate in lessons with my daughter. —So now Tim is no longer
01:43   permitted to have fun learning to swim with his little daughter. This is not an isolated case. There always seems to be trouble
01:48   with strictly religious Muslims. A permanent source of trouble is physical education in school. This summer,
01:52   in order to avoid swimming lessons for Muslim girls being torpedoed, a high school in Herne bought Burkinis.
02:01   The latest discussion in late November during the Islam conference which is intended as a means of interchange.
02:07   “Blood Sausage Served at Islam Conference” —Instead, there was outrage over the catering. To be more exact,
02:11   outrage over blood sausage. “Blood Sausage-Gate At Islam Conference” It was included with the vegetarian sausage
02:14   and other Muslim dishes. So what’s the big deal? That’s what many are asking themselves.
02:17   Even Seyran Ates, Women’s rights activist and Liberal Muslim ask herself this question often. Her suggestion:
02:22   What you are demanding has nothing to do with tolerance. Instead, your goal is to change this society.
02:27   You do not accept our way of life. So the solution is to resist you.
02:33   False tolerance. That just how Sophie’s father Tim sees it as well. We accompany him to where he, as modern father would have
02:40   liked to have been included. —So I am outside the place where my daughter and I are excluded because of what other people
02:46   said and my daughter is disadvantaged because of it. She’s not allowed to learn swimming. Sophie’s Father Tim has filed
02:55   a complaint with the local social welfare authorities. Their spokesperson responded:
02:59   We would like to have more fathers in the Parent-Child group. We would also like that more fathers take parental leave.
03:04   Naturally they should also be able to participate with other Muslim parents during the swimming course. What is being practiced
03:09   in this case is not in line with our fundamental principles.
03:15   So there may still be hope. Tim and Emilie-Sophie weren’t able to participate this time around. Perhaps sometime soon
03:20   in the future they’ll both be back in the pool.

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  1. Rather than teaching his daughter to swim, Tim should be teaching her to shoot. What Merkel and other traitors have done to Germany by imoorting these misogynist invaders is traitorous. Death to Islam and to all followers of the pedophile!

    • Don’t get me wrong, I agree wholeheartedly, but let’s not forget swimming is a vital skill that can literally save your life. It would be a shame to have a nice gun and be loaded with ammo only to die miserably by drowning because you don’t know how to tread water, wouldn’t it? And unlike with shooting, there’s an age limit to when you can learn to properly feel the water and swim effortlessly.

  2. Yes, the shooting class for German girls will be scheduled after the knitting class for German boys.

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