An Astute Response to “Immigration is a Right”

From September, speaking at the U.N.:

Promoted by the MSM without any commentary. How refreshing.

The (current) leading comment says:

He protects his own country. Migrants from underdeveloped countries cause only problems. They are not apt to live and work in a highly developed country like the US. They should first start to do something in their own countries. Many migrants come from countries with rich natural sources. Just have a look at Venezuela. It has one of the biggest reserves of oil. There is no reason why Venezuelans have to migrate.

Put your own country in order.

8 thoughts on “An Astute Response to “Immigration is a Right”

  1. What a brilliant speech. Would to God that the UK had people of his calibre. His faults are many, but on this issue and the other important ones, he is spot on.

    • Yes, indeed, his faults are many. And he hangs them out for all to see. Emperor Obama, however, so thoroughly covered over his tracks that we won’t know all of his misdeeds until he’s shuffled off this mortal coil.

      As for our almost-Prez, Hillary, there’s not enough bandwidth to cover her mendacious gluteus maximus.

      • Excellent reply.
        Yes he is imperfect but he is right and he has vision,his words are like a bandage of my sadden heart .

      • Maybe Hillary could be convinced to convert to Islam. I kind of like the idea of her under a burqa; never having to see her face again would be priceless!

    • Your comment reminds me of that case from Italy back in 2014-15-ish where migrants invaded a family home while the family was at work/school and as they called the police upon their return the police let them stay in that house for two weeks or so just because the migrants threatened to kill themselves if they’re forced to leave. Hence the answer is most likely in the eye of the beholder: someone like Sweden will tell you to bear with it, while Russia will most likely smoke the invaders out, while in Hungary there would be no invaders to enter your house in the first place.

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