Meanwhile, Back in France…

The authorities in Marseille have closed down a clandestine Salafist school.

Many thanks to FreeZoxee for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Is it true that at this moment a clandestine Muslim school is being shut down?
00:10   Yes, this is accurate, and fits with what I said a few weeks ago,
00:15   and a direct result of a law we passed in July,
00:19   which provides us with the judicial tools to close schools that are not officially recognized ,
00:24   and in particular those related to Islamic fundamentalism,
00:28   in other words Salafist ones; well, they will be closed.
00:31   That’s the case of a school that is being shut down today
00:35   in the heart of the 14th borough in Marseille, for the very reason that it is a clandestine school,
00:40   which doesn’t fit… —So you are closing a school because it is clandestine
00:47   and because it promotes Islamist ghettoization.
00:53   Yes that’s it. This school does not abide by the rules we set last July…

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  1. It is a start.

    My concern with any government powers to close muslim schools or mosques is that such laws and powers can be bought and sold.

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