Another One Rides the Bus — And Punches the Driver

A foul-mouthed culture-enricher went berserk on a German bus, eventually punching the bus driver. Here’s the intro from Facebook (translated by MissPiggy):

Downtown: passenger hitting bus driver

This morning the police are investigating after a passenger in Eschweiler, Germany, attacked a bus driver around 8 a.m. Before the passenger punched the bus driver he was screaming in the bus. The offender fled with his girlfriend before the police arrived.

A video of the mischievous youth in action (also translated by MissPiggy; thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling):

Video transcript:

00:00   I s**t on you! —And I do the same. —Here, here, on every one of you!
00:05   Everyone of you people on my d**k. —I’ll smack your d**k! —I f**k you all.
00:13   Milan, you stay here. And you stay out of this.
00:18   Is it any of your business!? Is it any of your business!?
00:21   How do you know where I’m from, anyway?
00:24   How do you know whether I’m German or not? You should just shut your mouth!
00:29   You’re German!? —You can kiss my a**! Shut up!
00:33   I don’t give a s**t. You weakling.
00:51   You stay out of this!
01:06   Asman, STOP IT! STOP IT! What’s your problem!?

14 thoughts on “Another One Rides the Bus — And Punches the Driver

  1. I doubt the youth is a “culture enricher”, if this means a welfare migrant on hijra in the lands promised by Allah (sic) since 4.9.2015.

    This is because listening to his spoken German, it
    1. is quite grammatical and not “broken”; he also understands German when spoken to.
    2. has an accent, revealing that he is likely an ethnic Turk or Kurd, born and raised in Germany or having spent enough time there, albeit in a turcophone environment, to acquire adequate German,

    Technically, this person is likely a German passport holder.

    • It doesn’t matter what passport he holds, or which foolish European country has allowed him to have official citizenship. If he’s Muslim, or Turkish, or Arab, or African, he’s a culture-enricher. By my definition of the term.

      • “The Muslim nation is one nation to the exclusion of all others.”

        Placard in Oxford St. Sharia march
        thinkafricapress video at 0.31

        • Yep and they nicked that from the Jews and made the world a mess. The Jews gave us Christ and superb spirituality. They gave the world a higher form of thought and law. The “Moslems” debased it.

  2. Long live the Jews and Israel! Hitler and his hypocrite cronies wiped out civilisation at Auschwitz and we now have to put up daily with sub-humans like this on that bus. Found out yesterday that a group of lads in Hayes Middlesex were deliberately butchered by a couple of cultural-enrichers while walking along a pavement. They were hit at 71 miles per hour. The sharia enforcing Police tried to keep the story quiet.

    In Morocco two girls were beheaded on holiday. The MSM tried to hide that too. The killers posted a video that showed clearly the actual beheading of these Scandinavians. Naive they may have been but innocent like Christ. There was no excuse for the deaths and halal butchery this displayed. I watched the video three times too, until it instilled in myself the truth about “Islam” so that I never forget the beauty and superiority of Christ and Christianity.

    The next time I hear or see any person, or even a dog yap about “The Religion of Peace” I will point them to the video and ask them to explain. This incident is just one more proof of Islam’s total unsuitability in the West.

    And I don’t care one iota about being nicked for a supposed “Hate crime” or whatever utter BS the authorities come up with to assist the Arabs in the Islamic takeover of Europe. I promise the shades of those girls I will not rest now until I bring in a new Nurenburg to try the criminal political banker scum that destroyed the greatest civilisation in history. We are at war and I intend to win. I am also a man of my word.

    • Where did you find the video?

      I saw some horrible, horrible things in the first Chechen war in Russia that have given me problems since but the murder in this manner of innocent girls is a different thing entirely.

    • Never mind. Please do not post the link to the video of the beheading.

      I saw it. Now wish I had not.

      It is very disturbing to see such brutality against young innocent people.

      I think though that it is necessary viewing for any one who believes islam is peaceful and not a threat to us.

      • The Koran does not even compare with the beauty of the Kabbalah and the Torah-Talmud. Christianity is effectively based upon both- The New Testament is a new Covenant with God. I read that the Talmud was evil. Having now studied the subject from prime sources I am deeply impressed with Jewish thought and philosophy. Wonderful!

        It is clear Christianity and Christian laws and thought owe so much to Judaism. As I said above, Hitler destroyed civilisation in Auschwitz. What the “Zionists” have done is substituted a debased ideology for an awful plagiarism. The Koran has non of the beauty of the Mosaic laws or Christianity.

        I even purchased the 20 volumes of the Talmud to research. What I have found so far, especially in the Kabbalah is quite uplifting and deeply spiritual.

        • Yes and amen!!

          The Torah and Talmud (Old Testament) are beautiful from the point of view of Yahweh seeking to reconcile mankind back to Himself – out of love for us, undeserved love. Grace.

          I’ve always felt that Christianity lost so much right from the beginning since the Jews would either alienate themselves from us or we turned against them, time and time again.

          Hebraic thought is unique and very deep.

          One of the most destructive people on earth are unfaithful Jews but a faithful Jew walking with the Lord is the greatest blessing to mankind.

          Here’s to you and to all for the gift of a Jew to be our Salvation this night and for all time.

          Merry CHRIST mas.

    • May God bless you, and hold you safely in the palm of his hand. May his greatness shine upon your face, and may the sun always be at your back.
      May peace prevail and blessings be plenty for you and yours this Christmas time and into 2019. And to all at GoV, its contributors and commenters.

      • Thank you and God bless you and your family this Christmas.

        I should not have entered such a horrible discussion on Christmas Eve. My foolish mistake.

        There will be peace, just not in this world.

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