Who Are You Going to Believe, Mutti or Your Lying Statistics?

The two videos below have very different things to say about mass immigration into Europe. Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

Video #1 — The latest official statistics on migrant crime in Germany:

Video #2 — For a contrasting point of view, here’s Chancellor Angela Merkel extolling the benefits of the UN’s migration pact:

Video transcript #1:

00:00   In Saxony, of the 2,000 registered Libyans, 1,100 are listed as suspects
00:05   in the police crime statistics (PKS), reports the Free Press. Of the 773 registered Tunisians
00:12   in Free Federal State of Saxony, there are even 881 registered in the PKS as suspects.
00:17   This means Tunisian criminals from other German federal states are active in Saxony.
00:22   Jörg Urban, the AfD leader of the parliamentary group in Saxony explains: “The old establishment
00:27   parties rant that asylum seekers are not significantly more criminal than Germans,
00:32   and that the AfD spreads fake news and hate speech. Now the police crime statistics provide
00:38   us with further proof that asylum seekers in Saxony are even extremely criminal.”
00:43   Every other Libyan and every Tunisian are criminals suspects in Saxony!
00:49   In addition, 276 people from both ethnic groups are considered as multiple intensive offenders.
00:55   This means they have committed five offenses within just one year.
00:59   Urban continues: “This exorbitantly high crime rate shows the complete failure
01:04   of the CDU asylum policy. There is no control over who enters Germany.
01:08   This means our country is open to criminals and terrorists. That is why the AfD has been
01:12   calling for controls at the German external borders since 2013.”

Video transcript #2:

00:04   Freedom of movement is an achievement of the European Union.
00:08   And you see, the nicest part our present time is that we have real contrasts.
00:14   It must be said, there aren’t any compromises. Either you belong to the group that
00:21   only thinks of themselves and believes they are able to do everything on their own.
00:24   That’s nationalism in the purest form, and not patriotism. Patriotism means
00:30   serving German interests by involving others. Accepting a win-win situation.
00:36   Yesterday our federal minister for women’s affairs referred to a phenomenon…
00:41   …designated building land and the acceleration of construction…
00:45   We are still sad that Great Britain is leaving the European Union, but we accept
00:52   and respect that as many here have said. I would like to thank Michel Barnier
00:57   and his team for the endless hours of negotiations which have now resulted in
01:04   the finalisation of an exit agreement with Great Britain. We still have one objection
01:09   from Spain, I’m not sure how this topic will be resolved, but I hope it will be resolved by Sunday.
01:23   Of course when negotiating such contracts, the greater emphasis
01:28   is on making sure it works well. We can do that, because that is what we want
01:32   and it is in our own elemental interest to do so. We need a good relationship with
01:37   Great Britain in the future. In the area of defence and security cooperation,
01:43   but also during the many international conferences. We want to remain
01:47   good friends and partners. In order to achieve this I will do everything in my power,
01:51   and the entire federal government as well.
02:02   It is our task to contribute to helping the world in the 21st century to give everyone a chance to
02:10   develop themselves, to have peace, and not just think of ourselves. We need to understand that
02:17   the German interest always means thinking in tandem with others. That is the success of
02:24   Europe. That is the success of a multilateral world. Thank you for your attention.

8 thoughts on “Who Are You Going to Believe, Mutti or Your Lying Statistics?

  1. I strongly believe that woman is sick in the head, “helping the world???”, yes YOU can help but not this way , your stupid , send them help to their country’s , then can develop something achieve something at home , not import millions savages , rapists , to destroy own country, that’s why we have say NO to this UN . Scum pact it’s that generation have to pay big price for that , …disgusting..

    • What puzzles me why these traitors do not think like us: normal humans.

      Muslims counties do not need help, food or support. They need contraceptives. The more help ( food, money) you send them, they healthier they get, the more they produce like rabbits : result destruction of themselves and of the infidels as collateral damage.

      When I was ten years old we had a patch of land. I was really fond of eating fruits: so I would plant it with cukes, tomatoes, apricots, apples, plums, eggpland . . . you name it.

      They would grew. I would eat from some. But a few years later they grew huge and killed each other : too crowded. I killed some others survived. Pure and simple.

  2. Whats up with that Bad Nationalism/Good Patriotism that Macaron and now Merkel keep pushing?

  3. re: “Chancellor Angela Merkel extolling the benefits of the UN’s migration pact”

    I. My very “short” version of the story (language warning):

    This “UN Migration Pact” was created to cover Merkel’s [gluteus maximus].

    II. The “shortish” version of the story, as I understand it now:

    Angela Merkel, when she abandoned all border control and let in 1.5 million unchecked (meanwhile grown to at least 2 million) mainly young males in fighting age of mainly muslim background, she became a criminal if “breaking the law” does make one a criminal. She broke the law, by acting so without any discussion with, let alone any agreement from the German Bundestag (Parliament). She then continued to systematically act against the EU (Schengen agreement) law which stipulated that asylum must be claimed in the first “safe” country of arrival.

    Now that this second worst German chancellor’s “reign” is coming to an end, she is obviously anxious to legitimise her illegal actions after the fact. And so, she concocted this UN Migration Pact with the eager help of the Canadian UN Special Envoy for International Migration, the jew-hating UN lovey, Louise Arbour.

    I believe that the reason Merkel is “resigning” in installments – i.e. first just recently as leader of her party but planning to quit her position as Chancellor only a few years later, is that she wants to see this insidious and dangerous UN Migration Pact come to fruition.

    More here:

  4. @ Le Baron:

    “…Merkel’s [gluteus maximus].”

    Have just fallen on my gluteus maximus from laughter and will not be able in future to avoid giggling when I read about “GM”…modified or not.

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