How Can I Miss You When You Won’t Leave?

The Insufferable Inchoate Obama Is STILL Here…Obama bloviates. Say that real fast three times and you might end up with “Obama Oblivates”.

He is by turns condescending, predictable, and always, always arrogant. Without his script, he can barely string two coherent words together – unless he’s putting down those he hates:

This Thanksgiving I celebrate the absence of Obama. Or at least I would do if he’d just stutter off the stage and leave us be.

Here’s my theme song for Obama:

I’m grateful for y’all, every single one. And for Trump’s amazing aim. Doesn’t always hit the bulls-eye, but he’s still armed for the deal. And still cleaning up the mess Barry Soetero left. Royalty never has to clean up after itself…even if the man is only a royal pain in the gluteus maximus.

9 thoughts on “How Can I Miss You When You Won’t Leave?

  1. Bang on, Dymphna. That’s precisely how I feel about this dare I say sob. Needless to say we here in Canada have our own replica, who will most likely stick around for another 4 years to really finish Canada due to not having a Trump in the wings but instead a wet noodle.

    • One hopes that Baby Doc Trudeau can be persuaded to return to teaching. imagine your trademark being cute socks. whadda wuss.He makes beta males look like alphas.

      But there is hope with Doug Ford:

      In the media, Ford was compared to U.S. President Donald Trump.[74][83][84] The Guardian described Ford as a “businessman turned anti-establishment politician”, a “son of a wealthy entrepreneur” who “rails against elites” and “often shuns expertise”, while noting a sharp difference with Trump by pointing out that during his 2014 Toronto mayoral campaign “Ford drummed up strong support among some of the city’s most diverse neighbourhoods, suggesting his populist touch resonates with immigrants and racialised minorities who have traditionally self-identified as disenfranchised”.[83] Ford rejected the comparisons while praising some of Trump’s policies.[85]

      His wiki:
      The B tells me there’s a French Canadian that causes Rebel Media finds hope. I’ll look into that.

  2. As much as the mass media likes to peddle his presence, I go through long periods these days forgetting he even exists – much like the last year he was in office.

    Best let sleeping chihuahuas lie, I mean leave alone, but strangely enough any of those meanings work.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all the Americans here.

  3. The Baron is right. There is a French Canadian, Maxime Bernier, who seems to have a spine and can take some media abuse, but the danger is, that the Conservative vote will be split and that will give Trudeau the victory. Trudeau has just announced that he will give the “trusted” MSM (that is not the Rebel News) 595 million of tax payer money to ensure his re-election.

  4. Obama is a lucky man. He’s always with the one he loves. And to experience the thing he most loves in the world, he need only open his mouth. As Charles Dickens wrote of another lawyer in Bleak House:

    He appeared to enjoy beyond everything the sound of his own voice. I couldn’t wonder at that, for it was mellow and full and gave great importance to every word he uttered. He listened to himself with obvious satisfaction and sometimes gently beat time to his own music with his head or rounded a sentence with his hand. I was very much impressed by him—even then, before I knew that he formed himself on the model of a great lord who was his client and that he was generally called Conversation Kenge.

  5. A priceless gem of wisdom from Obama: the reason we don’t spend more money on government-scientist-concocted recipes for climate change is racism.

    That’s like saying the reason you don’t buy a new stereo system is that you don’t like potatoes. The formal logic term is non sequitur.

    But, then again, this is sufficient logic for the left. Bring in a buzzword to elicit common feelings to justify a common concept accepted by everyone. Hence: anti-racism justifies more government power to control industrial activity.

    • How about his charge re “mommy issues”? Is that personal projection? Or is it a bitter remembrance of spending his time in the White House with a santeria-loving mother-in-law?

      Heck, he even called his own (white)grandma a racist. What a strange and disaffected man: now we know why he needed TWO teleprompters. Remember when he promised to give up those crutches if he were elected? Somehow that resolve disappeared.

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