A Rapist Walks Free in Coutances

The following summary of the recent disposition of a legal case was sent by a French reader:

This might be of interest — it is so mad…

A week ago, I started seeing a lot of pictures of thongs on my Facebook wall amongst my French-speaking friends — to protest against the recent Cork trial where the man was acquitted of rape. The French national media had reported on it, with headlines like “Ireland: rapist acquitted because his victim wore a thong” (just type “un violeur a été acquitté parce que sa victime portait un string“ on Google news if you want examples).

Very few of my contacts knew anything else about the case, or the fact that it was actually a unanimous jury verdict. Who cares? It was just another proof that this (assumedly) very catholic country was still backwards and oppressive to women.

Now today, a local newspaper from the Manche department reported on a recent trial held in Coutances.

The case? A young Bangladeshi male, a “refugee”, is accused of molesting two teenagers, raping one of them. In both cases, the man was heard by the police, but they say the girls were actually consenting. The first victim attempted suicide. It took a couple of months for the police to realise that the man was accused in two cases, and to reinvestigate.

The police chief told the tribunal that during the interrogation of the accused man, he had to make a cop sit between the latter and the woman translator because “he was trying to grope her thighs”. He says that “he considers French women as whores and has a predatory behaviour.” Cops also admitted that they messed up during the first inquiries.

Experts who have profiled the man all agree that he is a narcissist, egocentric, and that in the male culture of his native country, “Women are little short of sexual objects.”

He could have gotten up to fifteen years in jail; the mandatory sentence was six years.

Yesterday the verdict was handed down by the judge: acquittal regarding the rape; two years suspended for sexual aggression. The defendant left the tribunal free — free to roam again in Normandy.

The defendant’s lawyer’s defence was that “the man didn’t possess the cultural codes,” and that the victim probably mistook his gaze as a threat, so felt under coercion; and the magistrate apparently agreed, saying that the accused simply wasn’t aware that he was forcing the intercourse.

At this time, the French mainstream media are mute on this case. Only a few supposedly right-wing media mentioned it. But of course it’s not happening in backwards Catholic Ireland…


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3 thoughts on “A Rapist Walks Free in Coutances

  1. The police didn’t make a “mistake.” Their original investigation is what the French state wants: that all objective crimes committed by Muslims are to be defined after-the-fact as non-crimes, the result of cultural confusion. After every such acquittal Muslims likely laugh at how irrational, inconsistent, and cowardly the authorities are, just proving how immoral and ineffective kafir legal systems are. Is there anything more guaranteed to internally destroy Europe’s legal systems than such a blatant double standard?

    Ambitious young men willing to take the risk could make a comfortable living running a covert vigilante services company, delivering justice on behalf of rape victims against criminals the government refuses to prosecute. Seriously, why would anyone go to the police now? You must acquire justice by your own efforts, at your own expense, or suck up the injustice. This is inevitable in backward Europe.

    • One figures the mafia would have figured that out by now and taken advantage of it. After all, they supposedly have plenty of experience administering covert violence and enough underworld contacts and the intelligence networks to know who the worst offenders are and where to find them. Besides, it would give them an opportunity to play both sides of the coin; they make money off importing these beasts into Europe, and then they make money off administering justice on behalf of those failed by the legal system.

      The only reasons I can see why this is not already occuring is: either it already is but is not being reported for fear of encouraging more extralegal justice, victims and those who love them do not know how to contact those who can administer such justice, or are too worried about being caught by stooges of the state to do so. I also suspect the law enforcement and legal systems which look the other way when muslim savages commit crimes against native europeans would react far more harshly and decisively against those who attempt to break it’s monopoly on the use of force.

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