Re-education for the WAYCISTS on a Girls’ Basketball Team in Quebec

Four girls on the basketball team of a trade school in Quebec have learned a hard lesson: You can’t make jokes about Islam. You can’t make fun of Muslims, and you mustn’t offend them.

Them’s the rules!

O wonder!
How many goodly creatures are there here!
How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world,
That has such people in ’t!

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Careful what you say on social media. In Quebec the CEGEP [trade school] of Sainte Foy suspended
00:03   four female students for posting Islamophobic statements on the internet. —José, even if
00:06   the whole thing was done in the context of a joke, the principal took things very seriously.
00:12   Those were things said on the social media Snapchat.
00:16   On November 7 2018 a video was recorded
00:20   in the locker room of the female basketball team les Dynamiques, of Cégep de Sainte-Foy,
00:24   who are in the first division. So in the video,
00:28   which we chose not to show, you can see two players in particular who make
00:32   racist statements and mention, in fact, that Muslims are terrorists, slaves…
00:36   It seems having been done in a joking context.
00:40   It was confirmed to us this afternoon, as a matter of fact.
00:44   Incidentally, one of the female players, who is clearly visible in the video, is herself a Muslima,
00:48   and allegedly made those statements ironically, in order to denounce
00:52   precisely racism. Even so, from the point when the principal of the school was informed
00:56   of all that, sanctions were imposed: four female players
01:00   have been suspended beginning last Thursday [November 8]; they also had to present their excuses
01:04   to the principal, and there are thirty hours of community service
01:08   carried out for foreign students of the school.
01:12   In fact the context doesn’t matter, or the intention.
01:16   For us those were inacceptable and disrespectful statements, and we
01:20   don’t endorse it at all. I can tell you that the message
01:24   was sent, and it was received, but not with pride.
01:28   These young people are now aware;
01:32   They weren’t at that point [when they were saying it]. It’s probably a message
01:36   and a lesson that will be well-understood. —The [school] administration, which is particularly
01:40   preoccupied by what happened, is also planning to offer sensitivity workshops
01:44   for the students on social media on order to have an impact.
01:49   Roger that. Thank you.

10 thoughts on “Re-education for the WAYCISTS on a Girls’ Basketball Team in Quebec

  1. Islam.
    A race??
    Adopting that logic, that makes Christianity a race.
    Christians are infidels … so …
    that surely makes the Prophet a racist … and the koran a book which unambiguously espouses racism in the worst possible way.
    Is my approach too simplistic?

    • I think you forgot lib[eral]s don’t deem racism against white people possible, so even with the Christianity card, they would only ever so slightly consider it in context of black Christians. I know, it makes no sense. But neither does hating Asians, right-wing black people or Jews, while claiming they are the voice of those ethnic minorities.

  2. I am sure the students learned a valuable lesson, but I am also sure it is not the lesson the morons in the school administration intended.

    • I rather think they did learn what the state demands and that they will in future think twice about even joking about Islam. We would wish them to respond by resisting tyranny but I think that highly unlikely. I hope I am wrong.

  3. So, these school officials don’t (can’t?) appreciate ironic comments made by a Muslima who labelled fellow Muslims as terrorists in order to make a point against “racism.” And then they sentence her and her fellow student accomplices to thirty hours community service to be performed on behalf of foreign students in the school. And since there’s a good chance that many of these foreign students, who are to be on the receiving end of some type of “service” from these politically incorrect transgressors, could be Muslim, would it be too far fetched to imagine that some of these beneficiaries just might feel a teensy bit of smug superiority over the penitents, might just feel that because of their religion they deserve this special treatment?

    The officials state that neither the context nor the intent of the offending remarks matter. No jokes allowed there, apparently. These students have crossed into verboten territory and will be punished, while the officials show how eager they are to comply with Shariah law.

    • But isn’t that their ultimate goal? For us […] to break our backs as the workforce while muslims live off our money so they are rested enough to rape as many women as possible […]? Because a mass like that sounds so much easier to control than a proud nation with common sense?

  4. Make fun of terrorists being made slaves and your punishment is involuntary servitude i.e. slavery. Oh yes makes perfect sense to me. What is with that light? I just changed the bulb and it is not working. Let me stick my tongue in the socket to see if it is getting any juice…..

  5. If you can’t say it ironically, then it really is the words and not the thought. The thought police are really word police. So all we have to do is profess their beliefs in a very ironic (sarcastic?) way.

    I’m liking the possibilities.

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