Preparing German Schoolgirls for Life Under Sharia

The following video is a chilling report on an “experiment” conducted on girls at a German high school. These young ladies are required to wear the hijab in public, and then report how it makes them feel. It’s as if they’re being coached on the way to behave once Islam becomes dominant in Germany — which will probably happen within their lifetime.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   It is good, because the ones that I will put the head scarf on now will experience how
00:05   it is to be on the street while wearing a one.
00:10   Celina is going to wear a headscarf for the first time today.
00:15   She doesn’t exactly feel comfortable with it. Her teacher Katrin Eckermann
00:19   is also anxious. Six students willingly volunteered for the experiment. From the
00:23   beginning they feel uncomfortable as the headscarves are placed on their heads.
00:27   Suddenly, the project isn’t so easy, even though it is just a role reversal.
00:33   It definitely feels more closed off. —Do you feel observed? Or strange?
00:39   I think it is more as if I am being watched, so yes. —Do you feel uncomfortable?
00:43   Yes, a little, strange. It’s strange.
00:47   It is really affecting how I feel, because I realise that I have racism in my head. I am
00:54   trying to imagine how it is, because I don’t have to walk around like this. I can see
00:58   myself with this, with a matching black coat and a hand bag walking through the city.
01:08   After school, the group goes to downtown Lünen. The experiment is to last an hour.
01:13   How do people react to their wearing a headscarf? For Celina Lebsack it isn’t
01:18   easy. —Yes, I have to force myself to continue. —Do you feel frightened,
01:24   or perhaps respected? How would you describe it? —More like respect. —Respect
01:28   for what? —Respect for all the stares in my direction.
01:32   Along with the six girls that volunteered, Dominik Larsac also volunteered to be
01:37   an observer, and walks a few feet behind.
01:41   His assignment is to watch how the environment reacts to the group. —We saw
01:45   how people looked at them sceptically. Especially older people, as they all came
01:49   into the drugstore. A group of them asked me what was going on and then I told
01:57   them we were doing an experiment at our school with headscarves. Then they
02:01   said, “Stay out of here with that garbage.” —Nevertheless, all the students had fun
02:05   today. Even though they were anxious and thought walking around for an hour
02:09   wearing a head scarf was difficult. These students from the Geschwister-Scholl
02:13   High School will continue to gather their experiences until next Wednesday.

36 thoughts on “Preparing German Schoolgirls for Life Under Sharia

  1. Sweden, Britain, and Germany will be the first Western nation’s to go full Islamic. They’re likely banking on largesse from their Islamic overlords, as an example to encourage other kafir states to do likewise. Then after national conversion stalls the Muslim ruling councils of those 3 ex-Western nation’s will punish their own Dhimmified people as a proxy for the recalcitrant West, stubborn in its sin. After that any chance of national conversion will disappear, and Islam will go full jihadist again.

    Germany, Britain, and Sweden will go down as the great traitor states of Western civ.

    • France and Belgium will go much sooner than Britain and Germany. They have larger and more fecund muslim populations.

      • You really can add Ireland, Luxembourg, Spain, Portugal and Greece to this list. Actually, one can ad every single Western European Nation to this list. Because even in countries with some resistance (be it from the population or the government) the situation has reached a point which can’t be solved in a peaceful manner in the (not so) long run.

        Otherwise, they would have to halt immigration of all Muslims immediately and kick out all illegals and non-citizens. Something neither the EU nor the European Court of Justice will allow.

      • But the indigenous population here is far more anti – Islam. The laws against the niqab and hijab in schools and public services are massively supported by the non Muslim population. I have never seen a hijabi serving in a supermarket / bank / restaurant. They just would not get a job and if they started wearing one after being employed they would get sacked. There are fusses about attempts to have non mixed sessions at municipal swimming pools. When I lived in Birmingham UK they had women only swimming for 30 years ago. I used to take advantage of it !

        • You can get a job here if your face shows. But the bag rule is adhered to by believers otherwise.

          Kind of reminds me of the angst of many older nuns when they were permitted – encouraged, even – to wear civilian garb. A friend of my aunt’s (both of them Franciscan sisters) muttered, “had I known it would come to this, I would’ve taken up George on his offer”. To which my aunt replied, “oh, you just want people to see the habit so you don’t have to wait in line for things”. Her friend smiled sheepishly.

          But I grokked the regret they both felt. Kind of like Marines felt about their uniforms back in the day.

  2. It’s starting right now on the schools , Jesus Christ, what is wrong with this Germans, they lost their minds ,!!!, very scary this brainwashing is , Germany is done , Merkel sold Germany to Muslims and Africans , and people allow , where are the parents of this girls !!, is just speechless..

  3. These types of hijab “experiments” are getting more common. They are portrayed as a community cohesion exercise, nothing more. But many of us see this as a State encouraged “conditioning” exercise for the women in Western countries where Sharia law will get defacto recognition to keep the peace between communities. The muslim women won’t be expected to change, so that leaves infidel women as having to make the compromises, and learn that the hijab is actually “empowering”, if you can believe it.

    • Most women in the West deserve it. When you see the vote breakdown on exit polls, women vote overwhelmingly for left wing lunatic candidates.

      The few western women with a functional brain left will suffer though.

      • Yes, a repeat of the communist era only this time under islamic tyranny. Maybe such is necessary to inoculate Western Europe against the liberal socialist disease that has infected so many liberal western societies.

        The Hijab Curtain is about to descend upon the women of Western Europe, the pain of which will last for generations if not longer. Those ignorant western women will eventually learn to rue the day they did not fight back against the first signs of infection by islam into their comfortable liberal western lives, but by then it will be far too late.

        • I don’t need to be inoculated. I have a natural immunity; a thinking mind and pretty good reading comprehension.

        • It is very hard to fight back when you have the government 100% on their side. You can see in this video that the council members in England, United Kingdom, bowing their heads whilst prayers are read in Arabic by a foreign Imam. For decades the English police protected the Muslim Pakistani rape gangs for fear of being branded racists. Many schools, prisons and supermarkets have halal food, pork is excluded from many food shops i.e. Subway.

          How can we push back against this when we are vilified for daring to speak out against it? It really is an unwinnable battle as the Muslims are absolutely relentless and fearless in their agenda to conquer Europe.

          • “pork is excluded from many food shops i.e. Subway”

            I do know they have ham and pepperoni in the menu. I do not know if it is pork or not.

          • I believe most of the “food” in Subway is halal; only non-muslim staff handle the pork products.

  4. Now I understand why the young generation is unable to solve simple arithmetic operations.

  5. These fools never seem to think of how Muslims view such acts. What they perceive as acts of tolerance are seen as acts of submission. True idiots. But Islam is exclusively designed for such people. But that hardly matters when it comes to power because even a fool is creative when it comes to cruelty and violence.

  6. Like Hell we will!
    Don’t write us off yet! I can state that people are returning to Christ! We must never surrender to this vile cult called “Islam”- a classic heresy.
    I would rather die than accept any of this garbage.

    Islam is Satan manifest.

  7. Dear Teacher:
    You ask me to report on how being forced to wear a hijab in public makes me feel. Here is my report…

    This assignment makes me feel resentment: resentment against you as a dhimmi bully, resentment against the yucky Muslims in our country, resentment against Merkel for inviting them in, resentment against Muhammad (cui non sit pax) for starting this whole scam, and resentment against Allah for justifying this oppression (if I get my way with Allah, blasphemy will be the least of his worries).

  8. Why not have the muslim girls wear a nun’s habit and see what happens. Stares I bet. How about muslim men wearing a priest’s cassock. How can they call this an experiment when they don’t know what proportion of the reaction of people is beig over perceived by the wearer? or if the “stares” are simply attention drawn by the “difference” in dress, until a few variations in dress are tried on the public street as an experiment? What about a Halloween costume? or fancy dress of another time? Yes, the impetus is to get people used to muslim dress under the guise of sympathy and trading places. But the conclusions drawn cannot be said to be scientific or valid by any stretch. but, then that is all we have these days – emotion. the logical brain is gone.

  9. There is obviously nothing scientific about this “experiment”. It is all about conditioning yound women to accept being put in a sack as normative, and it appears to be working.

  10. Putting a hijab on a young impressionable girl who is non-Muslim and then requiring her to go out in public is a form of indoctrination—designed to soften her mind, to think only of the female beneath the headscarf, all the while insinuating that to think beyond the immediate and the personal is to court “racism.”

    If these hijabbed young girls were to live in certain areas of Turkey, for example, they would quickly realize the real purpose of the hijab. There, the thinking can be that uncovered females are signalling their independence (frowned upon), a certain level of sexual availability, and a disdain for piety. Unwelcome attention might soon follow.

    The headscarf, often euphemistically referred to as “only a piece of clothing,” is so much more than that. This headcovering for females is actually heavy in meaning, symbolism, and social and Islamic messaging—so much so that a newly divorced woman often risks ostracism, and worse, if she ventures out with a bare head. This is an actual real life example I observed in a central Turkish city.

    The Islamic hijab is anathema to any thinking woman.

  11. The people of Germany […] have had many years to figure it all out, yet they persist in their ignorance and self-loathing.

  12. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph! [What] is wrong with my German Brethren? Have all of you gone soft in the head?? When will the Muslimas go about bare headed? Oh, that’s right-never. When will Christians be able to build churches in the middle east? Oh, that’s right-never. Were my German Grandfather alive today:he would be 170, he would hop a plane and start clearing his former country of the invaders. Sad Germany is nearly lost-a country that even the Roman Army couldn’t subdue.

  13. My daughter was trapped by one such Islamisation ‘experiment’.

    She and a friend responded to an advertisement to join an ‘art’ group sponsored by a well known local arts council. Some of the money came from the city (taxpayers). It was to be a simple and fun group of young people to learn how to improve their painting, drawing and photography skills.

    After several classes, she decided to quit.

    The leaders were young muslims who wanted them to produce art which was pro muslim and pro immigration.

  14. Hijabs on German looking girls look out of place, just as if they had tried to experience how African people feel by wearing black makeup.

    • yes indeed! And to cool down the mood a bit: I have worked 35 years in a school with 50% of mostly teenage girls and also in familiar environments. Those girls spend 35 minutes blowdrying their hair obsessively every morning and evening. They would hate not to expose the result of their grooming endeavours.


    The video will show up in this link when one clicks on view.

    This Iranian woman face jail, torture, rape, and even death, to remove what is the equivalent of a swastika arm band.

    It shows many more woman who are anti the islamic decree for hijabs, enforced by “morality police” in Iran.

    The education system in Germany, as in many countries is totally deficient in teaching about islam.
    Teach it all, the full history, of Mohammad, koran with abrogation verses, hadiths etc.
    Make sure they are steeped fully in the culture, so that they can see that woman, which they are, are deficient as Mohammad believed! They will be if they go along with all of that. 🙂

    The majority of hell being inhabited by woman, and their brain is deficient, as they are not equal to a man as a witness.
    So many things to emphasize the deficiencies of a female!

    That boy who followed behind them, should have walked in front, though I think he was starting to lord it up over those girls. Just a bit more ‘madrassa’ training as he is nearly there. 🙂

  16. I’m well aware they’re not going to take this from the experiment, but the “looks” should serve as a valuable lesson that headscarfs (aside from simple ones protecting the ears from the cold, like our grandmas used to wear) or even completely covered faces have no place in Europe and if you choose to stand out like that, you have to deal with possible consequences (of feeling unwelcomed or getting verbally abused, rather than physically attacked, as a civilized society should know better than that).

  17. Just a reminder that author Tom Kratman made his novel about life as a dhimmi in Islamized Germania free to download on Kindle. Always free, that is, as a public service. It begins with a German boy and girl kidnapped from their family as the village “tribute” to their Mohammedan masters. The boy is destined for the Janissary Corps, the girl to be a house slave, and later a sex slave. I wish every German could read it.
    The coming future reality is not so pleasant as this school exercise.
    Amazon link for the free Kindle download:

    • Thanks. We’re stuck with the nonsensical “Handmaiden” meme around here. What a waste! I read about 15 pages of Atwoods’s book and it was enough to let me know to drop it back on the shelf.

  18. So when will the local schools continue this experiment and get all the moslem girls to see what it’s like to walk around in public without a scarf on their head?

    • And then when they metamorphize from cute teenage girls wearing a hijab into bitter adult muslimas with hordes of future terrorists/welfare dumpsters in tow, you realize the bag on the head is there for your protection…

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