ISIS Operative Tries to Poison the Water Supply in Sardinia

A devotee of the Islamic State was planning to poison the water supply in a Sardinian town, but was arrested by police before he could carry out the attack. He is said to be of “unknown origin”, but arrived in Italy from Lebanon. Some reports describe him as a Palestinian.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below is a report about the arrest from ANSA (Hat tip Insubria):

Anti-Terrorism Operation Near Nuoro

ISIS affiliate ‘planned to put rat poison in water supply’

(ANSA) — Rome, November 28 — Police officers belonging to the special NOCS unit staged an operation to stop a suspected Islamist terrorist at Macomer in the Sardinian province of Nuoro on Wednesday, sources said. A 38-year-old ISIS-affiliated jihadi suspected of planning to put rat poison in the water supply was arrested, the sources said.

He was also said to be planning to use chemical weapons.

Police described him as a “lone wolf”.

He was said to be a foreigner of so far unknown origin, who came to Italy from Lebanon, sources said. He had been living at Macomer with a Moroccan woman.

The man was caught while trying to make a getaway aboard a van.

Video transcript:

00:00   He had planned an attack on our country by using an extremely powerful poison — ricin or anthrax.
00:06   The target was possibly [unintelligible] contamination of Macomer in Sardinia,
00:10   where the Islamic terrorist resided, possibly
00:13   in imitation of another failed attack in Lebanon in which he collaborated with this cousin.
00:18   The terrorist, Al Ahmad Amin— a soldier of ISIS — is Lebanese with a Palestinian passport,
00:24   with a regular residence permit for Italy for him and his family,
00:28   a Moroccan wife and three children, not connected, however, to the attack.
00:31   … it was the first case in which the project was poisoning,
00:35   and therefore, the use of poisonous substances,
00:38   and the first time in the area of the arrests that have been carried out in Italy — numerous —
00:43   a project of this type was talked about.
00:48   He was living on subsidies of the community of Macomer, but
00:51   in spite of his apparent economic difficulty, he never sought work,
00:54   and he traveled (back and forth) often by air to Lebanon. He was betrayed by a (tip)
00:58   last September from the Lebanese general prosecutor,
01:01   who arrested the cousin, who wanted to poison a caserne of the Lebanese army with delecina (?),
01:06   a natural and very potent toxic synthesized at home.
01:09   What has struck us is the search for toxic substances, but also
01:14   for toxic substances which are not commercially available in Italy.
01:21   The investigation has not revealed if these [unintelligible] poisons were hidden or
01:25   had yet been acquired. Obviously, there is the certainty that a terrorist has been arrested.

9 thoughts on “ISIS Operative Tries to Poison the Water Supply in Sardinia

  1. It is only a matter of time before these oiks succeed in mass murder by such means. They will not be able to control public anger then! Knowing the British Police they will probably arrest the surviving victims and corpses for “Islamophobia”.

  2. There’s a serious disconnect in the establishment’s thinking between the consequences of immigration/asylum/refuge and immigration/asylum/refuge itself.

    It’s like someone not noticing that every time he puts a forkful of food up to his mouth he pokes himself in the eye.

    It’s either a mental disorder or it’s deliberate.

    • There is no “Disconnect” in the “Establishment! It hates its own people. It is a Far Left “Trotskyite” Establishment too. The poor Jews will be blamed as usual.

      Most of the “Joos” in banking are fake in my opinion. I am sad to say thousands are now leaving Europe thanks to the scalawags in power and their Islamophilia. My own opinion is that the Banksters are descended from Khazars- a Turkic people that converted to Judaism in the 8th Century.

      They were known in Europe for their violence, greed and duplicity. It is quite unreasonable to blame the majority for the gangsterism of these other “Joos”. Read Christopher Jon Bjerknes writings on the real cause of the Holocaust- and yes it did happen but the Banksters were involved in that too.
      Most of the victims were fully assimilated European Jews too.

      The book by Bjerknes is a real eye opener and the oiks that caused the deaths of so many innocents also killed millions in the 1917 Revolution and the tragedy in Ukraine during the time of Stalin. Their plans through “Globalism” still go on today.

      It is also known as Bolshevism. I also believe that “Civilisation died at Auschwitz” is very true. Millions of fully assimilated European Jews that were a credit to our culture in science and highbrow thought.

      • Isn’t Arthur Koestler’s ” The Thirteenth Tribe” a very controversial theory? Khazars= Converted to judaism? How come that the Ashkenazim spoke a german dialect? Questions enough.

      • Gosh, that’s a huge can of worms, Bishop (not your last para). I’ve seen quite contradictory accounts of the DNA inheritance of people who identify as ethnically “Jewish”.

        One thing does seem certain; fewer than half of Israeli Jews have any European history (giving the lie to socialists who portray Israel as some kind of European colonialist enterprise); the remainder are mainly indigenous, or descended from those who (mostly involuntarily) left North Africa and the Middle East in the 1940s and ’50s.

        Just a few days ago, I had coffee with a Jewish couple, very old friends, and mentioned a colleague called Miriam; the lady said “Is she one of us?” (For the uninitiated, Miriam was Moses’ sister, and my colleague is quite secular, but she’ll be lighting a minorah about now for her late mother.)

  3. I remember reading about similar incidents in US… I remember a few decades ago my dad used to say “Arabs are putting stuff in water supply” . I dismissed it as a crazy conspiracy theory at the time… however, might such stuff be happening more often than we think?

  4. Recall the incident in Belchertown, US, when seven Chemical Engineering graduates were caught ‘trespassing’ after midnight at Quabbin reservoir;
    ‘State Police say the five men and two women are from Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Singapore, and “cited their education and career interests” for being in the area. The men told police they were chemical engineers and recent college graduate./’
    ‘The Quabbin, in Belchertown, is one of the country’s largest man-made public water supplies. Boston’s drinking water comes from the Quabbin and the Wachusett Reservoirs.’
    “Just sight-seeing in the dark officer, honest”.
    In Obama’s US, this was I suppose just ‘workplace curiosity’.

    • I never saw this, or don’t remember it. The Quabbin Reservoir is the source of water for millions in Massachusetts, where I once lived in another life.

      Glad we survive on a well now.

      • It was one of several incidents that looked pretty fishy but authorities downplayed, obfuscated, or denied.
        Glaringly obvious examples of violent jihad like the attack at Fort Hood were provocatively misnamed as ‘workplace violence’, while the mysterious case of the gas-explosion that wasn’t in Cedar-Riverside, so well documented here at the GoV, was buried.

        It all makes one wonder just what else is being obscured or mislabeled?

        An attack in 2014 was also notable;
        “a group of snipers shot up a Silicon Valley substation for 19 minutes……knocking out 17 transformers before slipping away into the night.”
        The attack was “the most significant incident of domestic terrorism involving the grid that has ever occurred” in the U.S., Jon Wellinghoff, who was chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission at the time, told Smith [of the WSJ].

        Going off-grid would seem to be the way to go!

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