Merkel’s Motto: “After me, the Sharia”

Dr. Gottfried Curio is a member of the Bundestag for the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany). The following video shows a recent speech by Dr. Curio in the Bundestag.

It’s quite bracing to hear such clear, well-articulated truths spoken on the floor of a European parliamentary assembly. As far as I know, nothing similar has been spoken in any parliament west of the Iron Curtain, not in the UK, not in France, and probably not even in Denmark.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:10   Dear Mr. President, dear members: we see religiously motivated mobbing of
00:14   other-faith students by Muslim classmates. We see the degrading treatment of women
00:19   leading to jealousy-fuelled murders, honour killings, forced marriages and
00:23   child marriage. We see Muslim terrorists screaming “Allahu Akbar”. We see liberal
00:27   Muslims being persecuted and threatened with death: Ates, Abdel-Samad, Rushdie.
00:32   Founded by the highest Islamic authorities. What is the common background?
00:38   Is there a quasi-natural inclination towards violence? By no means. This hatred, this
00:44   disrespect, this low threshold to violence is learned. This criminality is ideologically
00:50   legitimised, culturally practiced through instructions, invocations. Invocations from
00:58   the founding document of a religion. However, anyone who believes Islam is
01:02   only a religion has misunderstood. It is also a social order and an ideology with an
01:10   affinity for violence, which divides the world into two. There are the higher worthy
01:14   believers and the inferior infidels who are to be fought. Several instructions in the Quran
01:18   call for crimes. We hear calls for war. Quran 8:39 — “And fight with them until there
01:23   is no more fitna [disorder] and all praise is only for Allah. He sent his
01:27   messengers with the ‘true’ religion to conquer all the other religions. Kill
01:31   them wherever you find them”. Or violence against women: “When women rebel, beat
01:37   them”. This includes marital rape: “your women are for you a seed field, go to your
01:42   field when and how you want”. We hear religious discrimination. “Allah curses
01:49   the unbelievers and for them prepares the flames.” Which includes incitement of hatred:
01:54   “the unbelievers are the worst of the creatures, worse than livestock.” —Mr. Curio,
02:00   Mr. Curio will you allow a question? — No. As long as such fundamental laws and
02:04   punishments —you’ll have the opportunity to answer shortly, please listen to the
02:08   presentation first — contradict our constitutional and criminal laws, they are
02:12   not protected by freedom of religion. This by no mean terminates the other laws and
02:18   obligations, for instance fidelity, and rightly so. To point out the punishability of such a
02:23   texts would be a first step. Or should such incitement now become a school subject?
02:28   That’s how new recruits are produced, right in front in front of our eyes. Are we going
02:32   to allow the full “veiling” for our own constitutional law? Ladies and gentlemen,
02:36   Ladies and gentlemen — Mr. Curio are you generally refusing to allow questions? —Yep.
02:45   With millions of Muslims in Germany, tens of thousands of Salafists, potential Islamist
02:50   attackers who are radicalised as early as childhood, these texts jeopardize the peace,
02:56   and the much-demanded societal cohesion. Two-thirds of European Muslims consider
03:00   the Quran’s regulations more important than national laws.
03:05   Our demand to stop the spread of such unlawful content gives the population a
03:09   legal certainty of societal cohesion which is essential. In its unrestricted form, Islam,
03:18   indivisible from its sharia, does not belong to a constitutional Germany.
03:30   The idea of freedom of religion does not contradict our demand. Freedom of practice
03:35   of religion is not a license to break laws. Polygamy, child marriages, forced marriage,
03:42   honor killings, homophobia, inferior worth and breeding of the woman, anti-Semitism,
03:46   persecution of Christians, stoning, beheading, holy wars, all find their justification, their reason
03:50   in the instructions of Islam. Whoever propagates such illegal incitement makes
03:58   himself punishable. His religious origin does not change anything. By the
04:03   way, polygamy is not only illegal; it is also antisocial. When the “new” citizen brings
04:07   his second and third wife to Germany, the “old” citizen is expected to finance that with
04:11   a second and third job. Ladies and gentlemen, the individual Muslim may
04:18   emancipate himself from an anti-constitutional corset, but Islam itself,
04:22   as a social order, essentially undermines our constitution as well as the human
04:27   rights charter. It is not integrable into our value system. Even the Cairo Declaration
04:32   issued by Muslim countries states there are no crimes or punishments other than
04:37   those stipulated in the sharia. And the democratic deficits in Islamic countries
04:41   aren’t coincidence, but compulsory. Turkey was a democracy as long as it was not
04:45   under Islamic control, but since it was re-Islamised under Erdogan, not coincidentally it
04:51   ceased to be a democracy. OR, or do you just interpret it in a different way?
04:58   No. The incitements in the Koran are directly god’s words. Therefore they are absolute,
05:03   immutable, and not relativized by interpretations. The Koran says there is no
05:09   one who can change the words of Allah, and the simple Muslim doesn’t interpret;
05:14   He hears the words. Is this only about Islamism? No. Erdogan said
05:19   there is no difference between Islam and Islamism. Islamism is applied Islam. Islam
05:26   does not belong to Germany because it can not belong to our constitutional state.
05:30   A tolerant Islam is western wishful thinking. Euro Islam, German Islam, Democratic
05:35   Islam are empty fantasies of round squares and square circles. — Rabble-rouser!
05:42   A study among Muslim students in Lower Saxony shows 27 percent consider sharia
05:48   to be better than German laws. 19 percent believe it is the duty of every Muslim to
05:52   fight unbelievers and spread Islam around the world. 8 percent for the expansion of
05:58   ISIS. 4 percent agreed with terror attacks. Contempt for others of another faith is the
06:04   exact mindset from which terrorism develops. Those who radically reject the
06:08   lifestyle of a society because they consider it sinful are more likely to commit acts of
06:14   violence against it. Anis Amri felt his actions were legitimate through the Quran.
06:18   Quran-trained in school! The same Islam distributed by the Salafists.
06:24   Imagine if this were some media that endangers minors in which the killing
06:30   game being offered was REAL. No Muslim should be radicalised or allowed to feel
06:34   legitimised for violent crimes acted out by laws whose dissemination should no
06:39   longer be allowed in Germany. This is your responsibility now. Whoever votes against
06:43   this proposal isn’t voting against the AfD. You are voting against the constitution and acting
06:47   against the security of our citizens. There are people, there are people who want to
06:57   suggest violence in the name of this religion has nothing to do with this religion. Aha.
07:02   So whoever screams “Allahu Akbar” while murdering doesn’t really mean Allah then.
07:06   Denying the characteristic causes is more important to them than the victims,
07:10   more important than hounded homosexuals, more important then beaten Jews, more
07:14   important than women murdered by knife-wielding slashers. These texts are not
07:18   harmless as their impact shows. Merkel’s invitation policy has imported hundreds of
07:22   thousands of Jew haters to Germany despite the Holocaust and despite all those
07:26   swearing “Never again”. Such adulation of anti-Semitism is disgraceful, Mrs. Merkel.
07:38   So is that Merkel’s motto: “After me, the sharia”? Everyday knife violence, fear
07:44   rooms for women, mobbing for Jews and German school children, growing NO-GO
07:50   areas. None of this was happening before Merkel. If Merkel thinks that Islam belongs
07:57   to Germany or that it belongs to the rule of law in Germany, then we say Islam belongs
08:01   to Merkel but Merkel doesn’t belong any longer in Germany. Thank you!

31 thoughts on “Merkel’s Motto: “After me, the Sharia”

  1. I just hope he has a good security detail, including his family.

    His life is in danger for sure. As is G. Wilders’, S. Rushdi’s … list of the names would be long.

    How to get rid of this cancer that has metastasized in the West in the last 50 years?

    • Expel them all back to where they came from, and expel the politicians who want them here with them.

      • You can’t expel citizens of a country, even if their parents are foreign-born. Or rather, you possibly can do so, but such a lawless action leaves you in a worse state than when you started. And you would be living under the heel of those strong enough to break the law.

        You’re offering a Hobson’s Choice when you echo those words, written by hundreds of commenters before you – i.e., the relentless “Send them all back”…

  2. “… right there in black and white, absolute encouragement – no, a divine instruction – to act atrociously towards the rest of the world. Page after page of it. Sex slaves, the lot. The thing is horrific. … and if you ask my opinion, the thing should be banned for inciting racial and religious hatred on almost every page.”
    Tommy Robinson, in “Enemy of the State”

  3. He has shown a great deal of courage by standing up and telling the truth to power. I was concerned to hear so many angry voices raised in dissent while he was speaking. I agree. He needs to watch his back.

  4. The fools there in the Bundestag, the stupid blind fools, are shouting him down! I stake my life that they know nothing of the Koran.

    Yeah, sure, the sun rises in the west, the earth is flat.

  5. Well, a dramatic, truthful speech…an epitaph just slightly before its time with no civilizational hospice available for Germany, but Europe’s Islamo/socialists seem likely compatible with euthanasia as a potential solution for those wishing to avoid Jizya, Islamic conversion, rape, mutilation and/or death. Yes, is euthanasia likely to be available for those easily identifiable diehard “Islamophobics” in good time? “Merkelasia” anyone? ..Mr. Curio, Mr. Curio?” US movie character Ferris Buehler would understand.

    Actually, Mr. Curio would rather courageously fight to the end, I think, successfully, and my compliments go to Mr. Curio who represents a type of REMNANT in Germany that might have a historic restorative function in Germany.

    Demographics apparently predict Germany will be an Islamic state in just two generations and Islamic “hunting” can proceed in earnest far beyond what is being experienced today….if allowed.

    • Germany will survive! Stop this talk of “Remnants”. We are not done yet-In the words of John Paul Jones facing British frigates-“I have not yet begun to fight!”. Jones won the day. Never stop fighting for your people and country-unto death if required.

    • I’ve spoken independently with three experts on Islam. All of them speak, read, and write Arabic. All of them are published scholars. One is Dutch, one German, and one American.

      I asked them whether the problem of Islam in Europe will end without a civil war. All three independently answered “No.”

      They meant a shooting war.

      So, all you Germans out there, either solve the problem now or face a war again in German streets.

      Organize your neighborhoods. Patrol the streets yourself.

      Stand up for Germany! The police will not do it.

      Boot out Islam by law or by force, or surrender to life under sharia. Under sharia, you can look forward to grandchildren who are stupid, violent, and second generation Muhammadans.

      Will the legacy of Goethe die with a whimper?

  6. I have a theory. Merkel is a patriot, after all. But her homeland, the GDR, doesn’t exist anymore. She had it good there. She was well on her way to rise through the ranks of the Socialist Unity Party. The system suited her well. Then we came and took it all away from her. Her whole country was swallowed and all advancement disrupted. By the evil capitalist enemy, out of all. Yet she found herself at the right time and place to advance herself again. It may not have been so clear at first, but with the years and realizing that what she lost isn’t coming back, a plan formed in her mind. That plan was revenge. You took my country away. Therefore I’m taking yours away. With no outlook of a future of continuity of what she was brought up with, and no own offspring to at least invoke a mother instinct, she has no vision of a future for us, either. We all deserve to perish for what we have done to her. The rest is history.

  7. It would be very interesting to know who the harpy was chipping in throughout Mr Curio’s brilliant speech. Why is stating actual facts so terrible? The Muslim population in Germany is only around 7% and you see the unrest they cause.
    One can only imagine in horror how Germany will be when they are 15% of the population. Bravo to this man for having the guts to talk about it in such a public forum. Best line in his speech:

    “None of this was happening before Merkel”

    • According to the records of the Bundestag the person chipping in all the time is one Amira Mohamed Ali of Die Linke (The Left). So her attitude shouldn’t surprise anyone.

  8. Superb. Thank you for posting. There is some hope that the Second Dark Age may be averted but time is short. Demographic jihad accelerates every moment. When will the West wake up to the war that subsumes it?

  9. Thank you Gates of Vienna for publishing this great speech in the German Bundestag by a AfD member. I believe mentalities are slowly evolving in Europe. Recently, a new “populist” mouvement has emerged in Spain. It is simply called “VOX” and its leader is a young politician called Santiago Abascal. Hopefully we will have a new “Reconquista” in Europe before it’s too late.

  10. I like this man! My knowledge of German is very limited, but he comes across extremely well…there is strength in intellect and knowledge of facts, not in blind aggression. If we all take his approach, speak the truth openly and confidently, more and more people will begin to speak out in turn, and hopefully the tide will turn against Islam.

  11. The handbook for the 2020’s is “Muhammad’s Koran — Why Muslims Kill for Islam.” It was compiled by Peter McLoughlin (“Easy Meat”) and Tommy Robinson of English Defense League. It contains a 100 page dissertation on the failure of governments to tell the truth about Islam, along with the Koran in proper (reverse) chronological order so one can easily see the final commands of Allah/Muhammad to make war on non-Muslims. Armed with this information, the average citizen can make the same arguments as Dr. Gottfried Curio that Islam’s criminality is ideologically legitimized in the Koran.

  12. The voices of loud protest in the background are the most frightening thing in the world. They come out of the mouths of humans whose first concern is the IDEA and whose last concern is the sanctity of human life and liberty. What’s the IDEA?
    Tolerance, whatever the cost.

  13. These are facts on top of facts. Crystal clear. Daily and irrefutable ’cause and effect’. I marvel at the malevolent stupidity that throws a civilization to the barbarians while smirking and snarking at ‘the fascists.

  14. The leaders of every western country who advance Islam know exactly what they are doing.

    Christianity was once a control factor allied with government to force people into desired behaviours but Christianity has been destroyed by Vatican II and paedophile priests. People protested. This was unexpected. The Catholic Church was unused to being questioned. It thought it could get away with anything.

    There is no doubt the Imams and the Vatican are working hand in glove with western politicians and aristocrats to bring about an Islamic control system. History shows these traitors to their own kind always kept their opulent lifestyles. Eventually there will be great force used on European populations to convert or die. The fifth columnists,and the cultural marxists will be the first to go. The feminists, as with all women, will simply be absorbed into hijab, fgm and polygamy by force, whether they like it or not. Technocrats and the intelligentia will be the last to go after they have been sucked dry. Do people not realise there will be no art, music or literature, no gambling or alcohol, no dogs and no Rule of Law? Not even a crossword puzzle? There will eventually be an Islam which is ten times more conservative than it is now and leaders will simply shrug and ask what can they do while they retreat into private lifestyles where nothing is forbidden?
    Muslims like the fresh and abundant water and fertile well cared for soil of Europe. It was always about territory. They aren’t going back to the desert any time soon.

    • Christianity was once a control factor allied with government to force people into desired behaviours but Christianity has been destroyed by Vatican II and paedophile priests. People protested. This was unexpected. The Catholic Church was unused to being questioned. It thought it could get away with anything.

      A more comprehensive study of Christianity would help. The Catholic Church was decentralized a looong time ago. See Martin Luther and the Diet of Worms. Try Henry VIII’s power grab; ’twas very effective. Here’s a good place to start:

      • It may have been decentralized, but it was STILL the Church. I was born and raised in it. When I got to Bishop Alemany High School, Mission Hills, CA, Vatican II was in full flower by my Junior Year. The Kennedy-worshipping, closet leftist Oblates of Mary Immaculate were in ecstasy over the “Ecumenical Movement.” The dignity and the solemnity of the Sacrifice of the Mass was destroyed with vernacular slang, tie-died vestments, and bubble-gum guitar music. To quote one traditional Cardinal: “…the smoke of Hell has entered the vestibule of the Church.” And here we are.

        • The O.M.I.s I knew were Americans of French extraction, which meant they spoke only Canuck French until high school. Those guys were smart and well-educated. And they loved old church music. I took a course in Thomas Aquinas from one; a difficult course taught by a man who spoke three languages (not counting the Latin of Aquinas) and smoked smelly cigars.

          The priests were amused by their seminarians with the vernacular tye-died etc.

          The Catholic Church is a fine idea. Its lived reality has always been more of a warthog with lipstick. Because original sin.

    • The “great force” you speak of which will be used on Western populations will be NATO, or some variant of the European Union military. What scares me is not so much a fair fight against Muslim invaders, but the use of our own forces against dissenting patriots. This was presaged by the destruction of the Serbian forces and Serbia itself during the Yugoslavian civil wars by NATO, supported by military from NATO countries and UN “peacekeeping”.

      The main military threat to Europe is obviously Turkey, a member of NATO and strong supporter of Islamic nationalism in Germany.

      To my reading, there is always an undercurrent of physical threat when the European Union commissars or European Court of Human Justice (an Orwellian name if there ever were one) threatens fines or trade sanctions on countries like Hungary which refuse to accept obviously unsuitable “refugees”. They probably wouldn’t attempt military force while Trump is in office, as he is unlikely to go along with it. But, once virtually any Democrat is President, the European dictatorship will feel free to manufacture a false flag incident to pull European forces against any country resisting Islamization in the streets.

  15. He is not unique, Baron. There are loads of Geert Wilders speeches like this to the Dutch parliament.

    • Yes, of course I should have said: “With the exception of Geert Wilders.” My bad!

      Geert has said everything that Dr. Curio said, and more.

      I get so used to having him as the exception to everyone else in Western Europe that it just didn’t occur to me to mention him.

      • very much so, Baron. However, having heard many speeches of both men, I have to say that Curio is ” the sharper knife” intellectually.

  16. I’ve seldom read a clearer exposition of the real and daily danger that Islam poses in any non-Muslim country. Leftists place more importance on exonerating the ideology of Muslims and Islam than on the lives of the victims of Islam. The left and Islam pose a real, inevitable danger to every nation in the West today. No center-left party shoul be elected into power ever again.

  17. Thanks be to God! At last someone brave an knowledgeable enough to tell the truth about this disgusting ideology. We must pray for his safety, and the safety of those he loves.

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