A Letter to the Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

A Letter to the Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

by Seneca III

Dear Prime Minister,

Inasmuch as you appear to be having great difficulty in implementing the will of the people, we offer the following letter for you to present to the European Union on our behalf.

Signed, Yours respectfully, Joe and Joanne Public.


The Government of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland hereby advises the Commissioners, Parliament(s) and the Heads of State of the remaining 27 member States of the European Union of our intention de jure to leave the European Union on the 29th March 2019 according to the terms of Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty.

Let it be understood that this is our final and irrevocable position according to the following Articles of Intent, and that this severance will be completed in absolute and in all respects as follows:

1.   The Departure date is 29 March 2019: This date is neither negotiable nor extendable.
2.   Payments: There will be no ‘divorce’ payment(s) or gratuitous payments of any kind, be they presented under whatever designation or pretense the unelected bureaucrats of the EU conjure up.
3.   National and International Borders: The Government of the United Kingdom will decide if, where, when, how and according to what regulations our borders and the territories included there within are established, maintained and enforced according to international law after Departure and without any input or directives from the European Union or its acquiescent satrapies. This does not preclude negotiation with independent, self-governing individual Nation States who in the future have also departed the European Union and with whom we or they have or wish to establish a common land and/or sea border or neither.
4.   Bank of England loan to the European Central Bank (£3.1 billion): To be repatriated to the Bank of England in two increments of £1.0 billion and a final increment of £1.1 billion, each increment falling due on the 29th day of March of each of the three years following separation beginning on 29th March 2020. Compound interest of 1% (one percent) per calendar month or part thereof shall be levied on late or shortfall increments.
5.   Trade: Trade negotiations may commence after Departure if and when it is convenient to the Government of the United Kingdom. It is anticipated that after separation we shall be heavily involved with trade negotiations and agreements on a global scale and time for any further negotiation with the European Union, or what remains of it, may not become available until after we have firmly established a global footing. Again, this does not preclude negotiation with independent, self-governing individual Nation States in the future who have also departed the European Union and with whom we and they wish to establish such agreements.
6.   Immigration and visiting:No European citizens other than fully integrated long-heritage European stock of no less than 4th generation status and who are fluent in a European language shall be permitted entry to the United Kingdom after 29th March 2019 for any reason including time-limited tourist/education visas unless said entrants hold accredited diplomatic status. Any qualifying European Union citizens desiring to visit, study or take up permanent or semi-permanent residence in the United Kingdom must demonstrate financial self-sufficiency for the duration of their intended stay; they shall not be permitted to vote in any election for public office at any level nor in referenda unless and until they have been granted British citizenship. European citizens currently resident in the United Kingdom will be treated in the precisely the same manner as United Kingdom citizens currently resident in what remains of the European Union. Different and more stringent conditions will apply to non-European citizens making formal application for entry or entering or attempting to enter illegally.

7.   International sea and air transport:Will continue according to international law and established treaties. Audemus jura nostra defendere.*
8.   Defence:The United Kingdom will maintain its commitments to NATO; it will not join or participate in any other pan-European Defence organisations, but retains the right to join in bi-lateral arrangements with individual independent Nation States if and when such circumstances arise. Her Majesty’s Government notes that some NATO members are not meeting their obligations in full, and this will be taken into consideration should any hostilities involving NATO arise. During the interim period following Departure as the UK charts its own international path the Anglo-Portuguese Alliance shall remain in place for a period of five years from 29th March 2019 in anticipation of changes within the Eurosphere resultant from the implosion of the European Union. The same time frame will apply to the Entente Cordiale (with some internal reservations). Both will be reviewed at the end of five years.
9.   Existing scientific, engineering, technical and security co-operation/joint ventures:These will be continued and sustained according to any and all current agreements and treaties until such expire, and in which case shall then be subject to renegotiation. In the case of security, we are prepared to manage our affairs alone if co-operation is not forthcoming from elsewhere.
10.   Foreign Affairs:The United Kingdom will implement its Foreign Policy in whatever direction or manner it so chooses entirely independent of the European Union and its Foreign Policies and in conjunction with other independent Nation States where applicable, mutually beneficial and desirable.
11.   Law and Jurisprudence:Laws in the United Kingdom shall henceforth only be made or abolished in the Parliaments of England and Scotland. All laws adopted from or imposed upon us by the European Union shall be abolished in their entirety on the day of Departure and, where applicable, be replaced by those laws extant before the Great Betrayal. English Common Law shall prevail in England and Wales; Scots Law shall prevail in Scotland; Northern Ireland Law shall prevail in Northern Ireland. Courts in the United Kingdom will adjudicate on those Laws only and no other Courts situate within (Sharia) or outside of the United Kingdom shall have any influence on nor determination thereof.
12.   Faber est suae quisque fortunae. Alea iacta est.**

Signed, (Theresa Mary May), Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, this(xxth) day of (month) 2018.

All Articles graciously approved by the Senior Civil Service and Signed on behalf thereof by, (Oliver Robbins, CB), The Prime Minister’s Europe Advisor, this(xxth) day of (month) 2018.

— Seneca III, in Middle England roughly five months from either evolution or revolution this 5th day of October 2018.

*   “We dare defend our rights.”
**   “Every man is the artisan of his own fortune. The die is cast.”

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9 thoughts on “A Letter to the Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

  1. I had a tear in my eye reading this. Our politicians have no spine for saving our nation, perhaps the people do?

  2. Absolutely brilliant. Too bad that there is not one UK political leader that I know of who would have the courage to adopt such a letter and submit it to the Commie/Fascists of the International Deep State EU.

    Unless the UK does something to stop the destruction of the once great country and its people by the barbarian hordes, it is over. Tommy Robinson is the Braveheart of today.

    Let us hope and pray that all the sacrifices he has made and will make are not in vain.


  3. Come on, Brits and Northern Irish friends. You voted to Brexit, so, Brexit! Get out of the EU! Just do it! If you must storm Parliament and 10 Downing Street, do it!

  4. Seneca III – Re Item 6, Immigration and visiting

    I couldn’t tell you who most of my great grandparents were or where they came from so I feel some sympathy for the Europeans who will be subject to your requirements. What does 4th generation status mean, one great grandparent of European stock or eight? I foresee the creation of a huge genealogy industry on the other side of the channel catering for Europeans keen to come to Britain. That should sort out any disruption to business, tourism, investment and other contacts within five years or so but I think we can expect minor inconveniences until everyone’s got their certificates. Such as a shortage of eligible lorry drivers to bring necessary supplies and technology which keep retailing and industrial companies afloat, and the decimation of the tourism industry which employs so many Britons. And the likelihood of reciprocal measures in Calais and Zeebrugge preventing British lorry drivers taking cash earning exports to the continent.

    And non-EU citizens will be subject to even more stringent conditions!

    What if Johnny Foreigner takes his usual unhelpful line and says “Screw that. I’ll take my business and holidays elsewhere…permanently”? Where would that leave us? On our own I suppose, but we’d struggle through. We always have before haven’t we? I expect we could manage a 19th century level of existence by ourselves. Not comfortable but we’d have our sovereignty back, and no pesky Eritreans in the back of those non-existent lorries. Not only that but before long we wouldn’t be able to afford luxuries like a welfare system, which would send all those without a real connection to our scepter’d isle scurrying off to more generous hosts elsewhere.

    Great stuff. You’re on to a winner here.

    • I believe I am, and I would be interested to learn why you don’t know who your great grandparents are.

      I know of no successful economy built solely on mass tourism…economic or otherwise.

      I would suggest you refer to Article 5 re. trade.

      ‘Pesky’ does not even begin to describe what is coming in on lorries.

      A welfare system built, paid for and for the exclusive use those who created it is viable. Such a system forced to sustain hordes of parasites and predators is not.

      ‘Johnny Foreigner’ is most welcome to take his ‘business’ and ‘holidays’ elsewhere as the sort of Johnny Foreigner I have in mind is here for neither reason.

      Sarcasm does not become you, although I suspect it may be an accurate reflection of who and what you are. Back to my first point – if in doubt check your tribal histories.

      • Seneca – I think sarcasm was quite an appropriate response for what I consider to be the most ridiculous, self destructive fantasy I’ve seen since El Ingles’ one about deporting all Pakistanis (which was at least funny).

        Sometimes the cure is worse than the illness. Your proposals here would bankrupt us in no time, along with making us a laughing stock and a moral pariah.

        And I note that you didn’t answer my question about what constitutes European stock and how its requirement would be enforced.

      • Indeed I also know who my great grandparents are and the villages in which they were born.

      • ECAW has a legitimate point, SIII. I know who most of my (British) grandparents were- not all, my mother was illegitimate; before that, I have only the odd hint dropped by my parents, and I really don’t care that much; maybe it matters more to descendants of expats?

        Also re Article 6, most immigrants from the EU come here to work, and fit in well. We do have a common culture, except perhaps that some of our fellow-Europeans (especially in the NW of the continent) seem less concerned about the absence of democratic accountability, the main issue over which I voted to leave.

  5. There is a phrase in our country: “It is too late to drink Borjomi (mineral water) when the kidneys have failed.”

    I recently read how Tony Blair betrayed your country for millions of pounds.
    I think the letters will not help. Only guerrilla war and provocations. It is necessary to provoke more Muslims, so that they reveal their real faces and create real problems for the government.

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