Zineb el-Rhazoui: The Burkini is a Sexist Thing

In the past we’ve featured the Moroccan-French writer Zineb el-Rhazoui, who apostatized from Islam when she was young. In the following video Ms. El-Rhazoui discusses the burkini as a sign and symptom of the oppression of women under Islam.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Of course it’s a religious swimming suit, and I’m going to tell you,
00:04   it’s a swimming suit which was invented for the West.
00:08   The burkini doesn’t exist on the beaches
00:12   where Islam has the cohesive power, because those are beaches that are emptying themselves
00:16   of women! In a burkini, in a burka or anything else!
00:20   Since anyway what comes with the veil, with the burkini, is finally
00:24   the idea that women have to disappear, have to be erased from public space.
00:28   At the end of the day, what is the veil and all its derivatives: burka, burkini, simple veil?
00:33   It’s a piece of fabric that is supposed
00:37   to prevent gentlemen from having erections. It’s just that, technically.
00:41   Now on the religious level we could debate it,
00:45   but on the religious level you need to know that there are rules,
00:49   there are apparel rules for gentlemen in Islam.
00:53   Muslim men have no right, for example, to wear silk. We have [however] never seen employees of a
00:57   factory in France start a strike because they were forced to wear a uniform containing silk fibers.
01:02   Muslim men, have no right to wear gold and silver. —Why? Why no silk?
01:06   Why no silk? —Because it’s the rule. Because the prophet decreed it as the law.
01:10   Voilà. It’s a wardrobe rule. —He decreed it? It’s written somewhere? —It’s written in the Sunna.
01:14   It’s in a hadith. A Muslim man cannot wear his hair longer than below his ears;
01:18   he cannot wear silk; and he cannot wear gold and silver.
01:22   As a male, he cannot show the entire the part which goes from below the belly button
01:26   to below the knees. And still, nobody is PISSING US OFF
01:30   with a burka-shorts, for which we would change the rules on the
01:34   beaches and in the swimming pools. Muslims, even the Salafi ones, wear
01:39   the same swimming gear as the infidels. So there you can see that
01:43   the veil, the burkini and all their derivatives are sexist things!
01:47   Those who complain, like this young woman, of being PISSED OFF here, because she cannot wear it,
01:51   I’m telling them that I’m much more sensitive to the suffering of those who don’t wish to wear it
01:55   in the countries where it’s obligatory, where women are chastised publicly
01:59   if they don’t wear it! And as long as the veil is mandatory
02:03   for millions of women across the world, I could NEVER, as a free French woman,
02:08   consider it a normal garment. NEVER.

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  1. The question of the burkina seems equivalent to picking a Supreme Court justice in the US.

    With the left, the arguments, logic and facts don’t matter. You have the votes or you don’t.

    The Republicans have grown a spine, pushed back against the pressure from screaming leftist mobs, and are now savoring victory.

    The question is, will the Republicans revert to form, surrender, or will they maintain a backbone? The left, brain-dead as usual, is doubling down on the very intimidation tactics the Republicans are finding can work very well to increase the enthusiasm of the Republican constituency.

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