Thilo Sarrazin: “This is What Needs to be Drilled Into Every Blockhead”

Thilo Sarrazin is a Social Democrat and former member of the board of the Bundesbank in Germany. For the latter position, he is now “former” because his published opinions about Islam and immigration were deemed unacceptable by the progressive globalists that manage German politics.

For almost ten years Mr. Sarrazin’s outspoken opinions about immigrants have caused controversy — he declared that Turks and Arabs are making Germany “dumber” because they have lower IQs and are more fecund than native Germans. The publication of his book Deutschland schafft sich ab — Wie wir unser Land aufs Spiel setzen (“Abolishing Germany — How we’re putting our country in jeopardy”) in 2010 was the final straw, as far as the elites were concerned.

In the video below from a recent event, you can see Mr. Sarrazin give sexist and WAYCIST responses to a female Social Justice Warrior who peppers him with obnoxious questions.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:01   Yes, hello. I have a question for Mr. Sarrazin as well. And incidentally,
00:05   I don’t have a problem identifying myself as a leftist feminist student.
00:09   Um, I would like to… I’ve always wanted to ask you whether you,
00:15   I mean your, your… arguments remind me of what we women are often told
00:20   that we, um, are to blame that we earn less then men, because well, we have
00:24   less experience and that is has nothing to do with the fact that we are
00:29   in a working environment created by and for men. And at the same time, I must also
00:33   ask you, as a middle-aged white man who belongs to the middle class, having
00:39   grown up with capitalism, don’t you have a special responsibility to consider those
00:45   arguments from sociologist that have repeatedly proven that capitalism leads to
00:51   systemic inequality? In any case, especially from someone like you.
00:58   Well… — you are asking a Social Democrat. —I’m speaking… —I would like to
01:02   add, contrary to what some might think, that Mr. Sarrazin is with the FDP or the
01:06   CDU. He is a proud Social Democrat and will probably stay that way.
01:10   Well, that doesn’t have anything to do with the question. I mean the way he
01:15   argues, “I’m a middle-class white man, so why doesn’t everyone just do like me.”
01:19   Maybe you can comment on that. And another thing, the representation here,
01:23   by the way, you are all men. You are five men and it is simply outrageous.
01:29   Hold on, that is an argument that many, many… —I can do nothing about the
01:33   fact that I’m a man. I was born like that and I won’t be making any further
01:37   transformations, even if that doesn’t suit you. Now to address equal opportunity,
01:48   by the Turkish and other groups it is easy to see. Greeks, Italians, Spaniards,
01:56   Turks all look similar as long as they aren’t wearing a headscarf.
02:03   Which means when we have different levels of success, in the economy and in
02:10   the educational field; it is directed correlated with the behaviour of these groups and not with the
02:18   German environment. And this is what needs to be drilled into every blockhead.
02:24   We know exactly that is not the case. Just like the man from Islam said, it was whole
02:28   different class back then that we invited. —That’s also a legend. —I believe it is time
02:36   for you to put down the mike. —That is an absolute legend, because the guest labor
02:40   from Poland, Russia, and there were the German Russians that came. Also the
02:46   Greeks, Italians, Spaniards, and the Portuguese who all were also poor
02:53   and for the most part uneducated. And the Vietnamese too, but they
02:57   all managed it differently. That indicates this particular group and not a class issue.

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4 thoughts on “Thilo Sarrazin: “This is What Needs to be Drilled Into Every Blockhead”

  1. In this 3-minute video the woman questioner seems to be speaking about twice as fast as the man on stage who is answering. If somebody wants to count syllables, we could calculate the syllables/minutes speaking speed of each of them and check whether this impression is right. I wonder whether this impression of relative speaking speeds is affected by other factors, such as the higher pitch and femaleness of the woman’s voice, which gives the impression of manic hysteria. Perhaps there are radio-announcer techniques for speaking fast without sounding like you are in a hurry, such as dropping the pitch of your voice, like Elizabeth Holmes does here; see 1:30, 3:00, 8:00 at

    (The body language analyst sounds as phony as the subject.)

    • yes, pitch and speed are factor of hysteria. As a german native I had problems following her output and if you allow the analogy: it is rhetoric machine gun fire.In this case it didn’t hit the target like most bullets of mguns.
      It is often used to keep the enemy in cover.

  2. It’s a misnomer to label the lady as “student”. Student implies they are there to learn something, and she’s obviously there to learn nothing.

    She states that sociology “proves” that capitalism leads to systematic inequality. That’s like saying that physics “proves” than an apple will fall to the ground. It’s more suited to be a comedy line for a slightly-sophisticated audience, quite obviously well beyond the scope of this lady’s associates.

    It’s interesting to see that Sarrazin paints himself firmly as a social democrat. I wonder if someone of his intelligence has pondered on the question that a welfare net serves as an attraction to “refugees”. As long as the benefits are available, all the ingenuity of private enterprise will be focused on finding ways to gaming the immigration policies.

  3. “I’ve no problem identifying myself as a leftist feminist student” she states with misplaced pride at the outset, accompanied by that, immensely irritating, nervous little laugh. Which recurs throughout.

    Well, missy, I have a problem with you being one. You are not bold or individualistic. Nor do you have any thoughtful insights. Perhaps you are unaware of it, but you are not “dime a dozen”, you are “dime a thousand”. The thing that gets in my craw is that she almost certainly comes from an upper middle class background funded by her (white, male, “cis-het”) Daddy’s hard work.

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