A Minstrel Show on a German Street

In the following video you’ll see a group of men dressed up in blackface cavorting in a public square in Germany, making fun of “refugees”. Those WAYCISTS! I’m amazed they weren’t arrested and locked up. Actually, for all we know agents from the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution may well have paid a visit to these fellows later, after they went home…

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   I Love German Land!
00:07   Refugees Welcome! Refugees Welcome!
00:13   We need MORE refugees in Germany! 50 million more refugees!
00:18   That will secure our pensions! That gives us work and bread! And gives us security!
00:25   And contrary to what the Lying Press tells you for those fearful for your lives —
00:29   there is LESS crime! Whatever the refugees are being blamed for is actually
00:33   done by Germans culprits! Refugees secure our security!
00:38   We can safely walk through the streets with 50 million more refugees!
00:43   Even the police! Yes, even the police need new blood that the refugees can produce!
00:48   The Sharia Police! The Sharia is a good law. We men can finally regain
00:52   our dominance over women. Refugee welcome! Refugee welcome!
00:59   Refugees Welcome! I Love German Land!
01:09   Let’s go over there.
01:27   We will continue, but first we are going to park.
01:31   We’re taking a 10-15 min. break, but afterwards the show will go on!
01:35   Refugees Welcome! More refugees for Germany! Don’t complain!
01:41   Stop staring and get back to work! Stop lazing about here in the sun!
01:45   I see so much potential here! Potential that should be going to work,
01:50   for our refugees! The refugees need our help; what are you doing?
01:57   What do you expect from them, that THEY work? NO! They can’t. Please, go to work!
02:11   Refugees. We need MORE refugees. And of course for them we need you
02:15   to work hard. 50 million more refugees!

3 thoughts on “A Minstrel Show on a German Street

  1. Irony can be a very powerful weapon, with the added advantage it is very difficult to prosecute.

    • When every single thing is filtered through the multi-culti lense, and when the greatest sin is RAAACISM, then irony dies, weaponized or otherwise. Indeed it can be prosecuted or shamed out of the public square. Look at all the trouble the Dutch custom of Sinterklaas and his helper, Zwarte Piet.

      From the wiki:

      …Some of the older Sinterklaas songs make mention of naughty children being put in Zwarte Piet’s bag and being taken back to Spain. This part of the legend refers to the times that the Moors raided the European coasts, and as far as Iceland, to abduct the local people into slavery. This quality can be found in other companions of Saint Nicholas such as Krampus and Père Fouettard.[4] In modern versions of the Sinterklaas feast, however, Zwarte Piet no longer carries the roe [broom] and children are no longer told that they will be taken back to Spain in Zwarte Piet’s bag if they have been naughty.

      Over the years many stories have been added, and Zwarte Piet has developed from a rather unintelligent helper into a valuable assistant to the absent-minded saint. In modern adaptations for television, Sinterklaas has developed a Zwarte Piet for every function, such as a head Piet (Hoofdpiet), a navigation Piet (Wegwijspiet) to navigate the steamboat from Spain to the Netherlands, a gift-wrapping Piet (Pakjespiet) to wrap all the gifts, and an acrobatic Piet to climb roofs and chimneys.[5]

      Traditionally Zwarte Piet’s face is said to be black because he is a Moor from Spain.[6] Today, some prefer to say that his face is blackened with soot because he has to climb through chimneys to deliver gifts for Sinterklaas. The figure of Zwarte Piet is considered by some to be racist. Accordingly, the traditions surrounding the holiday of Sinterklaas have been the subject of numerous editorials, debates, documentaries, protests and even violent clashes at festivals.[7][8] Some large cities and television channels now only display Zwarte Piet characters with some soot marks on the face rather than full blackface, so-called roetveegpieten or schoorsteenpieten (“chimney Petes”).[9][10] Nevertheless, both Zwarte Piet and the holiday remain popular in the Netherlands. In a 2013 survey, 92% of the Dutch public did not perceive Zwarte Piet as racist or associate him with slavery, and 91% were opposed to altering the character’s appearance.[11]


      Commenter Outlaw Mike – from Belgium – says the cross on the Bishop’s mitre has been removed.

  2. Good to see a return of Blackface Minstrelsy. We had it in the UK until the late 1970s , early 1980s ( a show called ´´ the Black and White Minstrel Show ´´ , and the wonderful comedian Benny Hill ). Lurve it.

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