OSCE Warsaw: “Islamophobic” Intervention Interrupted

2018 Human Dimension Implementation Meeting
Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe
Monday, 17 September 2018

Working Session 11
Fundamental Freedoms I, Including Freedom of Expression

The following intervention was read yesterday by Debra Anderson, representing Mission Liberty. Ms. Anderson was discussing the attempts by Somali Muslims to implement sharia in Minnesota when she was interrupted by someone — not a member of the OSCE staff — who said that her intervention must be shut down, because it was Islamophobic.

Interestingly enough, the OSCE moderator did not terminate the intervention, but reprimanded the person who interrupted, and allowed Ms. Anderson to continue.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

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12 thoughts on “OSCE Warsaw: “Islamophobic” Intervention Interrupted

  1. Debra Anderson is a realistic lady, in the contrary to that left-mind poisoned pale wife who sees islamofobia – a history-based and healthy fear for the dangerous ideology – as a disease. Like was prophesized in the Bible, “at the end of times, people will treat the Truth as a lie and the other way around.”

  2. Apparently her country ( Latvia) has none whatsoever experience with muslim invaders. She should preach to her compatriots who will give her a lesson she would not forget.They were under sowiet rule for decades and have had their share of cultural enrichement by “Russians” of peace.

  3. If Sharia is so great, and 99.9% of the population of Somalia are Muslims, then Somalia should be a paradise. So why are they here? Will we eventually see a “Black Hawk Down”
    incident in Minnesota?

    • They are here because there is more to steal (from the taxpayer) than back in the Old Country.

      If there was a Mogadishu-style atrocity here like burning and dragging the bodies of fallen soldiers through the streets to the cheering of crowds, something tells me the response by Americans this time wouldn’t be quite as pathetic as slinking off ignominiously with tails between legs.

    • It is amazing that people with an average IQ of 68 can find a way to sponge off a civilized nation, and find the way there! Under normal conditions, this IQ is not even sufficient to become a roadside bandit because that would require a certain logistic effort. So are only the smartest making their way here? Keith Richburg has published a determined opinion about Somalis from the ex-US ambassador to Kenya. “The Somali is a killer” unquote.

      • The fact that low-IQ people manage to travel to First World countries isn’t a surprise. Especially since they are flown, bused, entrained, etc., toward their destination.

        See Ann Corcoran’s excellent collection of evidence on how this is done in the US, which has an extensive Somali presence in Scandinavian-American enclaves.

        Here’s just one of her reports – from FIVE years ago:


        Mainstream media: Somalis just “found their way” to America

        In the wake of the brutal slaughter in Kenya (don’t open this link if you have a weak stomach) by Somali Jihadists a little over a week ago, I’m struck by the fact that the mainstream media is running one story after another about America’s growing Somali population, but the word “refugee” never makes it into the telling. I can’t say never, but I just reviewed a bunch of recent stories in The New York Times, The Washington Post and Time magazine and searched for the “R” word. It was not there!

        And, by the way, I still haven’t seen any further report on whether Americans have been officially identified among the killers. Have you?

        Do you think the average reader, someone not following immigration issues daily, wonders how a particular group of immigrants ‘found their way’ to America? I think they do, so why does the media rarely mention the legal programs through which the US government is changing America’s demographic make-up?

        Below is an example from a New York Times story entitled, ‘Somali Community in U.S. Fears New Wave of Stigma After Kenya Attack.’

        Would this help you know anything about how the Somalis got here, how they in fact became a “community” (through the US State Department’s Refugee Resettlement Program going back three decades)? The “R” word does not appear in the story:

        “More than 32,000 people of Somali ancestry live in Minnesota, census figures show, and local leaders say the true number is far higher. Some came in the 1990s after fleeing civil war, and others are their children, many of them born in this country…” [By the way, the number is way higher than 32,000 in Minnesota, in addition to the tens of thousands in other preferred resettlement states—ed]

        They “came….after fleeing civil war.” What! they just got on a plane and said “here we are America,” “let us in,” and then picked Minnesota on a map?

        See the rest of this post, plus her links, at the URL.

        • I have been working for most of the last year at jumping through all kinds of offical hoops to bring my foreign spouse here, and the fact that there are hordes of africans roaming the upper midwest as if they were somehow magically teleported here from their barbaric lairs angers me to no end. Most of the examples I have met have barely the comprehension to write their own name, let alone complete the reams of documentation required to legally immigrate here. And who paid for them and all their expenses to get here?

          Sponsoring a foreign spouse, one must complete an affidavit of support form that documents the income and financial resources of the sponsor, and makes one legally and financially responsible for ensuring that the sponsored individual does not become a public charge. Where are the stacks of affidavits of support letters for the hordes of somalis on welfare and food stamps, housing assistance, etc? Why is no one being prosecuted for this gross fraud of the taxpayer?

          • I get it. My mother went through those hoops many times. She lived in fear of being deported due to some malicious misinformation given to her by in-laws…I remember her trips to the post office every January to get her green card renewed.

          • right, Moon!
            A friend of mine had to disclose all his and his wife’s assets just for the fortnight visit of a 12 year old niece from Turkey.Had this girl sneaked in illegally, she would be taken in charge fully by the state.

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