Islamophilic Billboards Defaced by Islamophobic Vandal in Quebec

I assume the propaganda posters shown in this video were put up by the municipal government in Quebec City, or by the provincial government, or perhaps by the Federal government. In any case, the vandal who defaced them is obviously not on board with the State’s multiculti program, and needs to get his mind right. When the government catches up with him, it will be re-education time…

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:04   Anti-Islam vandalism against a photo exhibition in Limoilou.
00:16   Faces of diversity
00:20   Enrichment? 12th century mentality.
00:28   We’re not about to steal her from you, that fat whore of yours, bastard.
00:44   Barbaric invasion. It’s not Quebec that has to integrate itself with Islam.
00:53   Enrichment? 12th century mentality.

5 thoughts on “Islamophilic Billboards Defaced by Islamophobic Vandal in Quebec

  1. Does Canada have muslim infested prisons as we do here in the UK?
    If so, then this graffiti artist, if he’s caught, will probably suffer a similar punishment to Tommy Robinson and maybe worse, he’ll get the Kevin Crehan treatment and leave prison in a coffin.

  2. Can anyone remember any time within the last 100 years that the gov’t had to put up pro immigrant propaganda?
    I think not and that tells you something about the drastic negative change in demographics that is taking place.
    You want to make yourself crazy? Look back at some of the floor speeches by Ted Kennedy in the late 60’s. We were ASSURED that the change in immigration law would not change the demographics and culture of our country…
    Not only have the demographics and culture changed radically, we are not even allowed to talk about it now!
    Today I attended the “Dragon Boat” races in Port Jefferson, NY. These are giant canoes manned/womaned by 20 paddlers, a drummer and a coxswain.
    There were 33 crews of 22 each plus their families as well as all kinds of Asian entertainment; drumming teams from all ethnicities (Asian) and dancers and people dressed up in big gang costumes like lions and dragons.
    There were many thousands of people there.
    My husband’s crew , drawn from his company, were a veritable league of nations. There were people from Pakistan, India, the UK, Holland, Slovenia, some woman from the Middle East that made a killer baklava, Caucasian Americans (definitely a minority) and lots of Chinese/Eastern Asian, etc.
    My point in telling you this is that for many years Americans have been scolded by the left claiming we have an inability to get along with each other, that we are xenophobic. This just simply isn’t true. To put it plainly, it is a lie.
    The problem is culture not race, religion or ethnicity. It is culture.
    There were plenty of police on hand and actually medical help and ambulances parked at the ready. But… the cops were standing in the shade. They had nothing to do other than direct traffic.
    So, when the media and the left tell you that we are an intolerant culture; xenophobic, bigots, tell them that they are liars.
    What we want to do is preserve our culture and that includes having all kinds of people participate in a Dragon Boat race, even if you are white!
    A couple of weeks ago we attended a Thai festival, same kind of thing (only the food was much hotter). All manner of people were there and all got along.
    At neither event did I see any confrontation at all, let alone having the police intervene. It is a matter of culture. Do you want to bring the best of what you are to America and leave the rest behind or, do you want to bring the same old dogma that has destroyed your home country?
    BTW, I don’t know what I was eating but, the Indian snacks were really great!

  3. Quebec has an election on October 1st and the centre-right Coalition Avenir Quebec party, founded in 2011, has a good lead in the latest polls. There are five main parties in the election. Avenir has been the main party critical of immigration and migrant policies of the federal Liberals. They’ve been very outspoken against any Muslim face-coverings. If they win the election that will be 4 out of the 10 provinces with right-of-center governments (Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario & Quebec). Alberta has its election in the Spring of 2019 and the United Conservatives are sure to win that one, bringing it to 5 provinces.

    There are rumblings against the federal Conservatives, with criticisms that party leader Andrew Scheer is too much of a “cluck” and seems to go along too much with Trudeau rather than challenging him. Max Bernier has just formed the People’s Party of Canada, to attract any Canadians who are fed up on all the political parties, who seem more interested in serving special-interest groups rather than the working, tax-paying Canadian citizen. A “Canadian Deplorable” Party maybe? There’s still a year to go to the 2019 federal election so time will tell how it all plays out…

  4. **The problem is culture not race, religion or ethnicity. It is culture.**

    Thank you, Babs. This is the best thing I’m likely to read this week. You are right, right, right. You encapsulate an essential and really important truth.

    Oh, did I mention that you’re absolutely right?

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