Geert Wilders: Viktor Orbán Deserves a Nobel Prize

Earlier this week Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán was rebuked by the European Parliament, after which Brussels promised to impose sanctions on Hungary for its “authoritarian rule”. However, the real issue, as correctly pointed out by Geert Wilders in the interview below, is that Mr. Orbán has successfully resisted having migrants forced on his country by the mandarins of the European Union.

Many thanks to C for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Hungary and the EU are in open conflict.
00:04   The Dutch reporter on Hungary, Judith Sargentini, finds the country’s freedom of the press
00:09   and immigration policy so shockingly bad that she requested
00:13   an Article 7 (penal) procedure against Hungary. In his own country,
00:18   Orbán is considered a hero, because he keeps the border closed to Islamic immigrants.
00:22   Orbán is indeed a hero. I know him well. He is really the only European leader,
00:26   together with some other Eastern European leaders…
00:31   who closed the borders to yet more Islamic opportunists. He built a fence.
00:36   around his country. He has said, “We’re not an Islamic country, we’re a Christian country.”
00:41   He has resisted the directive of totalitarian Brussels, which decided
00:48   to redistribute these asylum seekers, these opportunists.
00:53   He defended the interests of his country, his people.
00:57   There are no rapes, no terrorist attacks etc. in Hungary.
01:02   And now he has been punished for this. That’s why this European elite
01:05   led by Timmermans and a lady from, I believe the Green Left,
01:10   got the EU parliament to start a penal procedure against Hungary. And I say:
01:17   Orbán is a hero, he deserves a Nobel prize, and those penal procedures
01:22   are yet another reason to abolish that European parliament, as far as I’m concerned.
01:27   Fortunately I’ve heard that the Polish government has stated that any measure against Hungary,
01:35   for example losing the vote in the council of ministers, that they’ll veto that, block that.
01:40   One more thing: it’s being said there’s no freedom of the press, but there are
01:43   many Hungarian newspapers. —Yes, and earlier this year I did a book tour through four places
01:48   in eastern, north-western and southern Hungary, and
01:53   there were all kinds of media, some pro-Orbán, some anti-Orbán.
02:00   I don’t know how many TV networks and newspapers they have, so
02:04   I don’t believe there’s much to complain about that, to be honest.
02:09   I’ve never had such experiences, and I’ve been visiting that country for a long time.
02:12   So it’s [political] revenge? Yes, I think the real reason is not the report
02:16   by that lady [Judith Sargentini] from, I believe it was Green Left,
02:20   but that he’s a politician who does what is politically incorrect,
02:24   who does the opposite of what all those
02:28   correct dudes in parliament do. Namely, close the borders and say “We’re not an Islamic country!”
02:34   No women in my country will be raped by people with an Islamic background.
02:40   We won’t import people from all these other countries and redistribute all these opportunists.
02:45   I won’t do it. We’re Hungary, we have our own culture,
02:50   and I won’t let that be taken away. The security of my own people is my first priority.”
02:54   He has guts, and Europe can’t handle that, when finally somebody stands up to them and says “no”.
02:59   So they start this penal expedition. Very childish, but it’s clear
03:03   that’s the real reason, so we should just ignore it.

3 thoughts on “Geert Wilders: Viktor Orbán Deserves a Nobel Prize

  1. Orban is an adult; the EU unelected elites are -at most- greedy kindergarteners. Try as those moral midgets might, they can’t knock him off that Hungarian wall.

    We’ll have to wait to see if they up the ante beyond rhetoric. I’ve no doubt Orban has a Plan B…and C, and D. That’s what comes of having had to face Russia at its worst; such an experience hardens people.

  2. Thank God there are a few European politicians like Orban and wilders. We should all be grateful for these defenders of European and Western civilisation.

  3. The Nobel Peace Prize lost its status years ago when it became a novelty handed over automatically to incredibly destructive people as well as presidents like Obama . Many did nothing to enhance but destroyed . It is like the Euro beauty pageant given to an ugly outsider and the most beautiful are expected to just smile . How sad and hateful some people are to their own.

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