Dr. Gottfried Curio: “The Primal Catastrophe of the Twenty-First Century”

The video below is a refreshing change of pace from the AfD-bashing we saw the other day: Dr. Gottfried Curio of the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) speaking in the Bundestag about Chancellor Merkel’s immigration policies. If I understand it correctly, this is in fact the speech that got the knickers of the Gutmenschen all in a twist.

Pay particular attention when the video switches to shots of Angela Merkel’s face.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:03   Dear Mr. President, ladies and gentlemen, government policy in the
00:07   Interior Department must be fundamentally changed, as billions in costs for migration
00:11   scoff at the actual problems. 700,000 rejected asylum seeker will continue
00:15   to be alimented despite deficits in education, pensions, housing, security and
00:19   a huge debt burden. No money in the world will produce enough teachers, police
00:23   officers and housing as fast as these imported problems grow. The courts
00:27   are collapsing from asylum claim suits. 170,000 arrest warrants expire
00:32   unable to be enforced — the power of this republic has decayed. The protests did not
00:41   come into being in a peaceful Chemnitz before 2015. Since then, there have been
00:48   dramatic increases in brawls, thefts, and rapes. All by illegally invading migrants,
00:52   who still have to be fed by the working population. Saying that “we turn illegality
00:56   into legality” is not sufficient, that’s something a mafia boss would say.
01:03   Schoolchildren are being robbed at knife point for their mobile phones,
01:07   money and clothes. In public pools people are spit on, beaten, and girls are
01:11   sexually molested. In the streets, it is survival of the fittest and the rule of law
01:15   is the knife. Duisburg, Berlin, Cologne, Chemnitz everywhere — NO GO AREAS!
01:21   But according to the government, citizens just have “fears” and whoever dares
01:25   to protest is a Nazi. The Germans in Chemnitz, as elsewhere, are being robbed
01:29   daily of their peaceful living space — THAT IS THE PROBLEM!
01:37   The government preaches “togetherness”, but that itself divides the nation.
01:41   It condemns the rightly outraged demonstrators rather than the acts of
01:45   violence that are being demonstrated against. The murder in Chemnitz was
01:49   by no means one of those famous isolated incidents. It is one
01:53   in an entire series of knife murders committed by illegally-immigrated
01:57   non-deported asylum-swindlers resulting from the lethal failure of the German
02:01   government and authorities that choose to defame the citizens rising against it.
02:05   Mrs. Merkel is blind and deaf to migrant violence; she only sees right-wing violence.
02:11   The citizens glean massive injustice while illegality is tolerated.
02:15   Migrant crime is trivialized and protests criminalized. AND the fight against the right
02:19   is a fight against the law. The hatred and hounding of the largest opposition party
02:28   will escalate as more and more citizens recognise their only advocate.
02:34   Even the Chief of the Constitutional Protection Agency needs to be brought into line
02:38   when he doesn’t mouth the exact words of Mrs. Merkel and spread fake
02:42   interpretations of Antifa as he should! He has to go! The attitude
02:46   of the government after all the killings, knife attacks, rape, is now clear. She will
02:50   do nothing, nothing. The current migration policy will cheerfully carry on
02:54   as always. Merkel and Co. use the misconduct of a few to slander thousands
02:58   of peaceful protesters and thus divert attention from their shared responsibility
03:02   in migrant criminality brought here by their policies. Why do the government
03:08   and the media turn the facts upside down, reversing the victims? One incriminates
03:12   one’s opponent of what oneself is guilty of. The native German population.
03:18   The conscience of this government is black but not as large as the fear
03:22   of its own people. We recall, when the borders were opened in 2015, it was
03:28   claimed to be an exceptional situation, then established as permanent.
03:32   The law broken, no one entering Germany is by law a refugee.
03:37   Rejection at the border is legal. Merkel’s mantra “not at the expense of
03:41   third parties” means everything to the detriment of Germany. We take all
03:45   and pay all. Ladies and gentlemen, after the primal catastrophe of the twentieth
03:49   century in 1914, 100 years later, in the fall of 2015, we now experience an
03:55   unprecedented dam breach of foreign population influx and culture-clashing
03:59   making this event the primal catastrophe of the twenty-first century.
04:04   Only immediate countermeasures can save our country. Because the pressure of
04:12   the 400 thousandfold influx migration continues. And these aren’t skilled workers coming,
04:18   yet the door is still wide open. Everyone is permitted to lie for asylum, even after crossing
04:22   safe countries and Germany offers most lucrative reception conditions worldwide.
04:26   The so-called “fight against the causes of migration” breaks down
04:30   in the face of doubling African population in the billions, but welfare in Germany
04:34   earns you far more than work in Africa.
04:40   The millions already here, will demographically and culturally create
04:46   the political bomb which explodes every form of integration internally.
04:50   Ladies and Gentlemen, those who shut their eyes and keep doing business
04:57   as usual, no matter how many citizens continue to die, they have already broken
05:01   their oath of office. Enough is enough, we need an alternative politics for Germany.

17 thoughts on “Dr. Gottfried Curio: “The Primal Catastrophe of the Twenty-First Century”

    • Elections results are fiddled. It is beyond belief that Europeans really are as stupid as the results suggest. And whilst opinion polls declare (third world) immigration to be the most important issue on the minds of European electorates curiously this is not reflected in the results of elections. It doesn’t add up – but then it wouldn’t, would it?

    • Funny. My impression was that she was totally detached, completely unresponsive to the descriptions of the catastrophe of her open immigration.

      I think Merkel and Hillary Clinton are peas in a pod: sociopath politicians without principle, vaguely leftist because that’s the course of least resistance. By no coincidence, Clinton described Merkel as her role model.

  1. Merkel is a serial liar, committed to the destruction of Germany and all Europe. We are witnessing the second Bolshevik revolution, far more terrible than the first, the most evil conspiracy the world has ever seen.

  2. If only we had such well-educated, articulate anti-establishment politicians such as those of the AFD in the UK!!!

    • Yes indeed.He sports an impressing career as professor of physics in Berlin and Princeton and moreover, he has a master in music and composition. Makes me look dumb. Most of the green-lefts have nothing but an attempt in chitchat curriculums like theatre, communication, social work without ever having been active in those fields. Excuse me, I forgot that C.Roth,Greens, vice chairperson( how p.c. is this?) of the parliament, two half-terms theatre science( yes, that exists) , was roady to a left extremist punk group in the seventies. Some tough job, sex,drugs and rock’n roll.

  3. Maybe somewhere this news is in English

    In Germany, migrant communities demanded the resignation of the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

    A number of migrant communities in the FRG, as well as some charitable and initiative organizations on migration and combating racism, sent an open letter to the German Minister of the Interior, Horst Seehofer, demanding his resignation on the background of his recent comments on the migration issue,

    RIA Novosti https://ria.ru/world/20180915/1528632997.html

    • Again illustrating the insanity of immigration into societies governed by representative constitutions, as migrants vote by bloc, an extremely effective way to compensate for being momentarily in the voting minority.

  4. Thanks for posting this video. One small remark: On 4:12, he doesn’t say vierhunderttausendfach = 400 thousandfold (which wouldn’t make any sense), but vielhunderttausendfach which literally translated means manyhundredthousandfold.

    • More recently, they could investigate the fate of the communist allies of Iranian Ayatollah Khomeini once he came to power. He liquidated his former leftist allies.

      But, my claim is that leftists do not respond to facts and evidence, and knowing their fate would not make them change their nature. At worst, they will prepare themselves for immigration to societies that will take them out of ill-advised altruism. The folly of admitting this sort of refugee is illustrated by the success of the cultural Marxist transplants to the US in destroying Western culture in the US.

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