Tommy Robinson, The UK Political Football

This persecution of TR would be illegal in America. Here, anyone facing trial is entitled to have a formal written document outlining the charges under which the government plans to try him. Evidently, that’s not the case in Old Blighted.

What has the UK become?

This is beyond dreadful, veering into sadistic, cruel and unusual. They’re playing “Kick the Can Down the Road” – in hopes his public following gets bored and the furore dies down, perhaps? The can they are kicking so hard is Tommy Robinson and his family.

As I’ve said before he is damaged from his previous stays in prison. I hope he can sue some bureaucracy or other for sufficient treatment of the sequelae from the last two imprisonments before they send him back. That probably won’t happen; they’ve stitched up the man and due process be damned.

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  1. Tommy’s lawyers should move to have the government held in contempt for violating the order of the Lord Chief Justice.

    In addition I hope they will pursue remedies with the European Court of Human Rights, or whatever it’s called. Wouldn’t that be rich?

  2. They are not kicking the can. They are tearing us down with this story. In and out of jail. He is worn out, and will eventually get killed in jail. Obvious. We can give them hell by using every time that they jail him to cause more awareness about all the problems.

  3. The treatment of Tommy Robinson is consistent with State behaviour tyranny found in all Socialist tyrannies. May is a Trotskyite Globalist. She probably does not even realise herself being the weak excuse for a leader she is. The Tory Party is now a disgrace fully infiltrated by the Left.

  4. It could be a good sign that the Crown Prosecutors are not confident they will win the case in court. Remember this is not retrying Tommy’s original conviction for contempt, but what he did in Leeds. The question is was what Tommy did there contempt? There seems to be good reason to believe it was not, and that Tommy took precautions to avoid contempt (even asking a Policeman if it was OK for him to stand where he was.) It could be the Crown doesn’t want to lose in court and stalling could result in a dismissal by the judge, less embarrassing than a loss in court.

    • Tommy’s “precautions” to protect his behavior are useless in a police state. And that’s what the UK is…no one has to apologize, follow the laws, etc., if they have enough power to avoid doing so. And the Crown Prosecutors do indeed have that power.

      Tommy is caught in the grinding maw of a huge, unaccountable beast. They’ll chew him up and spit him out.

  5. Hey Trump, give this man and his family asylum and anyone else in Europe who is fed up with Islam and the Left. These are true political refugees and I for one would take millions of them.

    The alternative is Obama’s transformed America that will look like London, Paris or Brussels in other words Third World Hellholes in the making.

  6. I’m not sure I agree with this interpretation of the postponement.

    A date was set for the retrial – 4/9/18.
    The Chief Justice said the particulars of the contempt have to be specified.
    No particulars have been given to TR’s attournies.
    The date of the retrial has been postponed.

    To me, it seems obvious that the postponement is because they have not given the particulars, not of any ill-will or malicious scheming against TR. It’s not like he’s still in prison, and cavalier delays to his retrial come at risk to his life and health. Let him recover his strength – and put on weight – against the possibility that he will be jailed again.

    I would guess that the delays are a consequence of the weakness of the case against him. The CPS will be poring over his facebook livestream, weighing each phrase to see if it constitutes contempt. This is what the judge in Leeds should have done, but didn’t. If TR was sufficiently careful in his livestream – and he was trying to be careful – then one would expect them to have difficulty coming up with a case against him, and delays should be expected.

    If all semblance of justice had been cast aside, then the retrial would have been *kept* at 4/9 even though the particulars had not been given to TR’s lawyers.

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