The Knife of Peace Comes to Düsseldorf

The videos below feature two versions of the same news story from Germany, one broadcast earlier and the other later.

The first gives an account of a culture-enriching knife murder in Düsseldorf, with no clue as to the identity of the perp, or the motive for the murder. By the time of the second news report, however, the Iranian murderer can be identified (although he has only an initial for a surname, since this is Germany, and his “privacy” must be protected), and the victim is the former girlfriend of the killer. Also, he is “mentally ill” — surprise, surprise!

Many thanks to Miss Piggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

Video #1:

Video #2:

Video transcript #1:

00:00   The background for this crime is completely unclear.
00:04   A special police commando unit is in action and is looking for the man.
00:12   In Düsseldorf we have Ulrich Klose observing the investigators on-site.
00:19   Ulrich, what else can you tell us?
00:23   Yes, it happened this morning, during rush hour at 7:35am.
00:27   A man suddenly appeared about 1km from here on Bach Street, targeting a woman, stabbing her
00:33   brutally, multiple times. She died from her injuries two hours later in the hospital.
00:40   The police had a lead very quickly, which took them to this apartment building.
00:47   Apparently, at the scene a person recognized
00:51   the perpetrator. As a result the police sent the special commando force (SEK),
00:55   which entered the apartment, but the suspect was not present and is now assumed to be on the run.
01:00   When you have a lead so quickly, and people who know who might have done it,
01:03   plus the police sent in the SEK,
01:07   it is starting to look like a case of domestic violence.
01:10   Now investigators will be exploring the background, social environment,
01:15   establish contacts, but at the same time the pressure on the alleged suspect will increase.
01:19   Perhaps he will turn himself in. If that doesn’t happen, there is still the possibility,
01:23   as last resort, to make an appeal to the public this afternoon with a photograph of the suspect,
01:30   but of course a judge will decide that as the absolute last resort.
01:34   Düsseldorf Police are still searching for the alleged suspect — please stay tuned.

Video transcript #2:

00:00   Where is Ali Shah Ghaleh? There is still no trace of the 44-year-old Iranian.
00:04   Monday morning, he allegedly stabbed
00:08   the 36-year-old Event Planner Anna S. in Düsseldorf.
00:12   Shortly after, she died from severe injuries in hospital.
00:16   Ali Shahghaleh had been stalking his suspected victim for some time.
00:20   Investigators found four letters in the apartment of Anna S.
00:24   In one which says — “I’m not trying to ruin your life,
00:28   because I need your help to rebuild my own life again
00:32   You have blocked my phone calls and I have no way to reach you
00:36   I just want to tell you how much I need you and I miss you.
00:39   Every second without you is like living in hell for me.
00:42   It was signed: “I like you a lot — dumba** Ali.” He also apologises to the event planner.
00:48   There had obviously been a fight between the two of them. Anna S.
00:52   was a longtime customer at Ali Shahgheleh’s kiosk. The 44-year-old Iranian
00:56   is considered mentally ill. He is said to have already been treated
01:00   in a closed psychiatry clinic. He has lived in Germany since 2001
01:04   And was recognized as a refugee in 2010. Authorities believe
01:08   he has fled the country. State Attorney Stücker: “The prerequisite
01:12   for the international arrest warrant is the availability of a national arrest warrant,
01:16   which has been applied for and issued today, so this next step
01:20   will surely be taken.” Ali Shahghaleh is probably still armed,
01:24   the investigators warn not to approach him.

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