The Torture of Tommy Robinson

In the following video Paul Weston presents a series of important questions to Home Secretary Sajid Javid about the treatment of Tommy Robinson while he was in prison. His questions concern the roles played by the police, the judicial system, the government, and the media in what Tommy endured — which was, for all practical purposes, physical and psychological torture:

Ezra Levant of Rebel Media interviewed Tommy at home shortly after he got out of prison. In this video you’ll hear more details about how he was treated while he was inside:

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  1. When I first saw the movie: V for Vendetta, I thought, not a bad film, but the topic a bit far fetched… Britain as a fascist state? We used to see the United Kingdom from here Hungary as the home of democracy. Now I know better!

    • I saw that movie recently for the first time, and thought it nailed present day Britain–except it gets the crucial details wrong in terms of Islam. One of the “precious” items Stephen Fry’s character hoards in his private collection of rare and valuable things is a Koran. The character acknowledges it as the most dangerous item to possess from the standpoint of the Fascist government.

  2. Paul Weston is magnificent in his outrage. He is exactly right: we need the names of those in authority who allowed this terrible treatment of Tommy to take place—or, did they orchestrate it? Names and positions, please—then public inquiries and consequences. Many steps along the road of Tommy’s arrest, sentencing, jailing, and subsequent treatment have been identified as wrong, faulty, unclear, dangerous, cruel, discriminatory, error-laden, neglectful, and in violation of his basic human rights. The media and the authorities appear to be in collusion. Britain can no longer be regarded as a free and democratic state.

    • I think it is clear that the UK state is prepared to use extrajudicial methods to kill people it doesn’t like. In fact I’d say that the evidence regarding the treatment of Tommy Robinson shows it is their preferred method.

      Our swamp is wide and deep and needs to be drained as a matter of urgency.

      • John, my guess is they do not want to kill him; after all, that would make him a martyr. Rather, they merely want to “neutralize” him, discredit him, and break him.

        I am reminded of what some thug of a KGB agent told Andrew Sakharov when he was exiled to Gorky. I can’t remember the precise sentiment, but basically the agent of thuggery told him they would not kill him, but they would damage him to the extent that he would be rendered incapacitated.

        This is the depths to which the UK, with its deference to Islam and repression of dissenting voices, has sunk today. While I realize there are many fine British people, the UK is now on my list of- well Dymphna won’t let me repeat Trump’s colorful but scatological term- countries.

  3. Britain is already a de facto Islamic state. It is deliberate HM Government policy. The target date officially is 2023 to 2030AD. It was Common Purpose (Communist Party) Fellow Travellers that are behind the massive and deep infiltration of British state institutions by Moslems. Look at “MEND” and the antics of “Tell Mama” and one Fiaz Mugal. Many of these “NGOs” are funded by taxpayer money. The MET, Foreign Office and Home Office including the Civil Service are thoroughly infiltrated.

    I took the Civil Service exams in 2007 and 89% of the applicants were foreign and of Islamic faith. This is one reason I took my application no further.

    In a meeting with my Church head linked to people and Christian activists in Egypt, we were shown just how deep and successful was Moslem infiltration of UK Establishment. In reality we are at the very least, an occupied dhimmi nation and at worst an Islamic State. I believe the latter to be the case.

    Christianity is dead in UK and people like myself are having a harsh time of it. My Patriarch believes that UK is lost.

    The Labour Party under Corbyn has been an islamic cypher and a Moslem Brotherhood front for decades. The infiltration by the likes of the Islamic Forum of Europe is total and this is why it has become rabidly anti-Semitic. Look at this article from 2010…

    Tower Hamlets is so corrupt that a senior Judge described it as “worthy of a Banana republic”. We believe it is official HM Government policy to make UK Islamic and that Sajid Javid’s appointment as Home Secretary is deliberate and part of the agenda as equally thoroughly infiltrated Tory Party, competes with Labour to win the important Moslem bloc vote in UK, that now holds the balance of power in the country. UK has fallen. Sweden is not far behind. Moslems are around 10% of the British population and probably around 8,000.000 in number from figures we obtained from other more reliable sources.

    Britain and France were targeted by Islamists for its nuclear Deterrent and Germany because of its wealth and access to the rest of EU. Both France and UK have made stealth agreements with Moslem “Community leaders” to cede parts of UK and France to Islamic control.

    I refer the reader to the New English Review Lancaster Plan “spoof” that is actually an counter Intelligence article intended to raise public awareness to what we now face-submersion into a kalifate. The Plan does exist and I first heard about it in 1997 from my old tutor at UCL after I mad a fprmal complaint about Moslems harassing non- Moslem postgraduates in the common rooms. That article and others has now vanished.

    As I said the Plan is real. It is being carried into its final stages as Tommy Robinson is released and now you know why they are so anti-Tommy. Whether the British people will supinely accept their new role as dhimmi remains to be seen but once you apply this paradigm described above you will see it all fits into place. I no longer care about revealing this info under my own name-my cards are marked as Moslems are so fond of telling me, as they abuse my revelations over the years as “poisonous”. I am 65 years and do not wish to exist under Moslem rule.

    We warned decades ago that this was the plan and were laughed at as extremists and conspiracy fantasists. One reason we have been so accurate and well informed is because of contacts we had in Intelligence, or “Gentlemen reading other gentlemen’s emails”. We still get information from unconventional sources. We are though fully independent and free of political ties. I made it like this to avoid being prevented from telling the full truth.

    If you still do not “get it” the I pity the doubters. We have been sold down the river by traitors in our midst and I refer you to Cicero’s famous saying about traitors. to the effect they look and speak like all of us but are the death of nations from which there can be no escape.

    • Bishop,

      I read the Lancaster Plan excerpt that “anonymous” posted below. This plan as a PROCESS certainly has a lot of explanatory value for what we see happening in England. But I still remain unsatisfied. At what point did those in power realize that to “maintain” the UK, they’d have to bow to Islamization? And how is that “saving” the UK? What is British culture if your cathedrals are turned into Mosques, your Great Houses turned into Mosques or Islamic centers, and the culture rearranged to accommodate Muslims? (What will happen to the dogs? The gardens? The statue of Nelson?) And then there’s the question of the Museums. If they are annihilated, what remains of British culture? Do your elites really not care if the earliest copies of Beowulf or the Folios are in Muslim hands?

      The other day a young girl who identified as a member of ISIS and who intended to blow up the British Museum was sentenced to prison. There will only be more of those. British heritage will go the way of those Buddhist statues that the Taliban blew up in Afghanistan.

      Sometimes I wonder why I spent my life studying British culture and the rise of the English novel. I wonder why I am writing a novel about a graduate student who is planning a dissertation on Fanny Burney. Why is it that it’s only people from other counties who value your immense cultural output?

      • You probably know this already, Plum: Fanny’s father Charles Burney was what we would call a musicologist, travelling Europe meeting the great musicians of the day, including Haydn- how I envy him; I’ve visited Haydn’s house and tomb in Eisenstadt, east of Vienna, but it’s not the same.

        • I read Fanny Burney’s biography, and her father practically eclipsed the book’s subject. I do know he was a musicologist, and a completely self-made man–in the arts of all things. He went from being poor as dirt to an apprentice organist–and the rest was history. But what I love NOW is the sort of scholarship he represents–the old fashioned dogged pursuit of high culture, both knowledge of it AND practice.

          • Paul Johnson’s book on the beginning of modernity – the years from ~1800 to 1840 or so (though the subtitle gives a more narrow focus of years). It is a fascinating survey of a long-vanished England and the rise of self-made engineers and scientists. That world has disappeared, but by ~2040 or so, there will very likely be a renewal of what will be the New Modernity and it won’t look anything like the first one.

            We don’t know what it will be called since they themselves won’t know until it’s past. One thing is sure: it will have the same level of intellectual and spiritual ferment as its predecessor. For a sneak preview, look at what the B calls “steam engine time” – i.e., when the same idea arises simultaneously without contact among the idea people…as happened with the steam engine.

            Across the globe, there is much strife and bloodshed and that’s what we pay attention to. But simultaneously there is also a widespread populism beginning to sprout above ground in the most unlikely places and against terrific odds. That populism is the thin end of the wedge that will overturn the globalist, transnationalism currently on offer at places like the EU and the UN.

    • The intelligence about the infiltration of British government by Islamists and the planned, drawn-out surrender to Islam, is very interesting. The Center for Security Policy has extensive research on the infiltration of Muslims into the US government

      In light of the advanced co-option of the British government, Occam’s Razor provides the best explanation for the British government’s treatment of Robinson. Rather than the complex view that the bureaucracy is trying to protect its bailiwick, or the politicians are trying to appease a voting bloc, the simpler explanation is that Robinson criticized Islam, and so under Sharia law, he must die.

      It’s pretty comical to see the US trying to pressure Britain and the other European countries to spend more on their defense against Russia, a creaking ghost of a former rival for empire, while ignoring or downplaying the very real and upfront danger of the British government and culture simply dissolving completely from the inside.

    • In other words, the explanation for the attempt to kill Robinson is very simply that he broke sharia law by criticizing Islam, and is thus sentenced to death by any nearby Muslim.

    • Thank you for posting this link. I read it, and am personally sharing it whenever I can.

  4. I’d say from the way that Tommy Robinson has been treated that our state uses extrajudicial methods to kill people it doesn’t like.

    In fact, I’d go further and say that it’s their preferred method for getting rid of people they don’t like.

  5. Is this malevolence or incompetence?

    It’s hard to say, but I doubt the British establishment could have behaved in a more self-destructive fashion had it calculated to do so.

    Isn’t this yet more evidence that the British establishment has lost the plot – people who are sure of their position wouldn’t behave like that, there’d be no need for them to.

    I wonder if Tommy’s treatment was prescribed by Britain’s Home Secretary Sajid Javed – Javed is a Muslim and Tommy’s treatment certainly makes one think of the blatant indifference Islam has for human rights.

    However, that and Tommy’s terrible experience aside, it is a good thing that the British establishment’s hamfistedness has provided such a wealth of ammunition for those of us that stand in opposition to it.

    Of course the mass media will do its best to ignore what’s going on, it has to, it is propping up the establishment. Who cares, let it keep its head buried in the sand until it suffocates. Does any thinking person take any notice of the mass media?

    It looks to me like this has a long way to run – and it will be interesting to observe the establishment’s convolutions in court. Maybe when the dust settles someone with influence will commence a crowd-funding exercise to finance compensation claims for the victims of the establishment’s wilful failure to protect the victims of the Muslims paedophile rape gangs – I really do think that could be the stake through the heart of this vile traitorous mob that we have ruling over us.

  6. Tommy is truly an intelligent, outstanding individual, so much warmth and bravery in one man. When I think about legendary heroes of the past, I’m pretty sure they were just like him.

    The UK disgusts me, I don’t recognize this country any more.

  7. A few days ago, I read a report that a number of listeners to BBC Radio 4 had complained at the reporting of Tommy’s case on the News Channel and threatened to withdraw their support. Apparently, they felt that the mention of a working class “Oik” like Tommy should not soil their nice clean middle class airwaves. People like Tommy do not exist in their little world and they do not want him referenced.

    I am afraid this is part of the UKs problem. People like this, brainwashed during 40 years of leftist ideology in what passes for the educational establishment in the UK will not consider anything outside the narrative with which they have been conditioned.

    We knew it would not be easy.

    • I sometimes listen to BBC Radio 4 when I’m driving. It really is a parody of itself.

  8. Britain is moving towards the insular dictatorship concerned more with domestic control than with it’s international image. Tucker Carlson gave a riveting interview with Tommy, bringing out all the points of his torture.

    I don’t know how much outside pressure can affect Britain at this point. The politicians are now riding the back of the tiger, with organized, sullen, violent Muslim gang and groups close to erupting into violence at the slightest perceived slight. The strongest wish of the political bureaucrats heading Britain is to serve out their preretirement in relative peace. So they do what they have to, to tread water.

    One very obvious lesson is that the European Court of Human Rights is not only useless but dangerous. They are a thin silk net against abuses of anti-Muslims. But a thick iron shield against efforts of countries to protect themselves and their citizens.

  9. The prison authorities are trying to obfuscate by saying Tommy was only in solitary for 48 hours, and the MSM are buying it. That was the initial punishment cell in which he was held – if I’ve understood correctly it had no furnishings, not even a bed – just a mat. After that they moved him to an ordinary cell. He was of course free to ask for his door to be unlocked and leave that at any time, and walk onto the main floor of the prison, right opposite the mosque – if he wanted to get killed.

    • Tommy is in possession of a letter from prison officials confirming that at the date of writing he had been in true solitary confinement for five or six days—this was before his move to de facto solitary confinement. This can be found on his Facebook page. I’m not on Facebook – but it does come in handy sometimes. Also, there are copies of his various written requests to the prison officials – in one he mentions his weight loss and how he needs more spending money to buy safe food, since he’s not allowed to work to earn any more money. I understand that request was denied.

      • I presume that “de facto” solitary means he requested it for safety reasons. And then they often left the door unlocked. They sure are clever torturers…more than one way to get state revenge on those who won’t toe the line.

        What we have here is a failure to communicate…

  10. It may be a lot to ask for them to put their faces out there but if someone could coordinate vocal support for Tommy by the victims he is speaking out for it may have some impact.

  11. I’m sorry for Scotland of course.I think Scottish values are truly worthwhile.

    And those values are a deep love of clan and family , bravery and the recognition that poverty does not render your fellow man worthless .

    “For all that and all that a man’s a man for all that…”

    But I fear the corruption of the English class system ,of the sneering globalists and their Islamic fellow travelers and tremble for Scotland.She languishes in the grip of the English elite , an elite who are nothing more than shamelessly compliant poodles rolling over for the EU and completely captive to the voice of the jackbooted dictator of Brussels- Angela Merkel.

    • …I fear the corruption of the English class system, of the sneering globalists and their Islamic fellow travelers and tremble for Scotland. She languishes in the grip of the English elite…

      You are eloquent and succinct. Scotland has been treated badly for centuries, and the English caste system hurts everyone, including those at the top, though the latter may be blind to it. They are comparable to Chinese women of old, whose feet were bound at birth as a sign of their high place in the social order; those women resisted any change in the deforming of girls. Unbound feet were a sign of being “common” – a favorite epithet of the English middle class.

      But things are changing. The break-up of the transnational globalist system is beginning to occur; even English cathedrals are beginning to fill up with worshippers.

      Here is some hope:

      And here is Dr. Turley’s take on some positive trends in England:

      I don’t know if the surge in attendance at English cathedrals is due to Polish and other European emigres, or if it’s part of a “re-traditionalism” that is happening across parts of the West. He talks about his own experience while studying at Durham and attending the cathedral there.

      • Scotland has indeed been treated badly by the English, but at present the tax system forces London to subsidise it and other, relatively rural regions of the UK; providing public services, including emergency services, in relatively sparsely populated areas is more expensive than in cities. For example, here just south of the Thames, I am ten minutes’ ambulance drive from three major teaching hospitals, including one which specialises in my rare condition (potentially fatal, but under control). Maybe the Scottish Nationalists should show more appreciation?

        The binding of Chinese women’s feet apparently strengthened their vaginal muscles, increasing men’s pleasure during intercourse- sometimes I’m not so proud to be a man.

        • It also crippled upper-class women, limiting their bodies and their minds. The class system in Britain is much the same in the way it binds English minds. The bonds of friendship are limited to one’s kind.

          • This is exactly why it’s not a problem if Muslim child rape gangs rape working class white girls in their hundreds of thousands from Land’s end to John O’Groats .It can be swept under the carper with comments such as

            “These little working- class scrubbers/sluts are just out and out racists and bigots trying to undermine community cohesion by complaining about having sex with hundreds of Muslim men ,chances are they were asking for it.”

            It would be harder to dismiss what happened to them were their accents of the right sort ,if they had attended the right sort of school , the right sort of university , belonged to the respectable upper classes .

            And the second problem they have is not only are they from the wrong social class and therefore no better than the rutting beasts of the field ,but the vast majority are tragically and irredeemably white.

            So no virtue signalling points to be gained by defending them.

            England is so P.C it is slitting its own throat.

            The sin of having the wrong accent ,not driving a Jag ,not having received the right sort of education can usually be mitigated by belonging to a favored group -gay ,transgender ,lesbian for instance.

            But if you are a white working class little girl ,you and your family are in effect non-persons.

            And Tommy’s problem is that he is white and working class.

            His accent is not the right sort ,he doesn’t wear the right clothes ,drive the right car ,hasn’t receive the right education .He’s just as common as muck and
            in the eyes of the elite and those who aspire to and wish to join the elite simply a non-person.

            And both Tories and Labour are bending over backward to win the Muslim vote.

            And it’s not as if the children of real people are affected yet.Just grubby little working class urchins and they don’t count because they probably deserve it..

          • If the infiltration is as far advanced as Bishop Guy Leven-Torres describes, Occam’s Razor dictates that the attempt to kill Tommy Robinson is not class-based, but simply that he criticized Islam, and therefore deserves to die. In other words, Britain’s bureaucracy, including the police, is now enforcing sharia law.

    • I’m more concerned with Scotland languishing in the grip of the self-declared ‘progressive’ SNP, selling the big lies that Scotland can be an independent nation-state in the EU, mass immigration is an economic dynamic and Islam is a super-duper, religion of peace and tolerance – according to SNP minister Humza Yousaf for example: “Sharia courts are a sign of a mature democracy”.

      Scotland could use a real nationalist party, if it’s to have any chance of dealing with “sneering globalists and their Islamic fellow travelers”, as it would seem they are already very much within the gates.

      • They banned the only true nationalist party in Scotland ,the only one that cares about Scotland’s poor -Scottish Dawn.

        It’s the only party worth voting for.

        And the E.U will destroy the social fabric ,the culture and traditions of Scotland .

        And the sell-out leadership of the so-called” Scottish Nationalist party who are boot licking traitors and shills for the E.U ,every man jack of them ,are no different from the RINOS in America -they are Scottish nationalists in name not in practice.

        They are prepared to allow the E.U to continue to decimate the Scottish fishing industry .

        They are prepared to give hostile Muslim illegal immigrants free housing , free health care , and overly generous welfare payments , while ignoring Scotland’s homeless and slum dwelling people.

        They richly deserve a very hot place in the centre of the fires of brimstone.

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