Terror Comes to the Frosch Nightclub

We posted a brief report yesterday about an attack on the Frosch (German for “frog”) nightclub in Frankfurt. The video below has more details — a manager of the club was interviewed on the radio about what happened that night.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Now with us in the 98.0 Pure FM Studio is one of the operators of the Frosch club,
00:05   Dirk Schöbe. Hello Dirk. — Hello Matthias. — So Dirk, last Saturday night at about
00:09   2:50 AM, just before 3 AM, what exactly happened to you in the Frosch club?
00:13   Well, we had a normal disco event like we have every Saturday.
00:17   A ’90s party. — Exactly. The ’90s party. We all celebrated together, a nice and
00:21   relaxed atmosphere. There were many nice people there.
00:25   In our club, we generally have a rather colorful patronage. We have couples,
00:29   we have married couples, there are young people from different scenes, and of course
00:33   we also have foreign citizens with us, from all nations and nationalities, and
00:37   we have students. — And you cheerfully all celebrated together until
00:41   something happened. — Well, something did happen. We started to hear
00:45   from our party guests that we had two guests in our club provoking
00:49   and harassing normal celebrating guests. — But then you had the situation
00:53   relatively quickly under control, brought everyone involved outside
00:57   in front of the door and there they told you, “No, everything OK.” —That was
01:01   my first impression. We talked to the two foreigners outside. We asked if
01:05   there were any problems, if they were being stressed, if it was true that what
01:09   we were told from other guests, about the threatening and the bottle being
01:13   smashed on someone’s head. At first, I thought they were outside to calm down, but
01:17   actually they told the other guests to go outside to fight them. —And then
01:22   the grand finale came, you thought everything had calmed down, you went in,
01:26   or at least, it all seemed to be going well. —Well, in any case, I couldn’t leave
01:31   the two of them alone because I had the feeling it could escalate,
01:35   and it then totally escalated. Before that, though, I had to continue to calm
01:39   the two of them. Then suddenly they smiled or said yes, yes, we drank alcohol.
01:43   So, I couldn’t walk six feet away from them without them totally flipping out again.
01:48   And it was seconds later, we heard the first “Allahu Akhbar” shout, and
01:52   they shouted, “We kill you all,” and then I realised this is really getting
01:56   out of hand and the two of them started to threaten to kill us all and would
02:01   Be back with knives and BEEP us all. —First, you then quickly brought everyone inside.
02:08   And to be clear to avoid any accusation of prejudice, some of your party guests,
02:12   who were enjoying themselves were Syrians , there were also Afghans,
02:16   and even Africans, all peacefully celebrating together. You even had to protect them
02:20   because then the group of 15 to 20 people with knives and clubs approached your club.
02:25   So, several guests tried to calm this whole situation down REPEATEDLY — people
02:32   even hugged the two of them in an attempt to say, “Hey, cool off a bit now.”
02:36   This is all just a party and becoming something terrible for no reason.
02:42   Despite our effort, they became more and more aggressive and made clear threats.
02:49   It became clear to me at this point, we are losing control of the situation;
02:53   we urgently needed reinforcement and help from the police. So, I tried
02:57   to reach the police, which was not possible because I —You got caught in a phone loop.
03:03   Yes, over and over and over again. It became clear that we weren’t
03:08   getting any help. —It took 15 minutes, is that what you said? —I can’t estimate
03:13   the time exactly, but of course I can show on my mobile phone
03:17   how many calls I tried and at what time to try to reach the police. Around this time
03:21   is when 12 to 15 people suddenly stormed the grounds. They were clearly
03:28   people with a migration background. —You’re on the Gerstenbergerhof, Ziegelstraße 36;
03:34   in front there’s a large parking lot —Yes, it is a former factory site, which is also a bit
03:39   angled on the sides. —So then you start pulling guests into the club to protect them.
03:43   We had to first realise what was actually happening. We were being attacked,
03:49   and it was immediately apparent that the people were armed, they had knives,
03:54   poles and were throwing stones. I was standing right next to people who got hit
03:59   by stones. Then, of course, we did everything we could
04:04   to get the people into the Frosch club, to protect our guests. Each one.
04:08   We were pushing people, so that they would realise, its a very serious situation of danger.
04:12   Only in the club could we protect people. Then we locked the doors behind us.
04:16   We couldn’t help the people who stayed outside. They were absolutely in acute
04:22   danger of being attacked. —Some of them then fled or partially hid under cars.
04:30   Yes, every possibility for self-protection was taken. It was like a war scene,
04:34   people ran for their lives, rolled under cars — those who fell were beaten — if they
04:40   did not defend themselves, the mob would stop beating them at some point,
04:44   but anyone who tried to fight them, their lives were in acute danger. —How long did it take
04:48   until the police arrived? When did the help come? Because the front of your club
04:54   was completely destroyed, the windows smashed with knives and rods. The pictures
04:58   are posted on Facebook — looks really scary. —Yes. The situation was extremely scary.
05:02   We barricaded ourselves in the [Frosch] club. Many people were in the anteroom
05:06   and in the cloakroom. Some were full of panic, some just screaming, they ran
05:10   into the club without knowing if this mob would come in and attack them.
05:18   We stood at the front, securing the door, while the windows were being smashed in
05:22   from outside — we were dodging the knives. —It is always difficult in such a situation,
05:26   in a panic situation to calculate the time properly, but I think, once again,
05:30   as you referred to your cell phone to approximate it in retrospect, that it took
05:34   12 minutes for a call to go through to the police. According to the Brandenburg police
05:40   all 110 emergency calls are directed from Frankfurt (Oder) to Potsdam and from there
05:44   to the individual regions. Which did not help you much in your situation.
05:53   De facto it took half an hour until the first police officials were at your door.
05:57   Not to bash the police, because they have said they will look into the
06:01   reaction times with the interior minister. Ultimately these are technical questions.
06:08   You were basically left on your own for a half an hour. So, I can assure you
06:12   that it is a scary feeling to be in such an exceptional situation and to be
06:16   unable to reach any help. So for us it was clearly about life and death in this situation.
06:23   One thing is for sure, this mob was extremely aggressive and the moment
06:28   the knives came out, it was truly lethal. We didn’t just feel abandoned,
06:32   we felt totally helpless — everyone was in panic — guests continually tried to reach
06:38   the police both inside and outside the club. So from the first phone
06:43   call to the police until they actually arrived, the estimate of 30 minutes is correct.
06:47   I also really want to emphasise that I recognised in advance that this situation
06:55   would escalate, so I immediately called the police, and this whole incident
06:59   could have been prevented. We had another three to four minutes from the first call
07:04   until it actually came to this attack. I think the presence of a single
07:10   police car in the parking lot would have been enough to prevent
07:14   this very first situation from escalating.

19 thoughts on “Terror Comes to the Frosch Nightclub

  1. Rules for dealing with Muslim men. In the context of a verbal altercation, if the Muslim approaches you, and is within striking distance, you MUST assume that battery (with knife, or club) is imminent. When the Muslim is within striking distance, it behooves one to step back if one can. If the Muslim pursues, or there is no way to retreat, the Muslim has forfeited all expectation of civil exchange. It is imperative at this point to strike first, and strike hard, with the aim of incapacitating the Muslim agressor. One must learn to drop one’s gentle composure. I know that this goes against the grain of our natures, having lived in civilized society now for centuries, but it is necessary to do so, if one wants to survive with dignity, and one has a right and duty to survive with dignity. This defensive tactic probably runs afoul of the law. The police will likely persecute the defender, but juries will see otherwise. The sense of the people and the law will ultimately change with this new reality of confronting the Muslim.

    Also, in the context of dealing with Muslim men, it is necessary to carry a defensive weapon of some sort. One’s confidence in their ability to grapple with hands is not sufficient. A club with a long enough reach can be suitable. A knife may be necessary. A gun would be best. Learning and training on how to thwart knife thrusts are important. Never give the Muslim man your back.

  2. The Muslim man has an instinct for war. Throughout history, though smaller in number (often in vast proportions) than his adversaries, he has often prevailed in conflict. The Muslim understands that in a conflict it often does not matter that the adversary outnumbers him greatly in the larger scheme, if he, the Muslim, can bring a numerous and concentrated violent host to the point of contact, defeat the adversary and deploy exemplary violence and cruelty to cower the defeated.

    By winning battles piecemeal he demoralizes and terrorizes his adversary. Gradually he has overcome them and come to conquer large nations. Parley, entreaties, concessions are just signals of weakness to the Muslim, they embolden him, spur him on. It takes determined, ruthless and RELENTLESS resistant combat to defeat and cower the Muslim. Defensive measures will only succeed if they are carried on with the understanding that they must be applied – for years, for decades – until Muslim aggression is entirely defeated and suppressed. Is the West up for this?

  3. This sounds like a stage in the demoralization of the target population as described in “The Quranic Cencept of War” by Malik. In this stage, the population is demoralized by being shown the government has lost the ability to protect them. The ultimate objective, of course, is to convert the country to Islam.

    There’s no better way to demoralize the native Germans than to overwhelm the police channels, such that even the most obvious of victims and gang violence fails to get a quick response, or any response, from the police. The population is disarmed and left to fend for itself against feral gangs of Muslims with nothing to do all day.

    I guess the lesson is, it can happen here, and happen readily. Trump may or may not win a second term (historically, unless he self-destructs like Bush’s new taxes, he should be reelected), but then the cycles of Presidential elections strongly suggest a Democratic President will be elected after Trump. At that point, there will be no impediment to the importation of even more feral, economic migrants looking for the best handout.

    • Indigenous citizens living in Western countries must ask themselves one fundamental question? Are you a Patriot who believes in national sovereignty, border protection, rule of law and preserving your culture and language? Or are you a Globalist who supports open borders, worldwide competition for jobs, housing, education and survival of the fittest?

      Forget about voting along party lines. The Prime Minister, Chancellor, President is either a Patriot or Globalist along with his/her administration.

      As more countries fall under Marxist-socialism they will become more dangerous for the indigenous citizens and tourists! I would not want to visit Venezuela, Spain, France and Sweden at present time. Same goes for London, Brussels, Detroit, Minneapolis and other Muslim dominated cities. We have enough untreated, mentally ill people in our own countries to worry about getting murdered or stabbed by random strangers. Absolutely insane for governments to allow unvetted, illiterate savages into Western nations! Thank God we can still bear arms in the 🇺🇸 USA under the Trump administration.

      • I daresay your perception is based on where you live, CL. My partner and I went to Andalucia less than a year ago and never felt insecure, but then we do live in London, she to the north, myself just south of the centre. If some of the pessimistic predictions for western Europe’s immediate future are correct, maybe you and others should make that trip you’ve been promising yourselves before it all goes pear shaped?

  4. Daniel H’s prescription for dealing with the Muslim male mentality may seem extreme, but it is in fact the only effective way. The concept of fair play is unknown to them. The concept of accepting a mild slight and moving on in the logical interest of having a better day than one involving a violent altercation and hence a better future overall is not a currency they deal in. Their less than juvenile conception of masculinity and “honour” precludes moderation and compromise.

    The best analogy I can think of is that of a friend of mine from my 20’s, Phil. A slightly built, shortish, mild-mannered guy who grew up in a working class area, his early high school years were an era of terror due to being physically bullied and tormented by one much larger classmate on a daily basis. One day in woodworking class, Phil found himself next to his tormentor at a work bench. The teacher was looking in another direction or distracted in some other way. Phil picked up a plane and silently swung the heavy metal tool into his unsuspecting tormentor’s head. The tormentor dropped to the ground and didn’t get up for a few minutes.

    “You could have killed him Phil! You could have been charged with serious assault!”

    Phil shrugged and mildly replied: “He never spoke or did anything to me again. He never even made eye contact with me again”

    Regrettably this is the way the Western world must deal with the Muslim world if it wants to survive. At the beginning and again at the end of the 1973 Yom Kippur war, Israeli Defence Minister Moshe Dayan recommended that Israel commit a nuclear strike against Damascus. He was overruled by Prime Minister Golda Meir. Dayan’s thinking at the outset of the war was: this will stop the Syrian ( and Egyptian) attack upon Israel. His thinking at the end of the war was: this will send an unambiguous message to the Arab-Muslim world that trying to destroy Israel will result in severe consequences. In simple terms: “Don’t do it again!”

    That time has passed and I’m not advocating nuclear strikes by any nation upon any other nation. Contemplate, however, how the Middle East would have been since 1973 if Dayan’s advice had been acted upon. Does anyone imagine that Iran today would be threatening Israel with nuclear annihilation? That Hezbollah in Lebanon would be amassing stockpiles of missiles to attack Israel from the north and Hamas would be launching missiles from Gaza into Israel from the south as a matter of routine? No. They wouldn’t dare do so for fear of the possible consequences.

    Meir’s concerns in 1973 were partly humanitarian and partly concern that the world would bear a huge animus towards Israel for using nuclear weapons for the third time in human history and that the Muslim world would thereafter be implacably hostile towards Israel. Could the world at large in the 21st century be any more opposed to Israel than it is now? Could the Muslim world be any more hostile towards Israel than it is now? I very much doubt it.

    And. in terms of the quantum of human suffering. would a 1973 nuclear strike upon Damacus be remotely comparable to the human suffering that has been taking place in Syrua for the past five years? No. The Syrian military killed 20,000, possibly more, Syran citizens in Hama in 1982 by aerial and artillery bombardment and the world paid no attention; the episode is barely known or remembered. Would the PLO and its allies have started a civil war in Lebanon in 1975 in order to create a Muslim state committed to the destruction of Israel? Unlikely. And now Hezbollah rules Lebanon and the future of the Lebanese Christian communities is looking very bleak.

    • I don’t agree with you.

      After the initial attack, Israel was on the ropes. They didn’t prepare their troops or positions, either because of faulty intelligence or, as some claim, they were acting on the advice of Nixon’s Secretary of State, Kissinger, who advised them not to provoke the Egyptians. In any case, it was a strategic, possibly fatal, blunder on the part of Israel.

      After the initial Israeli setbacks, they were able to regain the initiative because of massive airlifts from the US ordered by Nixon. It’s quite possible that one of the conditions of the airlift was that Israel not use its nuclear bombs.

      So, actually Israel had only one major opportunity to use nuclear weapons: at the very beginning, as soon as it was attacked. This would have saved Israel without massive US dependence, and would indeed have established Israel as being extremely dangerous to attack. No reasonable person could really have criticized Israel for saving itself.

      Bombing after the war would likely have broken agreements and trust with the US and still establish Israel as indecisive. Israel would not have shown itself to be independent of massive US assistance, and worse, such assistance in the future would be jeopardized. So, the window of opportunity was at the beginning. If Golda Meir was too indecisive to use the nuclear option at the beginning, when Israel was actually threatened, then it would have made matters worse to use them at the end.

      What’s more, there’s no way to say that it would have had a positive effect on the future of Syrians, since the very deadly Syrian civil war was sponsored by the CIA supporting Islamist “non-terror” groups rebelling against the Syrian government, for reasons I am still unclear on.

      • The pipeline. It’s all about the natural gas pipeline, in my opinion. The intelligence services are dedicated to stopping Russia from securing any more gas pipelines into Europe. Since Assad is a Russian client, he must go. We only want pipelines through territory controlled by OUR thugs and despots.

        • I would have thought a stable Assad-ruled secular Syria was pretty much in the West’s and Russia’s interests. Syria had been more or less quiescent since 1973.

          • Not if you have keeping Russia down as your greatest priority. Then your interests include toppling Assad, to keep the Russians from building or controlling more pipelines.

      • I agree especially with your second last paragraph.Using a touch pad, I can’t make a substantive reply, but I’m sure you would agree with my overarching point that had Israel nuked Damascus at the outset, things would have been very different in the Middle East power dynamic subsequently.

  5. Julius, you make my thoughts drift away…. a nuclear strike? The kaaba transformed into a tiny piece of glas, the arab world back in stone age busy 15 hours a day with providing subsistence? And in some years, maybe a vacation home on the Mediterranean coast east of St.Tropez with good food and wine…but without muslim zealots.

    • There existed a more pragmatic alternative to keeping the Arab-Muslim world in its millennia-long backwardness. The Islamic resurgence of the C20th has been fuelled solely by oil money (see the Daniel Yergin book).

      In order to secure the oil resources of Ibn Saud’s newly-minted Kingdom, FDR sucked up to the King. As the British already controlled the oil-producing Persian Gulf statelets from Kuwait to the now-UAE (including Bahrain and Qatar), as well as inland Mesopotamian oil fields and those of Persia on the northern side of the Gulf, the US could have filled in the exceptionally thinly-populated gap between Kuwait & Bahrain by engaging in some neo-colonialism and created a US-controlled emirate just as the British did and told the poor and technologically backward (Ibn Saud conquered the central New-Riyadh area with swords not guns) Saudi Kingdom (whose primary source of revenue was fees collected from haj pilgrims to Mecca) to go jump in the lake.

      The British and US should have just held fast and robustly retained their control of the Persian Gulf littoral indefinitely. No oil money, no modern arms, no power, no vast Arabian & Iranian population explosion and therefore no spread of Islam. When Western do-gooders and locals belated about autonomy post-WW2 the US and UK should have responded:”Sorry fellas, your oil is far too strategically important to the economy of Western civilisation for us to let you tribal barbarians to have any control over it”.

  6. If Islam is at war with the rest of the world (it is, in fact) than ground zero is Mecca. The ONLY way Islam has been kept from spreading its truly vile teachings and arrogance in the past was with ruthless subjugation, colonization and humiliation.

    • Agreed. Your second sentence should spill from the lips of every sober minded Western statesman, historian and commentator. It is the paramount tragedy of our era that it doesn’t. And it puzzles and deeply perturbs me, and has done so for my entire adult life, that it doesn’t as it is so obvious.

  7. Note that this happened in the German – Polish border town Frankfurt at the Oder ( river) and not at the bigger better known Frankfurt at the Mainz ( river) .
    This German city lies a stones throw away from Poland , I still have to check what and if the Polish media have written about this attack . Warsaw is seeing an influx of foreigners since a few years now , bangladeshies , Indians , Africans , the city will become more and more like Western Europe if this trend keeps up at the pace it is going now .

  8. >>If Islam is at war with the rest of the world (it is, in fact) than ground zero is Mecca.

    Ground zero is Islam itself, or the Koran, same thing.

    Western intelligence, military and police agencies spend enormous time and resources looking for active Muslim “conspiracies”, replete with communications infrastructure, financing, member rosters, stockpiled weapons, etc.. They are wasting their time, missing the point and endangering westerners. The conspiracy is not tangible, it is abstract. Today’s mechanical engineering or medical student is (literally) tomorrow’s jihadi. Ten Muslims, 5 Muslims, 2 Muslims, 1 Muslim…….none need communication, logistics or planning from a central source other than Islam itself as the source. ISLAM IS THE CONSPIRACY. All Muslim men are potential soldiers in furthering this conspiracy to conquer. Once they are tuned into Islam they are a great danger to the rest of us.

    It is too much to expect Islam to be defeated, but it is not too much to expect that Islam be neutered, that it be quarantined, bounded and hounded, the way it had been for hundreds of years, before the late 20th century. Our governments are failing us.

  9. “It is too much to expect Islam to be defeated, but it is not too much to expect that Islam be neutered, that it be quarantined, bounded and hounded, the way it had been for hundreds of years, before the late 20th century. Our governments are failing us.”

    Indeed. Neutered and quarantined would have sufficed. Imagine how the world would be now if that had taken place, beginning with decisive Western action to restrain Turkey post-WW1 from expunging its large non-Muslim minority populations: Armenians, Greeks, Jews and others.

    Certainly preventing Iran from going theocratic in 1979 would have been an even more important step. Thank you France for hosting the Ayatollah in Paris for decades and enabling him to orchestrate the Islamic revolution from there. Idiocy!

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