Boys Just Want to Have Fun

An Afghan “youth” was about to be deported. It was his last day in Sweden, and he wanted to have some fun. So he got a bottle of whiskey and…

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from Fria Tider:

Rape when he should be deported: “It was the last day and I should have fun”

August 15, 2018

The day after the rape, the locale NSD published a long article about how bad it was about the Afghan for his expulsion.

The raped woman was found unconscious and half-naked on a pier in Luleå. Now the suspected rapist is being prosecuted — a 22-year-old Afghan who was to be deported from Sweden.

“This was the last day. I should just have fun,” explained the Afghan when the police arrested him for the rape.

It was at 7:24am on Sunday when the police were alerted that a lifeless woman lay on the ground at the pier at Lulsundsgatan in Luleå.

An elderly couple had been alarmed after seeing from a distance that an Afghan in a nearby gazebo had intercourse with a woman who was completely “limp”.

The woman had been visiting the harbor festival in Luleå. She had taken a large number of anxiolytic tablets during the evening, and the last thing she remembered was that the Afghan invited her for whiskey and some other kind of drink, and explained that he was going to have sex with her.

When the police came to the scene, the woman lay unconscious at the pier with her upper body naked. The 22-year-old Afghan said to the police that it was his “last day” and that he “was only having fun”.

The Afghan came to Sweden during the asylum wave and applied for asylum in October 2015. The Swedish Migration Board rejected his application in August 2017, and in January 2018 the decision took effect. On June 25, two weeks before the rape, the man was sent to the police for expulsion.

Got his own newspaper article in the local newspaper

Norrländsk Socialdemokraten, NSD, published a so-called sob story article about Afghanistan on the day after the rape, the local newspaper’s left journalist Linda Kask reported.

Kast said, among other things, that the suspected rapist risked “being killed for his faith” if he were expelled, because he now claims that he is an “atheist”. In the article, the 22-year-old puts out the text that he is at risk of being persecuted by the “Taliban” at home in Afghanistan.

“Now I do not know how my life will be. When you live without a residence permit and with several refusal decisions, you do not know anything,” said the 22-year-old to NSD.

“I’ve participated in the Justice Party”

In police hearings after the rape, the suspected rapist maintains that he is sorry for it.

“I’m going to feel — really, I have received four rejection decisions, and I’m worried about my parents,” he explained via a Dari interpreter.

He also mentions that he has been in a left-wing party and fought against “racism”.

“I have been in the Justice party. They work against racism and sexism. I have been outside of liquor stores several Fridays and collected signatures. Everyone knows what I have for values and what I stand for,” said the Afghan to the interrogator.

7 thoughts on “Boys Just Want to Have Fun

  1. Based upon the Swedish values system, this fellow could be elected in a landslide. He should start his campaign from jail, and upon released in 5-6 weeks he can walk right into elected office.

  2. Is it really common for the sweedish system to not detain people scheduled to be deported so they can’t attempt crimes that would see them stay in their preferred country longer?

  3. Shocking as it seems, yes he could be elected. I am not for that, nor I suspect is Dr. Turley – see his videos – the days of the left are numbered (fortunately) so this guy may have no chance of a political career. With the left Yes for sure

  4. As shocking as it may seem, yes he could be elected. I agree with Bigfoot, however see Dr. Turley’s videos. The days of the left are numbered – so maybe not.

  5. “Everyone knows what I have for values and what I stand for,” said the Afghan to the interrogator.”

    Yeah, we do. But it’s heartening to know that he is against “sexism” – a rather idiosyncratic rhetorical position to espouse when one is a rapist.

  6. The Swedes sound like a nation of children. The article doesn’t give the age of the raped girl: it could have been anywhere from 13 to, say, 29. The parents, the media, and the government should sponsor public announcements that Swedish girls should have nothing to do with refugees, and most important, don’t put themselves in a position where they are vulnerable (drugged and drunk).

    Wouldn’t it be cool for the Swedish Democrats to make such warnings part of their campaign literature? Besides perhaps actually doing some good, they would be pounded on by people who want the immigrants to come in. It’s like Trump saying something outrageous about immigrants and making sure that the people who would never vote for him anyway will, for sure, not vote for him now.

    I’m afraid as long as parents cede their parenting roles to the state or to political correctness, their daughters will be vulnerable.

  7. There are too many there already. No point just stopping further immig. Needs those there to be outed. That will never happen. The foothold is very strong and the damage irreparable.

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