Orban and Salvini’s Concerted Push-Back

Look out, Merkel and Macron. The water must be above your ankles by now. Keep bailing!

Dr. Turley again, talking about the eventual Fail of the globalist EU and its replacement by an updated version. One with border security and cultural pride.

When you open the video, move the bar over to 1:00 minute to skip the annoying commercial. YooTube said it would begin at 1:00 minute, but it lied. Too bad Turley’s doing that. It detracts considerably from his message.

I believe Vlad Tepes is working on a subtitled video of the Orban/Salvini meeting. That should be entertaining; Salvini missed his calling as an actor who proclaims with gusto.

It’s good to know the important things that the MSM doesn’t bother reporting.

5 thoughts on “Orban and Salvini’s Concerted Push-Back

  1. As my son says, “irony is destiny in action…”

    The considerable energy that the political establishment is expending on encouraging Europeans to see the world in a global rather than a national sense is itself the driving force behind the growth of nationalism.

    “International nationalism” – It’s kinda beautiful! You’ve got to laugh.

    • International nationalism is a countersense. But alliances are important. And ideas are even more important to spread and share. I think all these meetings, that we will see in next months, are just electoral spots for the next (irrilevant) european elections. At Eu “parliament” orban with its party Fidesz is member of PPE (the greater coalition) while salvini with Lega is within ENF.

  2. In other news, the EUSSR is telling Australia that a huge trade deal is at risk if Australia doesn’t knuckle under and abide by the (now meaningless with the USA now out of it and China being allowed to do what it likes) Paris Accord. The (shiny) new Australian Prime Minister is trying to back down from Paris in an effort to make electricity affordable and reliable. It’s been getting less and less affordable lately, and forecasts of reliability are increasingly unfavourable. God has blessed us with abundant coal, but . . .

  3. Hi Dymphna. Off topic, but still on it: Google ‘The Press Dewsbury’ – and go to ‘Ed Lines’ 10th of August 2018 for an interesting editorial that transforms into a debate. I think you will find it interesting.

  4. It’s now obvious that the globalist hegemony over the EU has an agenda that is intolerant to the idea of national cultures and national identity. From about 1995, it was obvious that cracks were going to form because of the adoption of the Euro currency.

    Back then, I remember wondering how the EU would get around the high school level mistake of trying to have many different economic systems try to use a single currency. Later, that entire train of thought would prove I [was] correct. The architects of the EU put in a flaw so integral to its overall design that the organization’s fundamental nature would be to trample over nationhood, the single currency acting as a weapon.

    Mr. Orban and Mr. Salvini are right to oppose the EU in its current form, but at this point, I doubt that the organization can actually be saved.

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