Avi Yemini vs. the Facebook Behemoth

Avi Yemini is a Jewish Australian who is also a veteran of the Israel Defense Forces. He is a conservative activist and a candidate for public office. Recently he has been an outspoken advocate for white South African farmers who are currently facing expropriation and genocide.

A few days ago Mr. Yemini’s Facebook page was abruptly taken down. He was unable to get any answers to his questions about why his page was removed, so he has come to New York to confront Facebook in person, and is planning to file a crowd-funded lawsuit against the company.

Vlad Tepes interviewed Avi Yemini yesterday via skype:

2 thoughts on “Avi Yemini vs. the Facebook Behemoth

  1. I wish him good luck . South Africa needs people like him to tell the world of the soul destruction taking place there .

  2. Interesting, given the heading in your daily news about the expropriation that has officially begun.

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