A Summer Weekend in Sweden

Our Swedish correspondent Svenne Tvaerskaegg sends this grim report on the culture-enriching changes experienced by native Swedes during their summer excursions to the beach.

A summer weekend in Sweden

by Svenne Tvaerskaegg

A heat wave has been shimmering over northern Europe for the last few weeks. Temperatures in Sweden have been soaring, hitting daily highs of 30 degrees Celsius (86F) and more. And it is the height of the holiday season, so many families are spending their days at the beach, picnicking, sunbathing and taking dips in the sea or in one of Sweden’s hundreds of cool, blue lakes.

Unfortunately, a pleasant day at the beach in modern, multicultural Sweden isn’t what it used to be. Gangs of immigrant youths are invading many of Sweden’s beaches and making life very unpleasant for Swedish families enjoying themselves there. Last weekend the summer idyll on the beach of Lannabadet in central Sweden was shattered when a gang, according to police, “ran amok” across the beach screaming, shouting and threatening sunbathers. When the gang started attacking children and pushing them into the water one woman spoke up and asked them to stop. She soon had to back down when the gang turned on her, calling her a “Swedish whore” and threatening her and her daughter. The police were called and managed to calm the situation, but the woman who spoke up and asked the gang to stop says she will never visit Lannabadet beach again. She says the biggest disappointment for her was the attitude of the other Swedes on the beach. No one came to back her up. While the gang were assaulting Swedish children they sat passively on their blankets looking scared. Some turned their heads away and pretended not to notice.[1]

It is easy to condemn the cowardice of the Swedes in not standing up to the gang, but the price for intervening can be high.

Another and more serious incident took place two days later on the beach of Långö near the town of Karlskrona. An immigrant gang showed up and started terrorizing the beach, eventually turning their attention to two young people, and began to harass them. Scared for their safety and wanting to get out of a dangerously escalating situation as quickly as possible, they telephoned their father to come and pick them up. Their father happened to be a high-profile local politician and an eager multiculturalist who has worked all his political life to bring the benefits of multiculturalism to Karlskrona. When he arrived at the beach he applied all his political skills to defuse the situation. It would be best for everyone if conflict could be amicably resolved. People can have their differences but with good will everyone can live together in peace and harmony in the new, multicultural Sweden. His words of conciliation were to no avail.

The gang turned on the father. Shouting “F***ing Swede” they kicked him to the ground and gave him a protracted and savage beating in front of his terrified children. An ambulance was called and he was rushed to hospital with fractures to his skull and jaw, but his injuries were so severe the local hospital had to transfer him to the nearby city of Lund for an emergency operation.

His distraught wife, also a local politician and an ardent supporter of multiculturalism, shows some of the disillusion increasing numbers of Swedes are beginning to have about multiculturalism when she wrote on Facebook of her husbands attackers:

I want to hate you so much. I want to hate you for the pain I see in my husband’s eyes. I want to hate you for the pain I see in our children. I want to hate you because the man you call a “f***ing Swede” and whom you savagely attacked is a man who eagerly fights for diversity in his everyday life. Just so you can have equal rights like everyone else.

No one has so far been arrested, and police are appealing for witnesses to come forward.[2]


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42 thoughts on “A Summer Weekend in Sweden

  1. “I want to hate you so much. I want to hate you for the pain I see in my husband’s eyes. I want to hate you for the pain I see in our children. I want to hate you because the man you call a “f***ing Swede” and whom you savagely attacked is a man who eagerly fights for diversity in his everyday life. Just so you can have equal rights like everyone else.”

    Although it’s hard to sympathise I can understand how and why she was so illusioned before. Not her fault.

    Those in real control have no such illusions however.

    Cicero comes to mind.

    • She says what she says, but how much of it is dictated by her eagerness to maintain her position and income? I don’t believe that she doesn’t know what’s going on – but as they say, there’s none so blind as those that will not see.

      • The political traitor class know what’s going on all right, they’re just hoping against hope to see out the miserable political careers before the looming catastrophe they created really kicks in.

  2. “Their father happened to be a high-profile local politician and an eager multiculturalist who has worked all his political life to bring the benefits of multiculturalism to Karlskrona.”

    Intelligence is the capacity to learn from our own mistakes. Wisdom is the capacity to learn from the mistakes of others.

  3. I recently returned from a trip to the land of the new Ottoman sultanate; the flight home passed over what used to be known as Sweden. From my window I could see Malmo below, and the bridge linking it with Copenhagen. From a sufficient altitude, everything looks normal and it is difficult to reconcile that appearance with the multiculti hell that Sweden has turned into.

    I recently finished reading a book about the last days of Byzantium and the fall of Constantinople to the Ottomans. The parallels to our own era are disturbing. What surprised me was how close the city’s defenders came to breaking the siege, and how as many few as a hundred extra defenders might have made the difference between defeat and victory for the Byzantines. And how much the Ottomans were aided by Westerners willing to sell them the rope used for their own hanging.

    So, do we help those who have gotten themselves into such a mess and do not want to be helped? Abandon them to the fate which they themselves made? And how exactly does one help anyway?

    • List all the traitors and when the war comes if ever , then eliminate them first , for the enemy within is worse than the enemy on the front.

      Concerning your first paragraph , listen to Bette Middlers From a Distance . It is a perfect copy of what you said.

  4. Unfortunately the guy was not killed, I am sure he will have consequences that he will never forget.it is better to stay alive and to finally grasp the truth
    Slowly the rabid left will die of rabies.as we all know rabies Is a fatal disease.

  5. When I read no one has been arrested I thought they were referring to the wife’s post. That is what I expect to read. Maybe because she only wants to… She is lying to herself. She hates them and may eventually hate herself.

    • She already hates herself, that’s why she believes in turning Swedes into a minority within their own country. All western European politicians are infected by the same malignancy. She helped bring it, she owns it. No sympathy.

  6. Unfortunately for the left, some other cultures do not share their assumption that we are all born equal and can therefore all live in harmony.

    Islam is a religion of terror, because terror brings power and power is intoxicating. Terrorize the beach and the people go away, the beach is yours…..

    The left is a religion of terror too, but emotional terror – backed up by the terror of forcible ‘exclusion’ from that same enforced ‘harmony’ (the main religious meme of socialism). Islam is thus fast disproving the basic religious assumptions of socialism and exposing socialism’s blatant flaws.

  7. Finally, some Karma. Now, how many more Bureaucrats have to personally endure what hundreds before them have already experienced? I have no sympathy for this idiot. He was stupid enough to think that the whole world is just like him. Surprise, surprise!

    • Yes. Western liberals have convinced themselves that the whole world wishes nothing more than to be like them.

      • You’re probably right about the figure being higher, but I don’t want to fall into the trap of exaggeration so I err on the conservative side with these numbers.

  8. The price may be high, but if all the Swedes backed the woman up I doubt the migrants would’ve had a chance. They only provoke and attack when their numbers a higher. That’s why our media keeps pressing the “there aren’t many muslims in Czechia” card, except nobody buys it because 1) we know that’s how it went down in West Europe and 2) our gypsy minority behaves much the same.

    I wonder if this politian and his family will learn and begin to work on making things just, or if it’s gonna end like that one case with the Swedish minister (or so) who was brutally raped by a migrant invading his home and yet he pleaded the court to forgive the criminal as he didn’t know any better (I mean really, you have to be a hardcore masochist to forgive that…).

  9. Two children will now view their own country with trepidation and they also now know that their father can’t protect them. The only positive here is that it happened to a politician, someone who’s in a position to influence those around them. Whether this lesson is learnt or not wont change much though, it’s a lesson that needs to be learnt several thousand times over across the whole country, across the whole of the western world.

    No one died this time; those children’s faith in their father might have taken a hit, but at least they still have one.

  10. He assumed his position was too lofty for Moslems to attack him. Maybe he has learnt something. Yet I doubt it.

  11. Absolutely. No. Sympathy. For. IYIs. – and their children had best prepare themselves for a lot worse to come!!

  12. “She says the biggest disappointment for her was the attitude of the other Swedes on the beach. No one came to back her up.”

    And do what exactly? They have been disarmed, emasculated, and propagandized to the point of being unable to react. Imagine their shock at discovering everything they had been told about the poor refugees was turning out false. Their brains were probably exploding at that point. If they did react, they would be arrested. Now she is suggesting that Swedes in a public place commit assaults? Who would stick their neck out in that toxic environment? You have absolutely nothing to gain, and you would be publically pilloried by the leftist media, not to mention being hauled off to jail. It would take a pretty brave person to do that.

    • “Brave” = STUPID (there, fixed it.)

      The Swedes have made their bed and CONTINUE to vote that way–iffen they should find it ‘uncomfortable’ they know who is to blame.

      Too bad about the kids, though–maybe they can emigrate in time.

      • There will be an election in Sweden in September. Watch out for some startling results. The people know already and they are fed up enough to overcome the political correctness.

  13. I’m still trying to figure out exactly what are the “benefits” of multiculturalism.

  14. A few guns scattered amongst the beachgoers’ purses would have made society worse than what actually happened?

    • The migrants have plenty of guns and ammunition and explosives.

      The only was disarming the populace works is if you have a government who represses EVERYONE, not just the native-born, law-abiding citizens.

      Places like Baltimore, filled with Mexican drug gangs, have lots and lots of guns, too. As do the druggers in southside Chicago. No policeman can ever be paid enough to go in there and clean out the firepower.

      So, in other words, WIlliam, “a few guns scattered amongst the beachgoers’ purses” would have made for a blood bath on both sides…especially when one side is so very malign.

      • I don’t know, Dymphna. Maybe blood bath is better than dhimmi submission for the next 1400 years. Fewer total deaths over long period.
        Isn’t symmetry what we try to do in international power balancing? E.g. giving Ukraine more lethal weapons even though Russia is malign?

        • Yes, it is a bad thing. If those evil people were facing off against expert marksmen, then families would have a chance. How many Swedish children would be killed in your not-BAD “thing”, where “thing” = massacre of the innocents?

          Lock and load, boyo.

          • Such a massacre of innocents might have been the catalyst needed to ensure that the Swedish Democrats win an outright majority in the coming elections. Nothing changes until a drastic event occurs that gives clarity to the situation.

            Or it could have become just another excuse to create a pile of teddy bears, flowers and candles a kilometer high.

          • Are you serious? Where did you get your moral compass?? Gag me. Obviously you won’t be putting any of YOUR children on that sacrificial altar.

            Shame on you.

          • Uhhhh………………….since you bring it up…..

            It is the ISLAMIC ENEMY who TARGETS the children.
            That is WHAT THEY DO.
            Their own brand of arabic ‘srechlichkeit’ as it were–going after their enemy’s children to induce terror. History shows us too many examples for me to have to list even a couple of them here.
            The islamic’s enemy here, of course, is the little Swedish kiddy-poos on the beach, their mommies and daddies not so much.
            Were the Natives to fire, I would find it strange in the extreme they would end up hitting their own kids, what with them being so short ‘n all and not wearing those burkas and beards either.
            (This present brand of gook {every generation seems to get its own} is not too great in the marksmanship department. Alleyha guides their shots, you see. No need for those gun ‘sights’ thingys atall.) Average beer-can plinkin’ Swedes would do just fine.

  15. What do you want to bet that he will STILL keep issuing boilerplate ‘nice nice’ and multiculti drivel along with his wife and children until he croaks of it.

  16. Many more multi-culti libtards must suffer the consequences of their delusional policies. It might knock some sense into them.

  17. So 1 out of 100 politicians experiences repercussions from their own stupidity. That will not stop the other 99.

  18. When it’s slaughter time, few people have sympathy for sheep and rabbits.
    That is just how it is.
    But Sweden and the EU have brainwashed their citizens into becoming politically correct sheep and rabbits.
    Rape their daughter in front of them, kill their parents, and they have nothing with which to respond.
    Nothing. Except some timid squeaking noises.

  19. I know it is very cold of me to say this, but I could care less for the distress of the wife of the male Politician who was terribly beaten.

    I have also, zero empathy for him. Why?

    Because whenever I start feeling sorry for him (or his wife), I think of all the women in Sweden who have been gang raped. Who have been assaulted. Terrorized. Slaughtered.

    Their blood is on the hands of Politicians such as the wife and husband on the beach. A savage beating is, effectively, brutal, but poetic, justice.

    In other words, this horrible attack that they suffered is simply, their consequences for their actions. Its just a terrible pity that countless innocent Swede’s have also had to suffer the consequences owned by that couple and others like them.

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