Tommy’s Home!

The constant pacing you see is one of the manifestations of PTSD. Months of solitary will do that.

Lord, but I’m glad to see his Irish mug. It eases the heart.

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  1. Me too, Dymphna, me too. So glad to see him reunited with his family. He’s looking thinner and very strained – verging on gaunt. His face bears the imprint of suffering.

    I hope the holiday gives them private time to recover from the trauma of the past few months. Best wishes to them all.

    • The loss of weight isn’t drastic, he needed to lose a few beer pounds no doubt. But the stress must have been nigh on intolerable. So his adrenals are worn out and thus he becomes more susceptible to the various illnesses that children bring home with them. He’ll probably come down with something or other unless he is resistant to kid germs…

      • I just watched Ezra Levant’s interview of Tommy in his home yesterday. At the end Ezra states that Tommy lost around 42 pounds. And he wasn’t a large framed man to begin with. His eyes are sunken and his voice is weak. For him to lose that amount of weight in two months is drastic.

        • I agree; it’s too much too quickly. Don’t you wonder if his voice is weak due to being in solitary with few human exchanges? Solitary confinement is supposed to be limited to something like a fortnight or so. I forget the exact limit but the UK is violating its own law in order to keep him safe punish him.

  2. He looks worn. It’s terrible. Happy, but gaunt. It’s actually rather frightening. And I still don’t understand how an entire class of people (journalists) can put so much energy into pillorying HIM rather than the men who gang-raped young girls in positively gruesome fashion. I’m out of my mind with bewilderment.

    • Plum –

      Just as small sins, unattended to, can grow into big ones, a little cowardice, not acknowledged for what it is, can mushroom. Examination of conscience is never an easy thing … but if it isn’t done, the conscience atrophies, like an unused muscle.

      The media were so terrified of being accused of racism that they turned a blind eye to the Rotherham Muslim grooming gangs and epidemic child rape. They have guilty (vestigial) consciences, and now must (subconsciously) justify to themselves their earlier cowardice. They CANNOT give Tommy his due.

      Similarly, the U.S. media were so enamoured of the idea of electing the first ‘black’ (sic) President that they didn’t do their jobs, and vet him properly. (Shades of the Canadian media’s ‘Trudeaumania,’ with our first Prime Minister of that name.)

      By the 3rd year of his first term it was clear what a disaster Obama was, but the media knew they were largely responsible for getting him elected, so they had a vested interest: protect their guilty consciences, for having saddled the country with an Alinsky-ite.

      So the media doubled down, and helped get Obama a 2nd term. To justify themselves, unable / unwilling to admit their previous mistake.

      As Marshall McLuhan said, “The modern media is engaged in a Luciferian conspiracy against the truth.”

      It starts with an unexamined conscience, which in time becomes a silent and ignored conscience.

      Here endeth my sermon. (Oh wait. It’s NOT Sunday, you say?)

  3. I think he should move to the US, his family has a target on their foreheads in Englandstan. They are not safe from the ummah.
    He can continue his work more effectively from this side of the pond. And arm himself.
    He looks gaunt and thin. Hope he can ger over his ordeal.

    • It’s very unlikely he would move to the US simply because he loves his home country and has work to do to save it.

      I myself have been asked numerous times about moving to the US to escape the judicial persecution and oppression. My answer is: much as I love the US I love my country even more. And my country needs me now.

      • Yes. One’s culture and country are a large part of who one is. To pack up and leave would diminish both, especially if children are involved.

    • I agree with you. TR and his family are not out of the woods yet.
      If they can’t break him in prison the British elite will find other ways to destroy him.
      They could order MI5 to kidnap his daughter and hand her over to one of the many islamic rape gangs still operating. That would really destroy TR.
      Every man has a breaking point.

  4. Marvelous news! And so nice to see the family reunion. He was weary but not defeated. And the Authorities now know for sure Tommy is an internationally known and supported activist, who will be well represented in court. That will give the Authorities something to think about while Tommy and family are away on holiday.

  5. I think he looks well. Smart white shirt, standing straight and proud, his wonderful smile still beaming. He’s been through the mill, but with all the love that he has he can deal with it.

  6. So relieved and happy that Tommy is safely back with his family. I would like to see him get a big compensation payment for the Injustice he has suffered.

    • I think his parents came over from Ireland. It’s definitely not any further back than his grandparents.

    • As a matter of fact, consider how many of the most prominent and dedicated Counterjihad activists in Britain are ethnic Irish: Tommy, Anne Marie Waters, Pat Condell, others whom I know personally, but who stay out of the spotlight. The Irish have an ornery spirit, as my wife demonstrates.

      On the other hand, Paul Weston and Seneca III are English. So it’s an Anglo-Hibernian alliance.

    • Graham, that’s Irish DNA. He and his family “assimilated” into English culture. If he can do it, then so can other immigrants. They, too, could say with all their heart, “for St. George”. But the bully boy Brits are beating that out of him, aren’t they??

      • Nobody has beaten anything out of him.
        I wouldn’t worry to much about him.
        Tommy is the quintessential British streetfighter tough as nails and meaner than a yunkyard dog. He’ll go down and up again to fight another day.
        He has an all consuming fire raging inside of him, the future of his children.
        He may be down but he is far from out.

        • I don’t think Tommy is down or out, but he is obviously suffering the aftermath of another imprisonment designed to let the Muslims get at him without doing real physical damage. When I saw his interview on Tucker Carlson tonight, I was annoyed that they didn’t give him enough time to speak his piece.

          Tommy is worn down. There are specific treatments for PTSD and I hope he gets them. His family need a whole man back.

  7. Hoping the prison authorities hang their head in shame.
    They have a legal duty of care to all their charges.
    My understanding is that TR is an accredited journalist
    Therefore the whole arrest and ridiculously swift
    Conviction reeks of a political set up.
    God bless him and his family.

  8. There’s a man who refused to kneel. Scary prospect to tyrants, an inspiration to free people.

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