“Youths” Torch Buildings and Cars in the Suburbs of Nantes

There have been nightly riots in the banlieues of the French city of Nantes for the last few days after a “youth” was shot to death by police. The puir wee bairn had rammed a cop with his car, trying to run him over, so the police shot him. Oh, the humanity!

Now the mischievous youngsters are engaged in the traditional culture-enriching pastimes of throwing Molotov cocktails at police while torching buildings and cars.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for translating this video report, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below are excerpts from a Breitbart article about the situation in Nantes:

France Police Shooting Riots Enter Second Night

Cars were burned and locals clashed with police in the French city of Nantes on Tuesday and Wednesday nights after police fatally shot a 22-year-old who tried to avoid a police checkpoint.

The initial incident occurred at around 8:30 in the evening in the Breil area when officers at a routine police checkpoint stopped a vehicle over the driver not wearing a seatbelt but could not determine the man’s identity.

When the officers received orders to bring the 22-year-old driver in for questioning he sped off, hitting an officer, and was shot during his escape, RFI reports.

Police sources noted that the 22-year-old, identified by Le Parisien as Aboubakar Fofana, was declared dead on arrival to the hospital as the bullet had punctured his carotid artery.

Thirty cars were burned during the course of Tuesday night and several buildings were either set on fire or rioters attempted to set them ablaze. The riots continued overnight Wednesday into Thursday, and eleven people have been detained.

“I saw everything burning. There were fires in the bins, the cars. They were breaking everything. It lasted ages,” a witness said. Rioting and car burnings also occurred in the areas of Dervallieres and Malakoff.


It has also been revealed that Fofana, nicknamed “the wolf” locally, was wanted and had a warrant out for his arrest for theft as a member of an organised gang, concealment, and criminal association.

Video transcript:

01:02   After death of a delinquent
01:06   during a traffic stop, the town of Nantes experiences violent riots,
01:10   urban guerilla warfare that resembles the Villiers-le-Bel riots [2007], and which could spread
01:15   to all the French project-suburbs, which need just one spark to cause them to burst in flames.
01:44   Good evening ladies and gentlemen.
01:48   Nantes in blood and in flames! Tuesday evening during a traffic stop a 22-years-old delinquent
01:52   was shot dead. The man allegedly tried to run over a police officer with
01:56   his car during a traffic stop. Shortly after the incident, violent riots began.
02:00   A flame of violence was ignited in Nantes on Tuesday night during
02:04   a traffic stop. A 22-year-old was shot dead
02:09   by one of the officers while trying to escape. The man named
02:13   Abu-Bakr F. allegedly tried to crush a police officer by running him over
02:17   in reverse gear. One officer was slightly wounded in the knee.
02:21   In contrast, the driver, who was shot in the carotid artery, died upon arrival at the hospital.
02:25   The judiciary police and the national police have initiated an investigation to shed light on
02:29   the events. The [news about the] unfortunate result of the police control
02:33   quickly spread in the so called “sensitive neighborhoods” of Nantes, and
02:37   riots erupted. Law enforcement was met with Molotov cocktails,
02:42   and a large number of vehicles were set ablaze, as well as a medical center
02:46   and neighboring offices. Something to provide jobs again to
02:50   the future Borloo Plan [more money for “youths”]. Nearly 200 police officers were sent to the site
02:54   in order to control the violence. The socialist mayor Johanna Rolland, worried about safety
02:58   in her town, Nantes, quickly chose sides, declaring that her first
03:03   thoughts went to the dead young man and to his family and to all the inhabitants
03:07   of the neighborhood. The mayor added that the police and the justice system should
03:11   shed the light on what happened. So not a single word about police officers,
03:15   who consider that they were acting in legitimate self-defense,
03:19   because the driver was trying to run them over. To top it all,
03:23   the mayor, the commander of the judiciary police in the city, exhorted old people as well as
03:27   the fathers and mothers of the neighborhood to get them to call for the return of peace.
03:31   Peace — very rare in the Breil neighborhood, where the events occurred. Last week
03:36   a sixteen-year-old young woman was wounded by a stray bullet during shootings in the projects
03:40   at the very moment when she was closing the shutters. As it happens, police officers were often
03:44   called to intervene in the [no-go-]zone; the arrest yesterday evening was therefore
03:48   very predictable, according to a large number of inhabitants of the city. The death of the driver
03:52   as a result of the traffic stop was therefore a pretext to initiate even more violence,
03:57   which is brewing every day. Last night the rioters were openly screaming their intention
04:01   to do away with the cop, denouncing the police stops of the youth as too frequent,
04:05   I quote: “In order to humiliate”. However, that very traffic stop was far from
04:09   unexpected. The one [Abu Bakr F.] described as “adorable and peaceful” had
04:13   a troubled past. At 22 years of age Abu Bakr F. already had a well-filled
04:17   rap sheet, to the point where he had arrest warrant issued against him for
04:21   organized theft and reselling [stolen goods]. He was known for various thefts,
04:25   death threats, and organized crime. No wonder therefore that the police wished
04:30   to arrest Abu Bakr F. who, moreover, had no ID on him,
04:34   and in the past used the false identity of Mamadou D.
04:38   To crown it all, his car was surveilled as part of an investigation
04:42   of narcotics trafficking. If the [road] control undeniably went wrong,
04:46   it wasn’t in the least unjustified. We will therefore see if the political establishment
04:50   — if the police officers’ version is confirmed —
04:55   will stand its ground or will give in to “community cohesion”.

27 thoughts on ““Youths” Torch Buildings and Cars in the Suburbs of Nantes

  1. This is so wrong, and I really shouldn’t type this, and you shouldn’t pass it on to post it, but I cannot resist.

    Aboubakar Fofana – SERIOUSLY? As in –

    Abou-baker Fo-fana, Ba-na-na fanna, fo-fanna, fee-fi, fo-fanna –

    THAT Aboubaker Fofana?

  2. The time surely can’t be that far off before the police simply throw it all back onto the socialist mayoresses. Speaking of which, there’s one for Paris too, I believe.

    Paris – which once had a song sung about how much it was loved in the springtime and which now reportedly has 400,000 illegal immigrants encamped.


  3. Only good thing in all of this is that the car of the dhimmi mayor was burnt to cinders too.

    This has to be very well understood: when WE autochthons would hear of one of our scoundrels being shot down and killed while breaking the law with risk of deadly injury to a police officer, OUR reaction would be ‘Good Riddance’.

    Not so for muslims and subsaharan culture enrichers.

    The whole of Western Europe is turning into a GI-GAN-TIC powderkeg, and at one point it will explode. […]

    And it will ALL be the fault not only of our politicians who allowed unbridled immigration and appeasement of hostile cultures, but also of our own, for having allowed the leftist cabals to undermine our civilization from within.

    • The actual story seems to be that both the police and the perp knew that the perp was likely to be taken into custody once the police checked him out. The perp tried to escape by using his car, with the policeman reaching in to control the steering wheel, and sensibly keeping his gun at the ready.

      In the melee, the gun went off, and the habitual-criminal perp was accidentally shot while endangering the police with his vehicle.

      Note: using your car to scatter police out of your way is likely to be dangerous to your health.

      • Something along those lines I imagine, maybe the policeman was going for the keys and the driver backed, maybe just fired by accident also. In Spain, a long while back, a policeman shot a tourist dead by tapping on the the side window with his weapon to ask the driver to open it.

        • Reading testimony (from 20minutes primarily) to get a proper idea of what happened. This event bothers me because from personal experience the french police “make mistakes”, even a chief there had commented on the increase of incidents since law relaxing police use of firearms.

          So let’s put aside the riots and the victims foreign background for a moment:

          He was accused of repeated petty crime (theft) and associating with a gang . Sounds heavy , or not…as you want to make of it, from youth letting off and causing mischief through to someone who had a life of crime ahead. He had moved to family in Nantes to change scene, start afresh…or escape prosecution, as you want to make of it.

          He gave a false name and had no ID on him (because of the above), waited half an hour at the checkpoint, panicked or got fed up, started the motor and was shot just as the vehicle started moving , the vehicle continuing backwards by itself through into a neighbouring garden. There were no children behind, no policemen jumping out of the way, nothing , that was all invented according to testimony and later police admission.

          So a rebellious youth, troublemaker, or petty criminal…gets shot at close range for trying to pull away from a police stop, presumably shot by accident, maybe on purpose, and the police try to cover that up.

          I think if a local (as in neighbourhood) white youth was shot this way there would be riots or blowback of some kind also. So to me the scene is a mixture of class/race/politics, where people are going to identify somewhere or other, with the police, or blacks, or lower class etc. , in other words a tense cauldron.

          Personally I am happier out of the country is all I can say, no wish to get caught up one way or the other as none of the reasonable solutions to the country’s difficulties are being taken by its people.

  4. So, how long before citizens and government officials look at situations like this and instead of dispatching the police, send to Corsica for the Foreign Legion, who won’t stand for any of these shenanigans.

    • if you are going to have a civil war do it now, don’t listen to political lies and dissembling or wait until the other side has armed itself.

  5. colonists doing what your leftist politicians brought them to Europe to do. remember keep voting for the dole, it’s your salvation.

  6. It’s the same situation all over the western world, culture enrichers commit crimes, pay for it by getting shot then protest with more violence. The left give them the right to do this and the politicians sit nice and cosy in their guarded communities smiling that their plan is working to create race wars.
    In the UK we now have Stephen Lawrence day, a black kid killed in London and who’s mother is now a baroness. This day is April 22nd, one day before St George’s day. All arranged to kill off any signs of nationalism by the English with the press reporting on it constantly, royals and politicians laying flowers at a monument for him whilst blacks carry on killing each other in the murder capital of London.
    Speak up about these incidents and get arrested for being a nazi.
    Who really promotes the invasion of Europe?
    Can someone give me a firm, no fear answer to this please.

    • (Apology to Dymphna beforehand as it is another long post, will put it into two parts)

      I will give you my view, does not mean it is the correct one, and try to simplify just to provide an idea :

      What you have is various interests and ideologies that combine and act in a kind of rough unison, that have taken a life of their own and promote each other, that understand each other, use each other, to some extent.

      So you can go back to the liberal ideas of start of last century, the setting up of centralised finance and monetary theory, further back if you wish to philosophy of state, Hegel or Marx etc…. the destruction of monarchy and the old order while progressive agendas for Europe are pushed, Kalergi for example, but examples go back earlier. Post world wars the UN is formed, international law formatted, asylum law for example, EU starts its process of disolution of nations into a larger bureaucracy. This is all centralisation at international scale. High power international finance and globalisation take off. Travel becomes much easier, exposure to foreign cultures more common. State management adjusts itself to allow this mixing of people, some countries are already quite diverse, France for example due to its connections with Africa, the UK due to empire and its “futuristic” approach of being a global hub, etc. Once the borders of EU dissolve the notion of private nation dissapears, mixing is encouraged, the Euro puts management of this to central authority. The whole way through this line is promoted and financed by international establishment, corporations. Expansion of influence to north Africa is sought, absorption of Turkey, connections to middle eastern partners an old endeavour, resources, direct contact with Israel maybe , EU and co. would eventually like the whole Mediterranean merged under its influence as partner.

    • So you end up with circumstances like Iraq, nation building where independent countries were not friendly, but that does not pan out as advertised, or Syria which is in the way and on the wrong side. By this time EU is considered something of a done deal, a dump thirsty for wider influence, looking for something to stimulate it further, and some planner gets on the phone ” Merkel, Turkey wants its refugees and migrants dealt with, events in Syria are dragging on, you going to boost your population by a million and do the good thing? You know the rest of EU takes you as example. ”

      And Merkel sees the boost to the larger apparatus she subscribes to in that. Other countries are so corrupt, progressive or cluelessly tied to outdated protocol that they just join in or at least tolerate, because they are otherwise poopers of the bigger party….as well as their elite risking losing their place at the big table, where funds flow freely and shirkers are eliminated.

      And so on.

      It has all become its own meaning and direction, one that owns many seats and so governs, an understanding between the various elite on how to progress and why.

      You are not likely to find an ultimate responsible , just the contacts list of many many high power people who see eye to eye in some way and trade favours.

      I won’t argue the above out with anyone here, it is too complex, I just write it as an example of the way the whole show evolves and as a way of understanding it without going on a maybe fruitless hunt for one small group of organisers to blame.

    • I don’t know why- and I doubt whether you do- Stephen Lawrence Day is to precede St George’s Day.

      Stephen, a promising young black student, was murdered, in what was almost certainly an unprovoked racist attack, by a group of young white men. The police, allegedly because of “institutionalised racism”, botched the investigation so badly that his family are unlikely ever to get justice; his mother Doreen, now a baroness as you say, has conducted herself with such dignity as to endear herself to the majority of Brits.

      In any event, he had more in common, ethnicity notwithstanding, with me (not sure about you?) than the blacks killing one another in gang wars, who would be better compared with his killers, and your […] attempt to make an alternative equivalence leaves a very nasty taste [for me].


      • This should be a reply to Andy Bradley- gremlins (or my ineptitude) got in the way!

  7. When will french car insurers finally stop picking up the tab for those thousands of cars burned every year under conditions of civil uproar e.a. (cf. small print in contracts), which would force the government to admit that there are such conditions by ruling of a court?
    Sorry,that won’t happen.The big insurers are too much in agreement with the powers that be.

  8. I think the dynamics are fairly straightforward.

    You have a racially-distinct population that identifies more with its own group than the country it lives in. The population, by the way, is composed of a high proportion of either straight-out criminals, or people who see shaving the law to being to their interests.

    It stands to reason that any attempt to enforce the law is perceived as a threat by a significant proportion, if not a majority, of the migrant population. The response would be to make law enforcement as expensive as possible by rioting whenever any police activity made the news. The net effect is to widen police tolerance for migrant criminal activity.

    Once you get organized political groups representing the criminal migrant interests, it becomes extremely difficult for the municipal administrations to take any action at all, as they face the very real prospect of being voted out. Politicians representing disaffected groups have a very real interest in keeping their electorate alienated and dependent. Recall that during Trump’s state-of-the-union speech, the part that got the sourest looks from the dashiki-clad Black Caucus was where he described black unemployment as being the lowest in history.

    Once you have a diverse population with wildly-different values and objectives, and identity-centered political groups, it become impossible for representative government to take any action at all.

    • It also depends on the cohesion of the respective groups.

      While the muslims may hate each other they follow the rule of:
      “I against my brother, we two against our father, our Family against the other families, our clan etc (you get it?), (and it Ends with) we believers against the unbelievers.”

      So in the end they are a group that stands together, bleeds together and dies and kills together.

      We of the West are atomized. If you get into Trouble, how many true friends have you?

      So if the Police would move against the muslims they loose. Yes, they can kill a few, but in the end every police officer knows he will be thrown before the wolves. His own collegues will arrest him, the judges will sent him to prison and the politicians will smile.

      Of course if the police would be loyal to the People and not be atomized (standing together as one) it would be totally different.

      • We in the West are “atomized” because we still hold to ideals of personal freedom, responsibility and, most of all, individual, intrinsic value. And this particular worldview has not impeded our ability to work together: we have demonstrated for centuries that we are capable of close alliances with others but these are based on mutual respect and mutual interest. We are still capable of this. In Muslim societies, the “friendship” that you mention is a tribal relationship (and friendship as we think of the concept). Jordan Peterson (among others) has spoken extensively on the differences between societies that arise from tribalism (such as Islamic ones) which only give value to the individual based on their group membership (we’re seeing this now in the dangerous rise of identity politics) and societies based on the competing notion that each individual is sovereign and has inalienable rights and responsibilities. Personally, I would never wish to live in a society where all that mattered about me was the groups to which I could be classified: it would be horrible, soulless and stifling.

        • Insightful observation, Paul.

          Don’t want to make too much of the parallel, but I will note the following.

          Baboons and chimpanzees can live in close proximity, even occasionally “getting it on” with one another (no resulting chiboons that I know of). Baboons individually are much stronger than chimps, and better equipped for a fair fight.

          Nevertheless, chimpanzees are the dominant species. Pourquoi? Well, when a baboon and a chimp get into an altercation, the baboon, whether right or wrong, is on his or her own: his mates prefer to high tail it. But chimps engage collectively, with little regard- and no apparent sympathy- for the baboon’s position on the matter.

          We are indeed risen apes, not fallen angels.

  9. What do people think, was it a deliberate decision to facilitate this migration of Muslim peoples into Europe–as Giselle Littman (Bat Ye’or) avers in Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis”–or was it some unconscious incremental frog-boiling-in the-water process?…beginning with labor shortages or petroleum collaborations or guilt after WWII or whatever?

    • I think a little of both. Those cynical about migration will see a boiling frog being helped along by certain influenced factions in Europe, those positive towards it will see it as a set of shared favours in a needed new order, and so not view it as being helped but just natural or nescessary . There is no doubt though that it is part of an EU agenda, likely larger than EU agenda ( globalist )


      for example. The move is to merge in the near east and north Africa at least, in the medium term. I don’t think we can imagine what Europe will look like in twenty years time, has to continue going steaming ahead or take a defining retro stance.As opposed to many here, I am doubtful that any nation/s will actually go beyond making symbolic gestures or tweaks , while following along all the same.

      Just my 2 cents.

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