Welfare Chauvinism in Europe?

Another descriptive lecture from Dr. Turley:

He mentions “welfare chauvinism” coming of age in the paradigmatic shift occurring among center-left parties in Europe. Whoo-whee, Bubba, I thought only us knuckle-dragging EverTrumpers believed in that concept.

Sometimes I feel like a motherless child…other times, I feel like the world is in a barrel, twisting and twirling over Niagra Falls.

Leftists Untie!

9 thoughts on “Welfare Chauvinism in Europe?

  1. Good news and sensible comment from Dr Turley but what a wordy wordy wordy presentation! He could say it all in half the time and make a bigger impact.

  2. This commenter (in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsyltucky) takes 12 minutes to state what can be said in only a minute. Skip to 3:20 and listen until 4:20 (and beyond for the out-of-step Social Democrat in the U.S.).

    “welfare chauvinism” = welfare is for citizens, not immigrants

  3. Turley is way too optimistic. Everything he says is true from a certain pov, but its also true that many of the recent changes are only superficial. They are just sedative pills and do not contribute to a solution to fight european islamization.
    eg: the closing of the mosques in Austria was not successful yet. They are opened again with same personnel but under a different name. The 60 Imams the government were deporting? 20 have left the land but the rest have make a plea to court and are atm allowed to stay.
    And even if the mosques will be closed in the end and all 60 Imams will leave the land, how many new Imams will replace them and how many new mosques will be built in the meantime? In 2017 in Austria there have been between 700k and 1 Mio muslims which will rule the land in a few decades with or without closing those “dangerous” 7 mosques.

    • That is exactly what Orbán and the Fidesz did in Hungary, the last 8 years.

  4. I found this guy because of Tommy Robinson. As a matter of fact I found a lot of people because of Tommy Robinson. We are becoming a well-knit community. Someone shot themselves royally in the foot.

    • No wonder that the EU preparing the latest directive to suppress the internet…

  5. Dymphna, I loved “Leftists Untie!” Reminds me of a satire on the call-and-response chants often heard at political demonstrations (including a pro-NHS one I attended a few days ago):

    “What do we want?”

    “Time travel!”

    “When do we want it?”

    “Um… errr…”

  6. Whenever I read about this kind of rioting, the rioters tend to become apologists for dictators to me when they come from a country with a dictator.

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