The Tears of a Deportee

I’d be interested to know how the migration board determined that this fellow was insincere in his conversion. But sincere or not, he’d better keep quiet about it when he finally gets back to Kabul.

By the way, this incident has a Mohammed Coefficient of 100%.

Many thanks to Tania Groth for translating this article from Fria Tider:

35-year-old escaped deportation after crying on the plane

This past Saturday (14 July), a 35-year-old Afghan was to be deported to Kabul. But the deportation was halted after the man had panic attacks and started crying uncontrollably, Dagen reports.

The 35-year-old Hossein Muhammadin from Afghanistan was to be deported from Sweden for the second time.

But it did not go as planned.

According to his own words, Muhammadin had converted to Christianity, but the Swedish Migration Board rejected his asylum application because the authorities did not believe his conversion to be genuine, and that it was really just a ploy in order to stay in the country.

Muhammadin, who is said to be a member of the Lidköping Pentecostal Assembly, was to have been deported back to his home country in April.

However, the deportation was halted at the last minute. And so was the second deportation attempt that should have taken place on Saturday.

This happened after the 35-year-old became anxious and started crying.

The aircraft never left the tarmac.

“We think it was a panic attack that he experienced on the plane. He cried relentlessly and shouted so they had to carry him off,” said his friend Rolf Wernersson, also member of the Pentecostal Society.

Hossein Muhammadin is now once again in the custody of the Migration Board in Kållared, and the Lidköping Pentecostal Assembly are saying they will do everything possible to help him to stay permanently. According to the Christian newspaper, the congregation plans to use the “fragile state” of the 35-year-old Afghanistan as the “new circumstance” allowing him to get a residence permit.

11 thoughts on “The Tears of a Deportee

  1. Some muslims do convert to Christianity, and when they do they do it wholeheartedly. Google “Faisal Malick”. He converted and now has a ministry especially reaching out to muslims. We cannot know another’s heart.

  2. did this fool really think the leftists would prefer him as a Christian? if they liked Christians they wouldn’t be colonizing the country to create a muslim majority.

  3. A proper investigation, including interviewing the pastor at his pentecostal church , could substantiate his claims of conversation.
    I truly would not wish to send a converted Christian Afghani back to Afghanistan.

  4. Here’s a cheap solution to help remove these invaders. Sedate them prior to putting them on the plane.

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  6. Having been a Pentecostal sort of Christian until my continued study of the Bible pointed up some irregularities that neither the leadership nor their version of Bible doctrine could or wished to answer, I can understand the appeal of Pentecostal Christianity to a Muslim. Islam is all about keeping the rules to please God. If you keep all of the rules you are healthy, wealthy and blessed. Oh, and BTW, some of the Pentecostal branches have very little, if any, room in their heart for Jews, (inherited material blessings and all that).
    So I would say that the conversion is genuine and that he faces certain death upon his return to Afghanistan, unless he could convince his neighbors that Pentecostalism is merely another version of Islam that was devised to draw Christians into the House of the Believer/Submitted (Dar al Salaam). TIC of course.

  7. People who convert to Islam typical take Moslem names, even changing their family name.

    This guy’s last name is Muhammadin. You think he could have changed it to something a little less Islamic if he’s going to become Christian?

    Hossein Christian sounds more plausible for a Christian convert.

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