Culture-Enriching Murder in Northern Norway

This wasn’t just another stabbing committed by a culture-enricher: the perp was an unaccompanied “refugee” “child” — one of the thousands of “children” with receding hairlines and five-o’clock shadow who have descended on Europe over the past three years.

Many thanks to Tania Groth for translating this report from the Swedish dissident site Fria Tider:

Unaccompanied refugee child stabbed Co-op employee to death

A so-called unaccompanied refugee child from Afghanistan was arrested for a brutal assassination in Vadsø in Norway last Saturday, Norwegian TV2 reports. The detainee has a temporary residence permit and came to Norway in 2015.

Shortly after 22:00 on Saturday night, Finnmark police received an alert about a stabbing at the Co-op Extra store in Vadsø in northeastern Norway.

At the site, the 18-year-old Håvard Pedersen was found stabbed to death.

Although there was a doctor at the scene his life could not be saved.

The victim worked in the store where he was found.

An alleged 17-year-old has now been arrested for the deed. According to police, he is an immigrant with a temporary residence permit. Unlike in Sweden, Norwegian media are quick to announce the suspected ethnic background.

The detainee must have come to Norway as an unaccompanied refugee “child” during the wave of asylum seekers that originated in Afghanistan in 2015.

The police have seized materials at the crime scene that prove the man arrested is behind the stabbing. However, the police authority does not want to confirm whether they have found the murder weapon.

The Afghan was apprehended after a police helicopter had seen him run from the Co-op store. However, he was not arrested until nearly four hours later, when he tried to flee further by jumping into the water from a bridge. A civilian in a boat helped the police take him into custody.

“The motive for the murder is not known, so now we need to find out why it happened,” the police said according to TV2.

The suspect was already known to police for having harassed people, according to the Norwegian newspaper.

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  1. I hope he didn’t say allahu akbar when he stabbed the boy. allahu akbar is liberal speak for you will never know my motive.

  2. It is vital to establish the poor refuge child’s true age, so that he can be treated fairly and appropriately. I humbly suggest that the Norwegian authorities saw him in half and count the rings.

  3. The motive for this depraved vicious murder was published about 1400 years ago in a far-off land, dreamed up by a syphilitic, brain-damaged, bloodthirsty monster by the name of Mohammad who loved beheadings and child rape. And yet the Norwegians still haven’t read the motive, or refuse to believe the motive is relevant to such cases. That’s why I’ve summarized it here. It’s called islam and the koran, there’s your motive.

    • Can I be picky? I will anyway; syphilis was, I believe, brought from the Caribbean by Columbus’ sailors.

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