Marine Le Pen: “The EU Continues to Advance Towards the Brink!”

Yesterday we posted the first part of an interview with Marine Le Pen by the French radio service RTL. In the second half of the interview Ms. Le Pen discussed the recent emergency EU summit on migration, and President Emmanuel Macron’s handling of the “refugee” crisis.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

03:03   Marine Le Pen, the Italian Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte,
03:07   exclaimed while leaving the European Council on Friday: “Italy is no longer alone!”
03:11   The 28 [EU countries, EU Council] took a measure,
03:16   took into consideration the situation denounced by Italy and
03:20   in fact they confirmed their duty of solidarity; are you satisfied with that?
03:24   No, I’m not satisfied with this agreement at all; I think it will
03:28   change nothing whatsoever in the migratory flood. So I think that
03:32   it doesn’t have the essential quality, which would be the quality of putting in place
03:36   the DISCOURAGEMENT of illegal migrants who wish — and there are
03:41   millions of them — who wish to come to Europe.
03:45   I understand that Italy is thus defending, promptly, Italian interests,
03:49   since Italy is being flooded as the country of first reception, but
03:53   the reality… —Marine Le Pen, it’s true that between 2015 and 2016
03:57   there were one million who arrived on European shores. How many arrived in Italy
04:01   between January and May, you do know it, you had a look, how many, how many…?
04:06   I’m sorry… —14,000, 14,000… — excuse me, but I’m not the head of Italian government!
04:10   I wish to be the head of France, and I tell you that there are
04:14   one hundred thousand asylum seekers — a number that has never been reached —
04:18   who sought asylum in 2017 —OK, but we were talking about Italy…
04:22   and that’s why I was specifying it —and additionally beyond those procedures of seeking asylum
04:26   — because the French people need to know it — besides those asylum seekers
04:31   there are also tens of thousands of illegals
04:35   who enter our country, who don’t wish to seek asylum and who…
04:39   and of whom we find a little everywhere, including, incidentally, in Calais, since, in reality,
04:43   the Jungle has almost regenerated. —Well, the illegals, it was obviously an estimate
04:47   by definition; Emmanuel Macron recognized that agreement, I quote: “Which doesn’t solve this
04:51   — mostly political — crisis , but allows to Europe to continue to move forward.”
04:55   But move forward towards what? —Europe continue to be united and continues to move forward
05:00   with the propositions that… which are in the agreements. —Well, yes, the EU
05:04   continues to advance towards the brink! Voilà! And it is taking us
05:08   with them. And we don’t want it. Therefore I obviously wish
05:12   that in migratory matters, [the measures] would be put in place which we have been demanding
05:16   for years! And we will end up getting them, incidentally!
05:20   Except we will get them because the situation became unmanageable and
05:24   our people are suffering too much from this situation, and to be precise:
05:29   the creation of humanitarian camps IN THE COUNTRIES [where] MIGRATION ORIGINATED and not,
05:33   of course, on European territory. — And those are the famous
05:37   “landing platforms”? Which, this project, is in the agreement of the 28.
05:41   Well, see? Apparently it would have been good to have listened to Marine Le Pen five years ago,
05:45   and this way we would have saved plenty of time, and we … —those are agreements controlled by
05:50   international organizations… —and it would have prevented a lot of suffering. I think the NGO boats
05:53   must be seized, who are clearly accomplices of the smugglers; I think that we have to embark and
05:58   control migrant boats who leave… bring them to safety… —Emmanuel Macron recognized that
06:02   they were carrying water for the smugglers, those boats… —and bring them
06:06   to the shores of Syria or
06:10   Libya, where they came from. Voilà. I think that this is all we have to enforce,
06:15   and then I also think that we have to put in place a dissuasive migratory policy in our
06:19   country. Because of course the migrants will risk
06:23   their lives in attempting to cross [the Mediterranean] as long as they can find
06:27   a benefit, which is an extraordinary benefit, in coming here, including
06:31   the illegal way of arriving in our country. —Summarizing: it means that the controlled centers,
06:35   those ‘hot spots’ that would help examine the situation of migrants
06:39   Upon their arrival on European shores,
06:44   this is a solution that doesn’t seem the right one to you: to avoid
06:48   having the migrants — those men who suffered so much, those women, those children —
06:52   spread throughout Europe without
06:56   the agreement of their countries of origin. —All those who contribute to establishing controls on
07:05   obtaining the right to asylum, in the departure country and not
07:09   on our European soil, are — I think — going in the right direction.
07:13   It’s the reason — I have to mention — why I demanded,
07:17   several years ago, that asylum applications be analyzed
07:21   in any consulate or any embassy of any country,
07:25   but that under no circumstances they could be examined on
07:30   national territory. And do you know why?
07:34   Because in reality a huge majority of the migrants are economic migrants. —90 percent.
07:38   Well, OK, except when you refuse them asylum,
07:42   well, they stay anyway on national territory. And in the end, after
07:46   a number of years, they are regularized or they are naturalized,
07:51   and all that of course creates an absolutely incredible
07:55   appeal for illegal immigration.

8 thoughts on “Marine Le Pen: “The EU Continues to Advance Towards the Brink!”

  1. Macron becoming Frances president was a total set up. A Rothschild protege who, along with his grandmother wife, support the Kalegri plan of a negroid European race.
    Marine le Pen and a number of other Europeans warned of this crisis, indeed Gadaffi said if Libya is bombed then the floodgates of immigrants would happen. How right they were. Of course the EU unelected cabal wanted immigrants. Millions to Germany, I wonder how many of these cultural pension contributors are working, less than 1%.
    Until the EU is destroyed this will continue.

    • Many Yankees have soured on European troubles. My grandfather fought in France 1918, my father fought in France 1944. I’m not sending my kids into another European mess.

    • I find it hard to believe Macron’s electoral success was legitimate. He came from nowhere, created a party out of nothing, and won? Pull the other one! The people in power are corrupt and cynical and they believe they have the *right* to rule – why would they not fix elections?

  2. “Rivers of blood…………………………………………………………………..?

    ……………………………………………………………………………news at 11:00.”

  3. She is right.

    Asylum law means anyone, even those already registered in another EU country, have the right to appeal in a third country.

    The sheer number of migrants means that containing them in whichever European country is logistically unfeasable.

    Open borders means that travel without registry, or once registered, is not restricted.

    Creating camps outside of Europe for RETURN is not feasible on a proper scale because of the logistical costs, and above all because you cannot by law repatriate a person, if you even know their nationality, to a country that is not their own. You cannot send Iraqis to Libya or Syrians to Jordan unless you are prepared to pay those countries big time to house them, i.e. political corruption, and the refugee actually accepts, as in international law there is no sanction of this and it will be struck down for what it is, human trafficking by states.

    The only real solution WAS to pay for proper refugee facilities in countries outside Europe and to start a policy of immediate returns.

    The only fair way for all, to avoiding refugee crisis, is to not be involved in turning over foreign countries. Those involved are the real human traffickers, they do so for ideological and resource reasons, and guess what, we still herd behind their acts and applaud their lies, even while complaining about the resulting movement of people.

    Germany is just goal keeper, same team, welcoming each shot through because they like seeing goals scored and getting to handle the ball as they pick it up from the back of the net… it’s world cup so why not for the analogy.

    • What I find puzzling is the story of a friend of mine. A US citizen who took his wife to Paris a few years ago, or tried to. They let them book and take the flights. They flew all the way there and his wife was denied entry. He would have been allowed in but she was from the Dom. Rep. and had a green card for the US. She had to have a VISA. They just got to waste a lot of money and go home.

  4. shouldn’t it be apparent by now that the European union was a communist plot?

    • Indeed it was and Merkel is a strong advocate. The old communist agitprop functionary. What would trouble her about such an unrepresentative entity?

      The EU maintained that nationalism had been the cause of Europe’s woes, an absurd conclusion. What had caused the world’s killing and devastation had been totalitarian government. Naturally, the EU was designed with cumbersome, ineffectual democratic mechanisms. Its highest officials were to be unelected. Thus, it was a sham, a not-too-pale shadow of the very thing responsible for the death of millions. Even the supposedly exiting UK has become a nightmare of bullying police and useless courts and prosecutors. The soil became poisoned.

      Letting the EU finesse the issue of totalitarianism was a tragic foundational error, compounded by the deliberate demonization of one and only country with its unique and tragic circumstances. Germany became the scapegoat whereas generic tyranny seemed to escape everyone’s notice.

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