Geert Wilders Is Refused UK Police Protection for #FreeTommy Demo

There isn’t much direct news on this, but here’s a brief piece found on Twitter:

Geert Wilders’ speech for Tommy Robinson rally sabotaged by May’s Government

The United Kingdom is not free. The British people are a bound and seemingly gagged people.

In yet further efforts by the United Kingdom’s government, now seemingly to pander to the Muslim agenda, Geert Wilders’ speech, scheduled for the 14th at the #FreeTommy march, has to be cancelled.

The Party for Freedom leader tweeted this just now.

“UK Ambassador in The Hague just informed the Dutch authorities that they will not provide for my security in London this Saturday and will not give the Dutch diplomatic police weapon permits either, so, unfortunately, I cannot attend nor speak at the #FreeTommy rally in London.”

Is this another piece of timber in the gallows of which Theresa May’s government will hang? Will this attempt to silence the people, yet again, be the final nail and the impetus for the British people to roar yet louder?

Will Geert’s message be live streamed? Screens at the event? Periscope?

The British government may think they have kept Mr. Wilders’ speech out of London on Saturday. They can only prevent his physical appearance, however. His message will not be silenced.

By now, even the most skeptical of Brits are realising that ‘Tommy’ is the collective of all conservative Brits, here in the UK and beyond, that they are trying to censor and lock away.

What will you do? Join the #FreeTommy march 14 July on Whitehall.

It is to be fervently hoped that Geert Wilders will avail himself of technology to be heard at the demonstration. No doubt he’s working with the Middle East Forum to make that happen. Or with Ezra Levant, perhaps.

Don’t you wonder who else will be silenced?

By the way, there seems to be a balloon of Sadiq Khan flying over London. Or perhaps it was a photoshop job. At any rate, as a Muslim he can’t be portrayed as a pig, as has been done to Donald Trump (ask Trump if he cares), so he’ll have to be a bovine steer. You know, the kine missing their manly appurtenances.

27 thoughts on “Geert Wilders Is Refused UK Police Protection for #FreeTommy Demo

  1. I hope we can arrest and detain May for High Treason eventually. We must have a new version of Nuremburg. I wrote to May some month ago and stated that I would do this if she persisted in her behaviour.

    • Given the current state of England, I really don’t know why you guys bothered to fight off the Nazis. At least they had the same artistic values.

      • Perhaps. What I wonder, as an American, is why on earth we continue to participate in NATO. NATO was created to defend western European nations from the threat of Communism. This and other American welfare schemes have allowed Europe to spend their entire budget on domestic welfare, making them very attractive places to Muslims. So they did away with their own border security, waved the invaders in and are now basically under the control of people who want to kill Americans. Terrorists. So doesn’t it seem that instead of demanding that these countries ante up for their “fair share” of the defense budget that we should pull out of NATO ourselves? I mean, what, exactly, are we defending? Germany, Sweden, much of France, apparently most of Belgium and a fair share of Norway and the Netherlands are puppets of Islam. Turkey IS Islam. What do they want to do to America? Invade us and kill us off. England, once an ally which subscribed to many of the same values we do (like free speech) is not more restrictive of speech and press than most Communist countries. Recently Ezra Levant declined to compare England directly with Communist China, but I think he was much too generous. Phonies like Nigel Farage come out and make excuses for grabbing Tommy Robinson off the street and throwing him in prison. He claims we just are too dumb to understand the intricacies of British law and Robinson broke a very precious law by reading the names already listed on the BBC of defendants in a trial. Farage is also too much of a wuss to denounce the “grooming” scandal himself. He’s apparently quaking in his loafers. So why, then, should Americans pony up to defend that hideous administration? Just give me any kind of reason at all. I think we have more to be concerned with from our “allies” than we do from Putin (and that’s not to diminish the menace of Putin!). I say America – get out of NATO and spend that 4% of our national budget on securing our borders and deporting illegal (and a few other) immigrants.

  2. “Don’t you wonder who else will be silenced?”

    Well I tried to look up any detail on this and ended up on some Dutch site with a link to a story on London corruption. So off topic in a sense, but this story explain why locals don’t much (dare to or afford to) have a say

    With an explanation of Rahman’s political group discernable in

    which is confounding given that the person who filed the suit claimed this is what allowed Labour to retake the seat… yet Labour reps. are defecting to Rahman!

    Anyway it is a good insight into UK law and politics, if a bit of a long to read… sure Tommy would approve of my posting it so won’t feel guilty for that.

    • With all due respect, it sounded like the anti-corruption petitioners thought the funds for their legal bills would fall from the sky. Most people know when you contract a lawyer, you have to be very clear as to the compensation arrangements. The only exception is a case like Johnny Cochran and OJ Simpson, where you face a lifetime in prison, so there’s no negotiating fees.

      Anyway, you can’t expect the lawyers to eat the legal expenses, unless there was a specific agreement to that effect.

      • The point is that you have to build up a million pound tab just to challenge corruption in government.

        In other words justice is for the rich.

        The lawyers will have juggled asset forfeiture of the accused as redemption before starting the case, may even have misled the plaintiffs into believing that would pay for the case, but obviously with a clause that the plaintiffs were ultimately on the hook. Remember this is after they won, the total would have been much higher had they lost and were charged for costs and damages.

        You need a lawyer to understand the legal text, they had one…go figure.

        Any more questions as to why people stay silent ? About the only other option to obtain some kind of justice is to protest on the street.

        It isn’t me who needs the respect, it is the locals, and they are in practical terms denied from even asking for it.

  3. Did the Brits really beat back the Nazis, or did they let them in the front door decades later?

    • Remember the Munich treaty of 1938. Parts of my homeland sold to Hitler in exchange for … What exactly?
      This shameful deal carries karma until now … And countries complicit in this are all stricken by it – one by one.
      Karma, a fickle bitch lurking always around the corner, rewarding you for your misdeeds.

    • Our politicians opened the door for them back in the 70’s. We [were] only supposed to be in the Common Market. Not the EU.

  4. Theresa May: Dime-store cowboy — all hat and no cattle.
    What a waste of intellect.
    But then, when she had the opportunity to be a heroine — with no glory in sight — she chose instead to be an eater of her own people in order to fill her insatiable vanity with the praise of other eaters.
    A disgusting woman — who chatters on as if she were the incarnation of Cicero, Churchill, and Chesterton — but whose inner life and intentions reflect a traitor’s heart.

    • Totally agree, I squirm with embarrassment every time
      I watch her hunch backed, ” power stance”, facial
      Contortionist, verbally incontinent performances at the despatch box.

      A woeful Home Secretary only promoted to PM base on Gender. As for the first husband, has he escaped from
      The Muppet show?

      You can guarantee that the BBC will totally ignore
      The Free Tommy demo whilst blanket cover the POTUS

      I am ashamed to be British at the moment.

      • Yeah well, being part of a tribe can have its benefits, but when you look at the price you have to pay to be a part of the club, it’s clear the membership fees are way too overpriced.
        The strange thing is most of the Brits are so ignorant they don’t even realise their country is [finished]. They can’t see beyond the next football game.

  5. It seems these miserable, childless women leaders are hellbent on destroying the societies which produced them.

    • Isaiah 3 v 12 As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O My people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the ways of thy path.

    • The UK refuses to let them carry weapons while there. Dutch Muslims, fully armed, would take that golden opportunity…

    • But Geert was in London last month for the for the first Tommy rally, presumably his security detail went as well. But to refuse protection to him, a member of Parliament of a friendly nation is I would think unprecedented.
      Clearly May and co are irritated by his support for Tommy.

  6. I wonder if this notification is meant to serve as camouflage, and he will show up unannounced, counting on surprise to protect him.

    Do the Dutch do that sort of thing?

    • Wilders takes the threats with deadly seriousness. While in the Netherlands, he has – I think – both government and private security, and can’t have a permanent address. Once he leaves the country, he’s on his own. Which is why he travels with personal security – and they are armed.

      The refusal of the UK to allow his own guards to have weapons tells you all you need to know about the exceptions British government is going to press in order to hold down attendance at the demonstrations. It is deliberate and spiteful.

      • From a broader perspective if I may try: what all this says about a situation of an elected people’s representative in a free-world country – and in Europe at that – who has to fear for his life while speaking for the people having elected him.

        To me it says a lot, namely it clearly shows where the West is: personal safety of a politician jeopardized in an unimaginable way, on par with pre-WWII times in Germany or post-WWII period of Stalinism in Eastern and Central Europe …

  7. The story that the British government is a totalitarian tyranny that locks up dissenters and enables violent street fighters is a dog-bites-man story by now. The British leaders don’t even use a fig leaf claim that they are a free society. Better for them to not bring up the subject at all.

    My advice to the Brits would be to look intensely into peer-to-peer networks, ways of passing around files and information without central servers, and the strongest encryption software they can lay their hands on. These are technologies appropriate for a totalitarian state, and may become the only means of exchanging information and political opinions.

    • And follow the Biblical advice to “seek out the old ways” in choice of operating system, programs and file formats.

      A few thoughts: The older the OS is (eg pre graphical operating systems) the less chance of surveillance nasties being lodged in the system reporting to some alphabet agency or other. Older word processing formats (or plain html) are more likely to be modified plain text with control characters and therefore have no facility for hiding “payloads” or other macro nasties. For networking remember that Sneakernet was one of the first systems (you took the file on a floppy disk directly to the recipient!). Direct to recipient voice over internet calls without using a central server will increase the overhead of total surveillance quite dramatically so that it may be considered a waste of effort. And basically, if you don’t understand how the internet can be subverted to satisfy the needs of a surveillance state, don’t touch it with the proverbial barge-pole.

  8. A country that has 900 police officers in London alone to monitor everyone’s facebook entries really ought to man up and find at least 50 officers and provide them to Wilders for security. They don’t for the same reason that they don’t allow Wilders’ own security in to protect him. They want to make the price of his “free speech” to be death. I don’t blame Wilders for this. The once-peaceful Netherlands has been riddled with shocking assassinations and threats of assassination – from their prime minister Pim Fortuyn to their famous filmmaker Theo Van Gogh to Ayaan Hirsi Ali (who has thus far escaped their fate). Muslims are very dangerous people, in case you didn’t know, and I say this knowing I will be slandered as a “racist” (and quite well aware that 1)I am not a racist and 2)Islam is not a “race”). They would love a chance to kill Wilders and someone forced into a life of “safe houses” knows better than to go around without security.

    The fact is that NO ONE is supposed to have the right to speak freely in today’s Britain. It is the same kind of […] country Americans are properly warned not to go to.

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