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  1. I wonder is she want to get naked and jump in the water with infidels, but scared by the the idea that Muslims can see that and punish her…or…is she thinking to contaminate the water full of infidels?
    It is so hard to guess the mind of the woman.

      • I thought she looked pensive, maybe feeling left out. Though there is no way for her ever to join in, not if she wants to keep on living.

        • There’s no way any of us can know what she is thinking. But she is so light skinned that I think she is a Danish convert. Most probably converted for one of two reasons:

          1. married a Muslim man. (She may be watching him swimming in the cool sea.)
          2. to be safer in her neighborhood.

          She could also be a dedicated fanatic. In that case, there is only one thought she can be thinking.

    • No matter the operating system. When infected, the virus take control.

  2. No doubt after this photo an application will go into the local government for a muslim only beach and the sand must be coloured black. They’ll also need somewhere to cool down so another application will be submitted for a sun terrace which they’ll call a mosque. The sun terrace mosque will be tall and when the mad mullah goes on top to call allahu Akhbar (come inside to cool down) he will see whites half naked and insist their beach is shut down because it offends them.

  3. Funnily enough, the place where all of these seem to share the same beach in general harmony is… “racist, fascist, zionist” Israel.

    For once:
    the LameStream Media gets a report right. I’ve seen it with my own eyes, and such scenes are easy enough to find. Everybody leaves everybody alone. It’s a generally pleasant environment. “Regular” people, gay couples, burqini “babes” – can all be seen on the same stretch of coastline.

    And I know WHY, too – and it’s the reason why I’m making this comment: when Islam is subject to *serious* pushback, the extremists lose control of the discourse, and the general vibe is pretty normal. *Without* serious pushback, we see what we’re seeing in Europe.

    Ataturk’s Turkey provided similar pushback – to such success that they seemed to think that they won, slacked off, and Erdogan is now in. So did the Shah’s Iran. So did much of North Africa under European colonisation. The Israeli version is gentler than these, but it’s there, and it’s enough to ensure generally civilised behaviour. And will as long as they continue to apply gentle pressure. But make no mistake: remove the pressure, and it would be worse than Europe in very short order.

    The Soviet Union, for all its faults (i.e., almost everything about it), did seem to succeed in this, as well.

    Europe *could* do the same, if it had the willpower. That’s the problem. It doesn’t.

    • True. I just watched another video at this site of an infidel standing by his car wearing a bullet-proof vest, just observing. Culture enrichers approached and slowly raped up their aggression. There was zero push back and as night follows day, their aggressiveness quickly scaled up. You’re right – NOT pushing back becomes for them a provocation. You must push back fast & hard, really slam it home, and they slink away.

  4. A hundred years ago, everyone went swimming fully dressed. I don’t think we should penalize people who do not want to expose their bodies in public. We should concentrate on real issues with Islam like Halal slaughter, honor killings, crime, arranged marriages, cousin marriages, organized crime, terrorism, antisemitic attacks and sexual violence. In the big picture wearing a fully body suit to swim in is not a big deal. A number of Christians swim covered up or do not swim in mixed company, so it’s not an unheard of practice.

    • @Barbara: already 100 years ago there was the naturist/nudist /Freikörper/Reformbewegung (Germany) in Euro and Anglo culture.
      Islam has never had that development.

      Second, various EU countries now ban the burka and niqab.

      Third, your “real issues” – honor killing, arranged marriage, sexual violence – all have one thing in common with the wearing of swimsuits or face coverings. It is control of female chastity. This is backed up by the Koran.

      Every woman allowed to/forced by relatives to dress”modestly”, typically has numerous Muslim male siblings who thus grow up viewing all women who wear one-piecers or bikinis as immoral meat.

      So your liberal stance in choosing to select only some dishes for attention from the salad bar of Islam endangers more kuffar harbi women in dar al-harb over time as those cute little lads grow up practising their knife fighting as Real Men.

      Islam is not a salad bar to pick and choose, it is a multi-course set menu.

      Evidence: when Ataturk secularised Turkey and when other leaders did the same in their countries, they all took a stance against Islamic female clothing.

      I am an eyewitness to the speed with which Western clothing can disappear from local women in a given country once there is an Islamic revolution, even only next door, in a neighbouring country.

    • No. Push back on everything they do that is barbaric. Don’t pick your fights. Any backing down is seen as surrender and they move on to the next thing. Their intent is to wear people down. To counter that we have to slam back on every barbaric practice, every single time. Never back down, never seek to defuse a tense situation. They create and want that tension, it’s like a game to them.

    • Barbara.

      Reconquista is right. You cannot compare Christian modesty with the Islamic politics of separating women into pure and impure from the way they are dressed.

      In Christianity, being naked was never a political issue the way it is in Islam, where to be physically exposed means that you are permanently disgraced and from then on, officially, a slave with no rights.

      The Muslims despise Westerners because in their eyes, we choose to self-identify as slaves by undressing publicly. (This charming detail of Islamic law is still too little known in the West.)

      All Muslims (male and female) are terrified of being physically exposed for this reason. It makes it very easy for tyrants to keep their population cowed.

      The same way of thinking is responsible for the cases where a rape victim seeking help from the public after the attack is attacked again by the next men who see her. Once a person is exposed to others’ eyes, they are literally worthless from an Islamic point of view.

      This happened to one Swedish minor, 14 years old. Her cries for help while she was raped was heard by a group of young Somalis. She thought she was saved as they came running, but instead they queued up to join the rape. She later committed suicide.

      Is this way of using clothes vs. nudity as a power tool not a big deal to you? You should realize what an constant threat it poses to all women. Every time a Muslim woman parades the hijab, she sends the above message to all in the know. “Only I have value. You are worthless.”

      This is why Saudi authorities preferred to let students at a girl’s school burn to death inside the building when it caught fire, rather than open the door and let them out.

      “the police – known as the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice – had stopped men who tried to help the girls and warned “it is a sinful to approach them”.
      The father of one of the dead girls said that the school watchman even refused to open the gates to let the girls out.
      “Lives could have been saved had they not been stopped by members of the Commission for Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice,” the newspaper concluded.”


      Voilà the Islamic conception of modesty. And virtue.

      Not a big issue?

  5. Islam there is no fun in Islam, no music ,art , jokes, beer,questioning anything in life outside or inside of Islam. Islam makes people want to kill themselves it is a shame that they kill the unbelievers in the process. The only thing keep it going is fear ,violence ,and ignorance . If I cannot have fun like the unbelieve then the unbelievers cannot have fun ,stand dress like a sad sack of potatoes the Islamic girl at the beach while her male counterparts molests the unbelievers women!

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