Gang War Rages on the Streets of Malmö

Our Swedish correspondent Svenne Tvaerskaegg sends the latest news from the southern Swedish city of Malmö, which is in the midst of a wave of violence brought on by a culture-enriching gang war.

Gang war rages on the streets of Malmö

by Svenne Tvaerskaegg

Malmö, Sweden’s third largest city and home to the infamous ghettos of Rosengård and Seved, which are rated by police as two of the worst and most crime ridden ghettos in Sweden, is facing a complete breakdown of law and order. Warfare between rival immigrant gangs is being waged openly on the streets of the city, and last week was one of the bloodiest in Malmö’s history of violent gang crime. On Monday evening a group of people standing outside an internet cafe were sprayed with machine gun fire in a drive-by shooting that killed three men and wounded three more. Police believe one of the men killed, a known and high-profile gang member, was the intended target while the others killed and wounded, also with heavy involvement in gang criminality, were collateral damage. On Thursday evening another gangster was gunned down in central Malmö in what police believe was a revenge killing for the internet cafe attack.[1]

Malmö stands on the Swedish side of the Öresund bridge, which connects Malmö to Copenhagen and is a major thoroughfare to the continent of Europe. Control of the multi-million-kronor drug traffic from Europe to Sweden is thought to be a major factor behind the gang warfare.

Police are worried that the gang warfare in Malmö is in the process of escalating to new levels of violence. Sources in the criminal underworld warn that “hell is about to break loose”[2], while the police, overwhelmed and undermanned, are ill-equipped to uphold law and order. Police say they need at least ten times the present number of officers if they are to have any hope of containing the immigrant gangs, an impossible figure, given that their number is actually decreasing as officers leave the service for safer and less demanding jobs.[3]

In a desperate attempt to stop the escalating violence, Malmö’s besieged police are about to launch a radical new crime-fighting strategy. They are going to make an appeal to the gang members’ better nature and politely ask them to “calm down” and end their war. The new strategy carries with it both a carrot and a stick. Police have promised the social services will be on hand to offer help to gang members who want to leave their life of crime, while those who choose to continue their criminal careers will face “further measures”. The police do not specify what those “further measures” might be, but considering the police have already exhausted all their resources, specifying any “further measures” might be as impossible a task as fighting the gangs.[4]

For their part the immigrant gangs have made it clear to the police where they stand. Police stations have been subjected to hand grenade and machine gun attacks, and earlier this year a large bomb exploded outside the police station near the Rosengård ghetto. The explosion, which blew out the entrance of the station and damaged parked police cars, was heard all over Malmö.[5] Local police have requested that the Rosengård ghetto station be moved to a safer location while police stations across Malmö have been put under round the clock guard by heavily armed police.[6]

The Öresund bridge was intended to open up Malmö to the continent and turn it into a cosmopolitan city, multicultural and vibrant. The proximity to Copenhagen lead to many Danes moving to live in Malmö while others took advantage of the short commuting time to work there, but now the escalating crime is causing the Danes of Malmö to abandon the city and escape back across the bridge to the safety of Denmark.[7]

Malmö is now too dangerous a place and instead of being a highway to the world outside the Öresund bridge has become a conduit for guns, drugs and a never ending stream of immigrants heading for the crime infested ghettos of Sweden.



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24 thoughts on “Gang War Rages on the Streets of Malmö

    • To expensive. Just cut it loose from the continent and tow it into the Arctic Sea and sink it. Leaving a nice recreational lake.

  1. muslims doing what the leftist politicians brought them to Sweden to do.

  2. Philosophy of human nature and attitudes!

    The above makes me think: Europeans . . . until recently (1945) ate blood sausages, rarely had three meals a day, lived in unhealthy crowded rooms, had not enough heat in winter, could not stand each other, . . . you got the picture.

    Once they had riches, food, clothes, luxury, houses, furniture . . . etc. They did not stay quiescent and enjoy their blessings and thank their luck.

    They became arrogant, silly, godless, unscrupulous, unconscionable, faithless, and chased God outside their realm and daily lives.

    Now what to do? embrace Pirate and his buccaneers.

    As if Europeans became sick and tired of their luxurious gilded life. So subconsciously sought out a deadly enemy to awake them from their stupor.

    The strange suicide of Europe. Surprises me. Saddens me.

    In spite of raping, Murdering, stabbing, Europe, the wonderful leaders want more jihadis.

    European Psychologists, doctors, sociologists, psychiatrists, PhD’s, Nobel Prize winners, Artists, painters, not even christening Malala Yousafzai a western goddess for the godless, has not prevented Europe from undergoing the initial throes of this strange death.

    Helpless against the Traitors and their masters.

  3. “…while the police, overwhelmed and undermanned, are ill-equipped to uphold law and order.” The big problem is that the police are *psychologically* ill-equipped to uphold law and order because that would require action which contradicts everything Swedes have been told for the past 40-odd years.

  4. I regularly check a number of popular, mostly leftist, web forums to see what kind of things are being discussed on threads titled: “Germany discussion” or “Scandinavia discussion” and I haven’t seen any mention about the low low intensity state of warfare occurring in those countries for months, and that only briefly in passing.

    Are most Swedes and Germans kept so completely and effectively in the dark about these events by their elected political dictators and news media?

    I realize that most “respectable” news media sources use lies of omission as their major strategy, but surely such methods are easy to bypass.

    All in all, I’m quite mystified.

    • “Are most Swedes and Germans kept so completely and effectively in the dark about these events by their elected political dictators and news media?”

      Answer:Yes. For a dose of reality,go to Politically Incorrect, Preussische Allgemeine Zeitung, or any WELT article by Henryk Broder. And you will be better jnformed than the everyday German citizen.

  5. In Rio de Janeiro the Police cannot do things either. Like in many South or Middle America countries. But they have found a solution to this.

    Does anybody know if Dirty Harry II – Magnum Force is on Netflix?

  6. “Malmö’s besieged police are about to launch a radical new crime-fighting strategy. They are going to make an appeal to the gang members’ better nature and politely ask them to “calm down” and end their war.”

    Talk about stupidity. As if this naive strategy has worked in any gang turf war anywhere in the world. I suspect the hapless Swedes will offer bags of money to said criminals next.

    • Yes! then the criminals can turn their drug pushing into a pharmaceutical business and their protection racket into an insurance company, and maybe even start their own line of alcoholic products. That’s what the mob did here.

      • Oh and by the way, transition from money laundering to banking. I believe that is how it was done in San Francisco during the 1920s.

        • The Kennedy and Fitzgerald clans did this in Boston, about the same time. Prohibition was a great boon to the American-Irish criminal gangs. They learned to work with the Italian-American families. Mostly, they did. Average citizens occasionally got caught in the crossfire.

          What’s going on in Malmo sounds far more lethal and out of control, though. I doubt those criminals could ever make the transition; it would require literacy in Swedish and in Swedish culture. They appear interested only in Swedish geography.

          • John Fitzgerald Kennedy, scion of a mobster family. If I recall correctly, his father Joseph Kennedy’s nickname was “Honey Fitz.” Thank you for the info, now it all makes sense, including Robert Kennedy’s murder at the Ambassador Hotel in L.A.

            So this proves that America is indeed the land of opportunity. work hard, know the right people, and you too can be president, even if your father and grandfather were career criminals.

          • “Honey Fitz” was Rose Fitzgerald’s father. When she married Jos. Kennedy, they proceeded to have nine children. The oldest boy, Jos., Jr. was to have been the anointed one but he died in WWII so his younger brother, the sickly John Fitzgerald Kennedy, was groomed to take his place.

            A sad, unhappy tale that most people in Massachusetts (at least the previous generation) knew only too well.

    • @Elenka

      He suggests to reduce world population to 500 million which basically means roughly 1 out of 15 people on this planet have to be terminated. The rest of his philosophy demands strict control of the individual by the state and all other kinds of dangerous and totalitarian nonsense

      I don’t know about you but as far as I am concerned that’s a no-starter. I suggest you think this over …

      • Don’t forget the global demographic implosion due around 2040 ff. This is one prediction believed by the Chinese, India and the UN. Most others aren’t paying any attention or are keeping mum. It will be the first demographic bust not caused by war, famine, pestilence, etc. Thus the effects aren’t yet known; they could be beneficial after the reality sets in.

        See the book on our sidebar by Gregory Copley, UNcivilization: Urban Geopolitics in a Time of Chaos.

    • I’ve seen this before – very effective. But when did YouTube’s nannies put it in their special category limbo??

  7. Machine guns and bombs. Aren’t those outlawed in Sweden? Sounds a lot like Iraq or Afghanistan. Wonder why?

    • Lots of those toys come from the Balkans and beyond. Overland smuggling is much easier than sea or air smuggling.

      • “The Balkans and beyond” have invaded over here, too. But their crime is quieter: sex trafficking, hauling 18-wheeler truckloads of illegal cigarettes from the south to NYC.

        Supposedly – at least by leftist thinking – slapping ever-increasing “sin taxes” on things that are bad for people will decrease their use. Evidence to the contrary falls on blinkered, deaf politicians and rolls right off.

  8. .
    Ingrid Carlqvist ICLA Speech, European Parliament July 9 201
    Ingrid Carlqvist is a former journalist and President of the Swedish Free Press Society.


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    When Ingrid Carlqvist held her famous speech (video clip) in the European Parliament, she did not know that the situation she described would be gigantly worse r six years later. Mass immigration, rape epidemics, gang crime, school chaos, islamization, (IKEA Sweden is planning to become arabic speaking) cultural relativism, stupidofeminism and a riot decay – everything has escalated to boiling level. But Carlqvist is not pleased to find that the problems exist, she also tries to find the reasons and suggest an action plan. The book is thus mandatory reading for anyone who wants to understand and be part of the solution to the problems Sweden faces today..

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