Aspiring Immigrant Dentist Does His Practicum in Munich

Update on the aspiring young dental student, translated by Egri Nök from the Abendzeitung:

The Eritrean “refugee” “declared that he was angry, because he wasn’t allowed to bring his whiskey into the accommodation. As a result of this anger, he attacked the car, which he had erroneously mistaken for a police car.”

“It remains unclear how the man, who had been living in Germany for three years, and who was already notorious with the police for violent offenses, could have confused a police car and an emergency doctor’s car. […] Apparently, not a word of apology was said during the interrogation.”

Surely this “youth” was one of those hundreds of thousands of Middle Eastern professionals invited in by Chancellor Merkel to enrich German culture…?

The following report by Egri Nök was published earlier at Vlad Tepes in a slightly different form.

Munich: Friday evening, two “underage refugees” attack emergency vehicle, badly wounding doctor on call. (Photo credit: Thomas Gaulke)

Munich: “Underage Refugees” Attack Emergency Doctor on Call, Smash Her Teeth Out

by Egri Nök

An original translation from Abendzeitung, Munich:

Drunk rioters injure emergency doctor

June 23, 2018

According to early information from police at the scene, two unaccompanied underage refugees riot in Ottobrunn (suburb of Munich — translator). With a full whiskey bottle, one of the two smashes in the side window of an emergency doctor’s car and wounds the emergency doctor.

Ottobrunn — Friday evening around 8:30pm, two underage unaccompanied refugees attacked an emergency vehicle for the Neuperlach hospital.

According to early information from the police, one of the two smashed in the side window of the car with a full whiskey bottle and struck the emergency doctor right in the face. The woman lost consciousness and lost several teeth. Then, the youth threw the bottle at the doctor’s driver, who suffered injuries as well.

The emergency vehicle had pulled over at the old people’s home in Ottostraße, to assist the emergency brigade and responders of the fire brigade Ottobrunn, who were treating a person with a life-threatening condition in the old people’s home. The incident occurred while the fire brigade were already seeing the patient.

The obviously drunk duo — who had apparently been rioting just before — fled, but were apprehended and overpowered by police a few hundred meters away. Allegedly, during this measure, several residents of Ottobrunn attacked the officers to help the alleged perpetrators, who were then taken to preliminary detention.

Merkur, Munich, provide a bit more context, 23.06.18 11:13AM CET (original translation):

Two youths (17 and 20), who are unaccompanied refugees, wanted to enter the Ottobrunn youth club with a trolley filled with alcoholic drinks after 8pm. When one of the caretakers pointed out the alcohol ban, and called a colleague for help, the two drunk teenagers attacked the women, and then left the building.

At the same time, the Ottobrunn fire brigade arrived at the nearby Hanns-Seidel-Haus, the old people’s home, to help a person with a life-threatening condition. After the fire brigade had already entered the building, the emergency vehicle from the Neuperlach hospital arrived. At that moment the 20-year-old attacked the car, and, from a distance of about 1.5 meters, threw a full whiskey bottle into the side window of the passenger seat. It smashed the window, hit the emergency doctor in the face, who was sitting in the car, and knocked out several of her teeth. She suffered a fractured jaw, a concussion, and lacerations in her face. The paramedic who was driving the car just suffered cut wounds from the glass splinters.

18 thoughts on “Aspiring Immigrant Dentist Does His Practicum in Munich

  1. I bet mad Merkel is now planning to make it illegal to sell whiskey in Germany as it’s whiskeys fault for influencing these two poor refugees who culturally enrich Europe.
    Seriously, hang these sick, deranged, illegal pieces of [offal].

  2. more blood on the hands of the wonderful frau merkel. muslims just doing what merkel brought them to germany to do.

  3. Merkel will blame everything on the racist emergency worker who misinterpreted the practicum of the cultural enricher.

    • You’re probably right, one thing for sure the quissling German media will defend these drunk jihadis.

      I’m a proud American with half German ancestry. In the last 25 years, I began to despise German politicians and their quivering, pampered people. Cowards, liars, pimps, whores, socialists, masochists, euro weenies–I’ve run out of expletives for this country.

      There has to be some strong, moral Germans left. Please stand up, throw merkel in jail, and liberate your country.

  4. We’ll never hear about the sentencing of these … er … frisky youngsters. But anyway why should Germany spend money locking them up for at least 14-16 years? There ARE, though, other responses, just that a dhimmi state in terminal decline is too scared to implement any of them.

  5. I sincerely believe Frau Merkel has fantasies about being sexually abused by gangs of Muslim men. The only photo I’ve ever seen of her smiling is one of her surrounded by them. She believes all German women should be treated as such whether the agree or not.

  6. In a sane world these beasts would be [gelded] and returned to their own land. In this world however, I’m sure there is some dingbat German girl feeling sorry for them who is ready to sacrifice her body and soul for them.

  7. The really funny thing is, the German government and media claim that the number of crimes in Germany has gone way down in the past few years

    Of course, the German government and MSM live in a different world from the rest of Germans. But, I’m curious as to how these statistics were doctored up. I think some speculation is that the German police are heavily cracking down on everyone. My own assumption is that the police are under heavy pressure to just not report certain categories of crimes, or perhaps any category of crimes. Nicholas Stix in wrote years ago that New York police simply refused to file a report whenever he reported being assaulted by a black.

    But the truth is, I do not know the actual reality. We have plenty of accounts of crimes, but we know that in a large enough population, descriptions of specific incidents, horrific they may be, are not indicators of general population trends.

    • I can explain that, it is very simple.

      Yes, overall crime is dropping – tax fraud, drunk driving etc.

      If you only look at violent crime and sexual crime though, these two have risen dramatically since 2015.

      The trick is to mingle them all together, so that the general dropping crime rate compensates for the exploding crime rate in certain areas.

  8. Boy, good ‘ol Deutschland has changed since I helped “protect” them in the ’60s. Of course, I was stationed in Bavaria–not the REAL Germany (unfortunately), but more like a friendly ‘Brauhaus’ land. Good/FANTASTIC beer EXCELLENT (and cheap) wine, and THE FOOD……………………………….!!!
    They actually liked us of the GreenMachine–largely because too many of them had experienced the tender mercies of ‘Uncle Joes’ boys after the LAST little unpleasantness of the late 40’s.
    Somehow, they preferred Harry’s boys.
    I’d like to go see my buddies of old once more–but the would no longer let me ‘carry’, so…………………………

  9. with regard to frau merkel, you have to remember the goal of a communist in a non-communist country is to destroy that country not to make it better.

  10. There’s no society in the world that attacks officers, firemen, and doctors bar muslims, and black gangs in America.
    Imagine the sheer power of the blow if it shatters a car window and manages to blow a person’s teeth out. That should be considered attempted murder. Any attack led with such force should be considered attempted murder and sentenced accordingly + automatic deportation (since hanging the criminal is not an option in most of Europe right now).

  11. I assume the elderly person who the doctor was going to see was alright. The report ignores this part of the story but this mystery person is also a victim here.

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