Ebony and Ivory Riot in Germany

When he was subjected to an ID check in a German asylum shelter, a culture-enricher from the Ivory Coast (who was already wanted on an arrest warrant) tried to escape by jumping out a window, injuring himself in the process. His fellow enrichers blamed the authorities for his injuries, and started a ruction in response.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:20   This morning in the refugee shelter, an asylum seeker was subjected to a personal ID control.
00:25   He was wanted based on an arrest warrant; he seized the opportunity
00:31   for flight and climbed out of the window; by doing so he hurt himself and suffered
00:36   several broken bones. As a result of that, several Ivoirians gathered on the square
00:41   in front of the building, demanding to talk to the police, which they also managed to do.
00:46   Then the mob was joined by several more [refugees] who inflamed the mood.
00:51   As a response we increased the numbers of our staff, and are
00:56   trying right now to solve this situation in a communicative way.
00:59   To date there have been four Ivoirians forcibly arrested.

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    • Cute young cop, please you’re making me sick. This little boy cop could no more defend himself, or probably try to, than my kitty cat. My kitty is also cute.

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      • That is not the kitty cop kid’s fault what Merkel is doing; I think he is responding as well as he can in the situation compared to the general public. Sorry, if he doesn’t appear rough and tough enough for you.

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