More Information on Tommy — Another Demo Tomorrow at Speaker’s Corner

Information from Facebook, including Tommy Robinson’s address, and how people can help him:

Due to the reporting restrictions set down by the judge I am unable to report on anything said or done in the court room other than Tommy was given 13 months for Contempt of Court and immediately taken to prison.

Tommy’s solicitor is meeting Tommy on Tuesday to discuss what next steps can be taken, if any. She was deliberately misled by the police, who informed her on the phone that he was being released, and when she asked for confirmation that he would be released and that there was no need for her to travel to Leeds they informed her that was correct. The police immediately took Tommy to the court and appointed a Court Solicitor, who was useless.

Below are details to contact Tommy if you wish to send messages of support, money for postage stamps, phone calls and food/toiletries are always appreciated. Tommy is okay so far.

A2084CG Stephen Lennon
HMP Hull Prison
Hedon Rd,

You can also use this service to email Tommy, and for small amounts of money you can use this secure service.

If you wish to help Tommy’s legal fund you can do so by going to

Please feel free to share this information with others, and pages/groups and any other stories out there regarding Tommy where he is or isn’t are FAKE.

A report from today’s demo outside 10 Downing Street:

About 1,000 supporters turned up. The police were not expecting it. We managed to block Whitehall traffic both ways for a couple of hours with traffic piling back.

The police were unprepared, and when they did turn up were treated to chants of “scum, scum”. There was one moment when it looked as if they were moving in on the crowd, but the moment passed and the crowd marched up Whitehall, past the Houses of Parliament and into a nearby park where there were speeches by Raheem Kassam, Gerard Batten, Janice Atkinson MEP and a few others. Then the crowd dispersed quietly.

Another demo has been planned for 1pm to 4pm tomorrow (Sunday) at Speaker’s Corner. Anne Marie Waters is due to speak.

11 thoughts on “More Information on Tommy — Another Demo Tomorrow at Speaker’s Corner

  1. I do not know whether other people asked. Could we set a site that would collect donations on Tommy’s behalf that would accept US Dollars, possibly using paypal

  2. “Due to the reporting restrictions set down by the judge I am unable to report on anything said or done in the court room other than Tommy was given 13 months for Contempt of Court and immediately taken to prison.”

    Does anyone know what the definition of “reporting” is here ? I find it hard for it to credibly mean just talking privately to another, it would be absurd in all but a police state… err…. so I will assume it means reporting to public, as in broadcasting to an open audience?

    So presumably you are allowed to share this information privately with a foreign national in another country. Outside of UK jurisdiction they are allowed to publish the information but should check fully on any liability that they may encounter in doing so first.

    If you are in the UK it is not a good idea for it even to be possible for you to be accused of intentionally transfering information abroad for publication that might then have a UK audience, and so the quality of the information should be either as unprivileged and so untraceable, or as part of a fully visible communication where foreign opinion is legally sought but own authority to publish is not evident.

    An example : You openly contact a legal group in the US with full case details asking for their legal opinion so as to gain a perception of where US law and therefore public opinion stands on the question, stating that the information you send them is not to be made available to the UK public but is otherwise unrestricted. The rest is history because the UK public will instead make itself available to that information in US territory, at least until the UK tries building a firewall.

    It isn’t that people don’t understand there are sometimes valid reasons for some restrictions on reporting (protecting the honour of plaintiff in abuse for example) , it is that they also are able to understand when those restrictions are being used abusively as a means to consolidate power.

    “Tyrants can only get a hold of a central system where the rules issue from a single authority (government); tyrants cannot get a hold of a system which depends on a spontaneous participation in the law-making process on the part of each and all of the inhabitants of a country, viz., a system of common law.”

    • I wouldn’t assume that anyone UK-based will be safe by engaging in technical compliance with the “law”.

      It would be deluding oneself to imagine that this is still the case.

      The proof of the pudding is in the making: look at what happened to Tommy.

      Autocrats like Putin would at least have put on more of a show of propriety around it. I think that this says plenty enough.

      This is the idea that the Queen shouldn’t intervene except in the most dire of cases, a “one shot deal” of sorts. She has been Queen since 1952, “waiting” for this moment, is what I’d say. This is the time for the Queen to “pardon” Tommy, make a statement, and then abdicate.

      • You are probably right there, but to challenge that reality ?

        It isn’t as if anyone is out to undermine the whole country, at least not those who act of patriotism , so innocently it is about where the UK public are allowed to hold their conversation, including the conversations they are not allowed to hold in the UK.

      • Are you kidding?! I would rather have her than Charles. Okay so I’m Welsh, an expat whose parent migrated to the U.S. 295 years ago.

    • “Hundreds of far-right protesters …? Oh, yes, I could see the motley crew in the video. All those grungy-looking, unshaven middle-aged men, and the blue-rinse matrons, not to mention those hiding their identity with scarves and face-mask.

      Thought I saw a balaclava or two, as well. And the flags they were waving ! St. George’s Cross, the Union Jack, and the UKIP logo. I’m sure I saw AK-47s under their raincoats … or was that something else?

      And then the Evening Standard reports on a petition with 70,000 signatures on it, to free Tommy.

      70,000 signatures … but only ‘hundreds’ show up? Baloney.

      The media is the mockery.

  3. In Britain today, there is no Free Speech. People are harassed, persecuted and lose their jobs for merely saying anything that is not ‘politically correct’. And it’s going to become much, much worse.
    MAY 31 2018 MSN NEWS The Muslim Council of Britain has called on the Conservatives to launch an independent inquiry into allegations of Islamophobia within the party. The group said the last month has seen weekly incidents of Islamophobia from Conservative representatives and candidates and aired “serious concerns” that anti-Muslim bigotry had “poisoned elements of the party”.
    In a letter to party chair Brandon Lewis, the group criticises the party for failing to take action against MP Bob Blackman. Last October, Mr Blackman hosted a Parliamentary event attended by Tapan Ghosh, a Hindu nationalist who describes himself as “determined to fight against Islamic aggression and expansion”.
    Speaking to Sky News at the time, Mr Blackman said he was unaware of Mr Ghosh’s past comments prior to the event and would not have been able to prevent his appearance had he wished to. In March, the MP also expressed “regret” after being criticised for sharing a Facebook post from an anti-Muslim US website. In a statement responding to the letter, a Conservative spokesperson said: “We take all such incidents seriously, which is why we have suspended all those who have behaved inappropriately and launched immediate investigations.”
    Many of those named in the MCB letter have been noted as being suspended by the party, but Mr Blackman remains an MP.
    Senior Conservatives have continued to raise concerns, including Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, who has said there was a “simmering underbelly” of Islamophobia in the party. The former cabinet minister told the Independent: “The party has been aware of the issue at the highest level and has failed to take the issue seriously and at times even denied its very existence. A formal inquiry is now long overdue and I hope my party send a very clear message by establishing this inquiry that bigotry will not be tolerated in a modern Conservative party.”
    Since being made party chairman in January, Mr Lewis has launched a code of conduct for MPs and local election candidates and encouraged members to email him if they hear of bigotry.
    But while the MCB called the effort “admirable” the letter, written by secretary general Harun Khan, said much more is needed to be done.
    The letter recommends four steps for the party, including launching a “genuinely independent” inquiry and publishing a list of incidents of Islamophobia. It also suggests the adoption of a programme of education and training on Islamophobia.

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